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The Wii U eShop replacement – NUSspli – Download games direct to your Wii U.

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Your Wii U must be homebrewed with Tiramisu before attempting this guide.
Follow the Pence PC guide here to add Tiramisu or purchase a Pence PC service below:

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Wii U send in service:

Wii U console:

Wii U Hard Drive: For Wii and Gamecube games in USB Loader GX

Wii U SD card to modify with Tiramisu:

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Software to download:


Newest Tiramisu Files:

Vecna by Jaxius
Promoted by @RoyaltyFreePlanet – https://royaltyfreeplanet.com
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Echoes by HurricaneTurtle
Promoted by @RoyaltyFreePlanet – https://royaltyfreeplanet.com
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Shelled Out by HurricaneTurtle
Promoted by @RoyaltyFreePlanet – https://royaltyfreeplanet.com
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Night Raptor – Goliath: https://youtu.be/_26a84McjcI


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  1. Thanks buddy I had the problem with the error but u taught me how to fix it is now working I'm downloading Super Mario Bros u now thanks so much for this great work I was trying to download roms and stuff but I couldn't actually find anything I was starting to give up till I found this so thank u so much for your help

  2. Hmm i always get an error Message in nusspli Saying files are corrupted Cannot install anything…..Everything else World Fine as u did

  3. Man retro gaming and modding just keep getting better and better. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft could shut down all their online services and it doesn't even matter because some awesome nerd out there will find a way to fix it and bring it back to life.

  4. mass effect 3 never got a proper e shop version so it wont show up in any eshop mirror. It has been converted to wup format from disc and available online if you search hard enough though. Reddit was my friend thats all I'll say. I just wish someone would show me where to find a converted version of one piece unlimited world red

  5. I noticed that Wii U USB Helper also lacks Mass Effect 3 and some few other games, I wonder why.

  6. Brandon is a genius! My brother ordered me a Wii U last month and i haven't stopped playing it. I can't wait to send him my OG Xbox and 3DS to have that alternate eShop on it. I definitely recommend ordering from him if you are not familiar or brave enough to mod yourself. Can't wait until he starts to mod Xbox 360s!

  7. Hi PENCE PC. Would you happen to have or show a video on how to uninstall haxchi? I want to uninstall haxchi just so I can install Tirimasu.

  8. Quick question. I downloaded the files to the home brew launcher, but every time I try to open it on the launcher, it takes me back to the Wii U Home Screen. Any idea on why that’s happening?

  9. Man, I hope they start letting you download games that weren't on the eshop too. I've been wanting to play Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn and Captain Rainbow on Wii/Wii U hardware for years now but downloading and installing those games manually is a bitch

  10. I’m getting a date and time error, but I confirmed date/time is correct, cancelled the error with B, and then it brought me to the main menu of the “shop”. This is very cool but I wish it was organized better instead of one long list

    Edit: no mass effect 3 in the list 🙁

  11. Why there's no Japanese games in this shop? I only see European and American games there

    Edit: there are some actually

  12. Tiramisu bem top WiiU grátis feliz
    Saber falou wraning cuidado A é B não pode Envirament loader X Internet pior
    Health and selety information X pior
    Nanddumper Não Pode
    Fw img não pode
    Falou saber wraning ruim Não quero

    Ideio 💡 gamepad Power X amém vida Tiramisu ganhar abrir feliz

  13. How do I boot Wii U with the sd card without it getting confused with the HDD plugged into the back and rebooting the entire Wii U when it detects both? I always have to start Wii U without the SD card then go to Wii then it's safe to put the card in.

  14. Awesome video! Thank you for the info. Any idea if it works with Cold boot hacks Chi (cbhc)?

  15. also a quick suggestion. perhaps attempting xbox 360 jailbreaking with rgh 3.0 🙂 its a lot nicer than 2.0 and doesn't require a mod chip

  16. I have heard of nusspli and actually have used it though it was hard to figure out as I don't speak Russian and the video was in Russian. glad you made one :). btw I did this around 2 years ago

  17. This is a amazing, is there a work around for the 300 game limit for the Wii U home screen??

  18. I keep getting an error message when I try to open the Homebrew launcher, telling me to power off my Wii U and try again.

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