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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop
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  1. Hi 👋 question, whenever Psafemoon gets transferred over to V2 will it still be on the Ethereum block chain, I’m hoping because binance is not supported in Ontario 🇨🇦 Canada that’s why I bridged everything over. Someone please help!!!

  2. Thanks Serg… I love the positivity. I'm disappointed in some of the other content creators that seemed to be fudding Safemoon lately

  3. Turn up the VOLUME!!! We need Global Tokenomics. I kills me looking at the volume on CEX's then looking at my meager reflections.

  4. Nft n card won't do nothing to price need blockchain n exchange..but hey been here for 1 year 4 days now lol 3.5 yrs left

  5. Safemoon need to add staking for exchanges that can add to reflection and burn this can be added

  6. I hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling Mandala will backtrack now.
    Personally I'd hold off.
    April release without glo is not what we wanted

  7. Wow evergrow launching something from scratch how they haven't been around for a yr yet.. hmmmmm

  8. They are fast becoming a laugh stock. Too many games. A maasive failure lasy month. Nothing delivered. We can say there is things happening till the cows come home. But nothing is being delivered. And this is reflected in the sell off. People are leaving this project in numbers. And if you think safemoon will do more than $2m a day in volume on both these exchanges then you are living in fantasy land. Safemoon or any other token with taxes at 20% in and out will neversee massive volume. NONE!

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