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  1. Safe moon is a scam. The developers made there money and abandoned the project . It’s done. And finished. They bought mansions and cars what do you people not get.

  2. Exchange with GloToks is not easy. If typical exchange that would already be launched. Safemoon wallet has been doing well for more than a year and would be incorporated into the exchange. So, I think things that made the exchange launch to be delayed are Glotoks, Orbital Shield, and Safemoon card to be incorporated into the exchange. I think all the products will be released at the same time or very close. Now I am expecting SOS to be launched as soon as possible (but seems difficult as 1,000 testers recruitment is not done). Only about 1 month left and I really wish we had some progress or at least update on progress from Safemoon Team. Cheers!

  3. Safemoon has major upside for john to buy mansions with holders money. Scammoon dies again.

  4. The SafeMoon products will launch. When Elon SpaceX launched their new Starship Rocket to the moon. Carrying Geometeric's advertising, communications blockchain satellite to the moon. That John Karony has already said last year. That SafeMoon is involved in.

    Anyway… that Starship Rocket is in its final steps of testing before launch. Which NASA said should launch in early to mid, December, 2022.

    You'll see…..


  5. The whole market is down even stock market is down we're in a recession everyone just needs patience I think safe Moon is trying the launch products with security and they're taking their time to do things right at lunch products when the timing is right we just all need to have patience relax with it and we will get to the moon just my personal opinion have a great day God bless

  6. I personally think that #SAFEMOON are acting extremely responsibly. They could just release products to keep the community happy & silence the "fudders" but what is the point if the products are not 100% market ready?
    The longevity of the brand is better if they take as much time as they need to ensure that they get it right the first time round.

  7. I think the reason everything was delayed was all due to the discovery of the technology behind orbital shield. Why come out with all these products if they can't be protected? If there's a data breach or a heist it would be way too catastrophic.

  8. The only upside to safe moon is that it makes John karoney rich because he steals all of your money to fund his mansion, car, and gambling addiction

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