This App helps Ecomi OMI Veve users make MORE PROFITABLE trades | Vemate AMA with CEO Andrei

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What’s going on folks you’re here chilling with the real Satoshi Yoki thanks for joining us for the Satoshi podcast in today’s episode we’ve got Andre the founder of vmate so Andre thanks so much buddy for taking the time for being with us on today’s show you know been working with Andre for a

Little while here and really like his app be mate you know it’s kind of a really cool functional app that’s based around the sort of the vibe ecosystem but you know Andre I think we’ll just get straight into it mate um the first thing I really want to ask you is maybe

Just kind of maybe sort of what got you into I guess cryptocurrency first let me tell us a little bit about your background sort of how you got here how you got to crypto and then I suppose sort of what led you to you know the nft

Space and sort of working in and around sort of the vivap itself yeah well uh it’s been a quite a long journey I won’t bore you with all the details from the beginning but that’s okay I guess the inspiration for for VMA came um uh quite a while ago when I was

Talking to some friends about uh VV itself and uh I I just found the whole concept amazing and you know the idea of nfts having a an ID development company myself you know I kind of know how things work and uh because um what we do is um automation we

Specialize in automating highly complex processes I was just thinking of how of the many ways that nfts can actually make help make our lives easier and um the I I really like the idea of you know collectibles in nft format um and um I’m a big fan of

Uh Pawn Stars uh you know the show on History Channel it’s it’s easy to it’s easy to mishear that you know so a little bit Yeah but no I don’t I know yeah you’re referring to it yeah I’ll leave a link yeah and and I would always see uh you

Know the comic books and all sorts of Collectibles being traded and sold there and uh it’s just um I I just really like the idea of uh of of uh what Vivi is doing and I I thought I we could really make an app that could help and you know

Could Bridge the nft of in crypto world because I was initially I was into crypto uh and um I uh I found it quite difficult to cross over into nft that the learning curve was really Steep and we was a really good starting point for

Me uh when I first heard of it a few years back and then um I I just started building up from there in that sense yeah no amazing mate you know and I think um you know good on you for just taking the leap because as you

Say you know the learning curve is a little steep I think even if you’re already in cryptocurrency I kind of went through that kind of same experience myself I was sort of in crypto for a few years and then nfts came about and I was intrigued but you know there is that

Initial intimidation to sort of uh learning about it but you know not only have you learned about it but you’ve literally built a whole you know company around it you know which which is really fantastic and you know you know if I say so myself it’s definitely you know

You’re definitely feeling a void that I think needs to be filled I think you know Viv the app and the concept itself I’m definitely a fan of I think it’s great I think the fact of how mainstream it is you know with it’s got all the major brands doesn’t it

Um you know DC Marvel you know Disney isn’t it it’s got all these different ones so I think it’s it’s it’s one of those things that is going to appeal to many demographics different age groups and I think what I really like about veeve in particular that’s good that

You’ve chosen it is that it’s um it’s it’s going to pull a lot of people into the space and I think you can probably agree we’re still so so early and probably going to be quite early in nft so even maybe a few more years to come so I think really you know

We haven’t seen anything yet you know we’re still really scratching the surface of of the potential and it’s great that you’ve kind of I guess gotten in on the ground floor you know so I guess you know what’s I guess why why have you chosen to I guess build your

Project around these specifically I know you mentioned that you kind of you know you like what they’re doing but maybe to just elaborate a little bit more around that like how come it hasn’t been just nfts I don’t know generally how come you’ve really just honed that focus in

On on the itself that Niche I suppose yeah well it’s it’s only the first stage that that is uh uh based on VV because um we just I found the idea fascinating it’s an amazing idea what they did the fact that they managed to get the um the

IPS for for all those big Brands uh you know all of that and the the hard work that went into it the fact that the app is so secure um I mean I know I know there will be a lot of people who um will uh you know

Not be happy with the way the pace things work and the the pace that things are being developed but the thing is uh development takes time and if you want to do it right you need a lot of time especially with testing it doesn’t take

A long time to build but if you want to make sure that nobody can um can um hack it or you know steal what you have it has to be tested really really thoroughly so um that’s that’s why I the the the the way it was done to me it looked like

Single-handedly hands down the most um reliable nft project out there and because it also had licensed Collectibles it further reinforced the fact that it’s uh it’s it’s it’s got the right stuff to succeed in the in the space which is why we decided to base our first stage app which is called

Vmate uh on it we also have a second stage app which like you said we’re barely scratching the surface uh and based on my experience in the cryptos uh Crossing from the crypto into the nft world I decided to make it easier for other people and that is what the stage

2 app that we’re building uh will be doing it will allow people to get you know the crypto Market has about 300 million people and um the NFD markets up until the end of last year it was at around 9 million I’m talking the major blockchains

A lot of crypto Traders people find it really difficult to cross over into nfds like I said many of them just give up because they don’t they don’t have the time they don’t have the the patience to do it and we came up with this idea for

The second stage that would allow the crossover uh of these uh 300 million crypto users into the nft space without learning anything new and it will be like a bridge between the two worlds uh between crypto and nft through fractionalization of um of nfts but when I say fractionalization I mean

Uh an extreme level of fraction fractionalization wherein an artist will be able to um fractionalize a collection of nfts lock them in a vault and then people would just trade uh in into the fractions as though they were a token if that makes it it would still have

Utility and everything else but they can they can trade this way it will it will be a there’s a lot more to it but we’ll probably get uh to it later on I just wanted to introduce you to the second stage as well yeah no 100 mate and I

Love that you know yeah and what I’m really grasping from you know everything we’ve sort of spoken about together even sort of before this is that you know your goal is really simple you just want to make it easier for the common person whether they’re in crypto they might

Already even be in nfts have an nft themselves or even if they have a bit more experience it’s still just you know it’s still definitely a process which does need to be streamlined you’re going through getting a metamask a seed phrase learning about the exchanges to use what

To do what not to do whether to have a LED show whether to leave it or metamask it’s just there’s a lot of hurdles and complications and there’s a lot of different you know sources out there and it just does become a little bit complicated and with that complication

Does come that fear and that kind of uh it holds people back doesn’t it so I I really see your service being able to again just being able to sort of pull people in so you know you spoke to me about the different stages which I think is absolutely fantastic the first stage

Sort of being you know more focused of course on Vee do you want to maybe perhaps elaborate a little bit uh for the audience about you know what what you know what in a nutshell sort of what really is the first stage all about you know just elaborate on a little bit and

Um yeah well um the the first stage is all about Vivi I mean uh what we what I wanted to do is make it easier for people who don’t know like I said I struggled a bit in the beginning with nfds and uh Vivi was my first point of entry a few years

Back and um I um I wanted to make it easier for everybody else to do it and um there were um you know websites and apps out there that offered a little bit bit of this and a little bit of that to get into it but uh I wanted to have a

More robust solution if that makes sense I wanted to get pretty much everything Under One Roof get some stuff that nobody was doing like alarms and things like that so uh all sorts of of aspects like that to make um you know collecting uh vvnfd is a lot easier in that sense

Uh and um I think what we have created so far goes a long way to helping people doing that you know through the alarms and everything else but what we have prepared and what we’re working on implementing for the stage one for vmate is actually

Um even better to come so we’re doing a lot of stuff that will be indispensable to anybody who’s looking to collect any VV nfts indispensable to the point that if you don’t have it you’ll probably be left out in in the sense you won’t you know once the the bull market comes back

You won’t be able to actually get to the point where your collection will be whole because other people will use the app they’ll get the alarms they’ll get all the uh you know they’ll get they’ll get an advantage over the others by using the app and that that is

Exactly what we wanted to do we wanted to you know give people a way of doing that 100 and I think you know it’s really interesting that you mentioned that about the alarms because it it’s a simple concept simple idea but it’s so imperative you know when it does come to

Crypto and nfts because it’s all about timing isn’t it you’ve got to be there as soon as the the mint opens if you want to sell you’ve got to be watching and you just got to sell if you don’t often often if you just don’t sell at that right point

Maybe not always with v but I know definitely with a lot of open open cnft ethereum based nfts you know that I’ve experienced with trading and things like that you know often you’ll often you’ll get these pump and dumps more or less you get these early stage pumps after a

Mint maybe but often you know that there’s a very short lifespan of when these floor prices going to stay high and then they often tend to drop off so if you’re someone that’s going to be like a high volume Trader right to really capitalize you you need kind of

Like a system like a tool like this and as you say the people you know eventually as long as you keep working on this and it come continues to come through and evolve people that are using you know they may are just going to be at an advantage so I guess maybe to

Elaborate that on that a little bit more specifically I mean what can you perhaps Give an example say of you know maybe the user that their quick experience of I guess jumping on Vive buying an nft trying to sell it at the right point and how

I guess I guess an example of how you would use you know vmate to kind of capitalize a little bit more efficiently compared to the user that doesn’t have or isn’t using vmate yet just so you can kind of understand yeah well there are several angles here

Because we’ve been working on it we’ve been working quite a bit on the on the app and uh we we’ve created more tools and more features to it so uh one of them would be for instance let’s say you get into VV um you uh want to have a whole

Collection but you want you have a certain budget and you can only afford that you set up a price alarm uh you um you get an alarm for that specific nft and you want the whole collection from that set if that makes sense so uh you can set up a a price

Alarm for the other ones but not only a price alarm you may want a certain mint number as well and we also have mint number alarms because you know people have affinities to certain different mid numbers and you can do that as well yep yeah so um that is another aspect

Furthermore we even have an a comic auction overview so what happens right now in VV you cannot see an overview of all the auctions that are taking place for comic books you can only see it for collectibles and um what we decided to do is to make people’s lives easier

We decided to have all an overview for all the comic auctions that are going on at the moment and uh that is exactly what you can do you can go into vmate and you can see all the overview right now if you go on VV uh you can only see

What auctions are going for um Comics if you go on that specific comic and check it so it would take quite a while to actually go into every single comic and do that and you can do that at a glance in in vmake uh at the moment besides the

Price alarm and everything else and um there’s uh we’ve got besides that you’ve got automatic importation of your Vault you’ve got um uh charts price charts and things like that and I’m sure there are some things that I I’m overlooking at the moment it’s just that we’re working on

So many new things and I get excited by the new features that I kind of forget about the ones that we’ve built so far you know sometimes of course but you know as you say like it doesn’t I I often find that uh you know not just in

Crypto but sometimes in life you know some of the simplest things do just tend to work out the best you know you started off with just a few basic things and you know it may that may almost be enough you know to really to really set

You apart and anything else that you can potentially add on you know might also just be a bonus but you know yeah to me to me it just sounds very simple you know we got our busy Lives why lives are getting busier and busier and yeah it’s

Very few people are going to have time just to kind of sit and glance on their on their vivap to check prices and things like that and even if they do it’s just you know it’s not that efficient I suppose you know a question that I sort of have been thinking about

A little bit is I guess why do you why do you feel like maybe I guess the V app haven’t sort of implemented these extra tools themselves if you think it’s just so is it that it’s just so much extra work from like a development standpoint

Or something like that or you know what you know what’s the reason behind that do you think I think it’s a mix I think one and most important they have bigger fish to fry in that sense uh because they have so many really impressive stuff to do you know like the VV verse

And and all the rest that they’re working on uh and uh all of that takes time and uh like I said development is uh is not that straightforward you you need time you cannot just throw resources at it and finish it faster because it’s like it’s like writing a

Book you cannot ask a different author to write to finish somebody else’s idea if that makes sense so uh it it you do need a bit a bit of time to get everything organized and two um again this is speculation I’m not certain if that’s the case but I think

That uh a lot of these um features would slow down the VV app and there’s already a lot that it has to handle in terms of uh database and security and all that so uh which is why I think us as a third third-party app

Are here to stay in in that sense based on what I can glean you know from my discussions with Rhys in particular because I speak to Rhys all the time he’s a really really great guy and he’s been my point of contact with Vivi up until now oh that’s absolutely fantastic

Now that’s actually a very good point actually make it uh very clear I think you know those of us that are not in your situation literally behind a project developing it saying you know the bones and the muscles and the organs behind what’s going on we kind of we

Kind of over you know we kind of Overlook really how much work does you know go into these things I think I have a basic understanding of the fact that is it things like this just do take time um even if I don’t understand it at all

From technical sort of point of view but uh yeah no you’re absolutely right I mean I think there are just a lot of you know there are a lot of different programs exchanges where there are just a lot of third-party tools you know I think there’s a huge place for

Third-party tools and applications to really just sort of uh yeah help the ecosystem for sure that’s absolutely fantastic and that that leads me on to I guess kind of my next point is what is kind of like your relationship with with veeve at the moment you mentioned that

Ryan’s your point of contact so maybe elaborate for us a little bit on I guess maybe like it’ll be interesting to hear sort of how did that relationship maybe start um and then where you know how did it progress maybe where it isn’t where is

It now and perhaps kind of where do you see that relationship maybe progressing with Vive um you know in the next one to two years or just in the future in general uh well I mean I have to say they’re really really great guys it started uh

It was it was quite random how we managed to get in contact initially when I started out the project I had hoped I’d be able to uh get in contact with with them uh and uh through somebody who is the admin of a large VV Community

Um I I was uh I was put through to Reese uh I spoke to him I I got his email address I sent an email across and he after a short while he replied and he was really really open and friendly I had a call I explained absolutely

Everything full disclosure it’s just the way I like to work I don’t like to you know hold anything back because that’s that’s when you’ve got miscommunications and misunderstandings and things like that so I explained everything about how our system works and about everything that we’re looking to do everything that

We’ve done and um I guess they um they must have been happy with how I presented things and how we were building things and the relationship progressed from there um like I said I I don’t think we would be uh as far as we are now if they

Hadn’t been so open with us you know to give us a chance because if you think about it it was quite random how we managed to get in contact and and all that but um I guess we also did something right but they also had to you know make that

Leap if that makes sense uh leap of faith in uh placing their trust with us to uh for us to deliver what we said we would which we’re working on and we have been uh since last year because it’s been um in at the beginning of April it

Will be one year since we launched the app on the App Store and Play Store uh so um we’ve been developing it continuously ever since but yeah I think the relationship has progressed quite quite nicely since and I think we’ll uh it will keep progressing in that sense

Because uh like I said they’re they’re amazing very open uh they’ve been really generous with us with everything that we’ve done you know as long as you um you mind your own business you get get the job done do what you promise yes it’s all it’s all good in that sense and

You you can um you can progress in the relationship yeah that’s awesome mate that’s such a cool story you know I love hearing the backstories of how sort of these relationships start and it’s just uh yeah it’s awesome it’s inspiring and really sort of nice to hear that and so

Like did you I guess did you get your working product in place kind of I guess before you you know reached out to sort of ride it and leave I mean because I can imagine there may have been I don’t know in my mind there might have been

That fear of oh you know what if what if they they make my life difficult for some reason uh I don’t know I guess is that something that you thought of could I don’t know they maybe they would want a piece of what you would do I’m not

Sure in terms of the technicalities but I think it’s quite sort of maybe a lot of courage to to do that if that’s kind of how you went about it but uh yeah actually uh because I have this ID company I was thinking yeah this is a

Risk I will take it was a risk indeed yeah I was afraid that we might you know try to shut us down and say yeah and all that is that we initially uh we um I made sure that we were you know um or legally safe in the sense that we did

Not display any photos uh in within the app at all okay so uh we up until I had explicit consent from them I did not do that I would I was only displaying uh floor prices which is market prices which is not covered by any you know um trademark or anything like that

Um when it when it comes up to when it comes to market prices those are not covered in that sense so we were able to do that it was indeed a risk but I wanted to have a working product to show that we’re not just peddling promises we’re preventing actual

An actual product we’re doing we’re going to do what we promised and we’re going to keep doing everything that we we said we would in fact my strategy is to always under promise but over deliver and this is exactly what I think we’ve done so far

A hundred percent you said it there I think under promise and over deliver I think that you know talking specifically about let’s just say nft projects there is just a lot of over promise and under or no delivery right it’s just yeah it’s just full of it not just with nft

Project but just you know crypto projects and a lot of a lot of projects in general right in the traditional space too but um now that’s great to hear that actually you know so you went about it in a very sort of uh methodical and logical way you did your due

Diligence you’re abided by the law and you know you obviously approached them and they saw the professionalism behind what you were doing and then they thought well okay the this guy these guys are pretty serious uh at the end of the day they in my mind have made the

Right move because it’s going to only enhance their product which is already sort of uh standing out quite a bit but as you say you know it’s it’s yeah you’re just approving on the efficiency at the end of the day and what’s not to like about that I suppose

I think that’s really cool and um and we kind of mentioned about you know maybe they wanted to you thought maybe they want to shut you down for whatever reason I guess what I’m what I’m a little bit interested interested in is I guess how I guess how do you guys kind

Of like um sort of I guess turn a profit or you know how do you guys kind of make money from this your your app it’s very easy we don’t we’re not looking uh the the idea is not to make any money with the first stage app okay

Is uh because of the passion that I have for video I just wanted to be this point of entry and I thought of turning it into an advantage for our project in a different way while also providing a semi a pretty much free service at the end of the day because

Um what the first stage app would do is just offer stability to the project until we managed to get the second stage on up and running where we have a traditional Revenue model um in terms that it it will generate revenue from a Marketplace transaction fee as well as an exchange transaction

Fee so the the second stage app and I think I can probably say it by now because I’ve already got the domain and everything will be called bifrost um the idea was from the Norse mythology bifrost was a bridge between the world of gods Asgard and the midgard the world

Of men and in this sense it will be between crypto and nft you decide whichever is the is Asgard and whichever is midgard you know I like it I I won’t pass any judgment but it’s a it’s a Rainbow Bridge so I thought it might be it worked really well with the

Fact that you know you’ve got nfts you’ve got diversity and all that and um uh it would it would work really well in that in that sense it would play really well on that and I’ve got I’ve got the domain they’re the the the one that I

Got is in Old Norse actually so it’s not bifrost it’s it’s Bill Rost that’s the the name of the domain because that’s the old Norse one it was the only one available quite frankly so yeah I uh I tried to get the other ones I’ve made an

Offer for them uh but they weren’t looking to sell so you know that’s uh I thought the of the Old Norse one was pretty cool because it allows us to play on the mythology a bit more uh which is why I decided to to go with it as it is

And um what it will do is it will be um an nft Marketplace and an exchange at the same time and uh let’s say you Satoshi you you’d be looking at uh um creating an NFC collection you’re an artist who just starts up and you want to get your name out there

But you don’t know how where to start how to do it and at the moment you can go on openc and just post it there and you know do various things start a YouTube channel go and speak to people go to networking events and all that and

And you can get up get get out there but you want faster results you want better results in that sense so think about this as both a hype tool as well as a way of increasing your profile because what you can do in this app in this platform that we’re

Creating as an artist you can reach a very a wider audience so you’ve got access to 300 million potential users on top of the existing you know approximately 9 million in the NFD Market and the reason why is because let’s say you create 10 nfts a

Collection of 10 nfts and you want to fractionalize them you do that you create 10 million fractions for each nft so 100 million in total is part of your project um you list that you obviously have to add liquidity so you can hold a seed round

If you want to it’s it’s going to be we have a lot of contacts with lot big launch pads uh really really good ones so we’ve got we’ve we’ve developed a very large array of networks and contacts in the crypto industry to allow

Us to to get where we need to be in this sense um we through that through our contacts and our knowledge we will offer services to artists such as you know marketing services this Launchpad service and they will be able to raise liquidity they can list their project on our Exchange

And check this out because this is where the interesting part comes in this is going to be the the I think the biggest type tool in this sense that that people can an artist can actually access so you list on the exchange and it acts a bit like a crypto project okay because

You you get people coming to buy it buy and sell and whatever they want to do you know the token will also have utility of course but a very important aspect is the fact that once you let’s say one single user bought 10 million tokens uh they can redeem one nft from the

Vault from those 10 nfts that you have locked in and that can go on like that until you reach the last nft only one is left in the vault and that can never be redeemed that will be left there forever but each time you redeem an NFD you have

To give your tokens in exchange for that nft and most of the tokens get burned some of them come back into the ecosystem via staking mechanisms or whatever the the artists decide decides so you can imagine that once this whole story is over we predict but we don’t know for certain

Obviously because the market will decide the liquidity that is locked in the project will will have an an influence over the value of each nft so in in essence you will quantify the value and the desirability of the nft Beyond subjectiveness subjectivity because right now art is subjective

People only pay for it whatever they feel is worth like I remember reading about a guy I don’t remember the exact nft who paid Millions for an nft but only got 30 Grand at auction if I’m not mistaken I’m not you probably know the story because it was it was

Pretty big back then I don’t remember what nft it was but I remember they paid around 2 million I think and then got only 30 grand which was quite quite disappointing but now you kind of like remove that subjective aspect from it because you’ll have this additional reinforcement to what what a certain

Project is worth but what this does is it allows crypto traders to come in without learning anything new because they can just jump into the trading aspect of it and our platform will help them cross over into the nft world because if they do decide to redeem one of those nfts

Eventually they’ll have to learn about it and through our platform we’ll have assistance and various various analysis tools that teaches them how the the house and the what’s you will obviously not tell them what to do but it will introduce them to this uh to this market

And give them the tools necessary to make the right decisions that’s awesome mate you know I’ve actually yeah I’ve never really heard of anybody doing anything remotely like that but I think I think you’re spot on I think it sounds like such a cool idea and I think you know you mentioned sort

Of an interesting point where you mentioned that creators can just at the moment jump onto open C release a collection but there there just isn’t a lot of support there it’s just kind of hit and miss and it’s just it is based on the subjective value of you know is

Someone just going to jump in and Pile in and is that just going to create some random you know amount of traction you know how good or bad the art you know might appear but you know with what you’re doing again you’re you know you’re creating a genuine reason to

Bring in a lot more volume a lot more people in that I suppose you know there are going to be those traders that perhaps strictly only just want to you know trade all coins for example right so by fractionalizing you know in that in that particular case 10 million coins

Per one out of ten nfts um I think that’s great because even like at the moment with openc the barrier to to to entry is just very high at least for ethereum-based nfts you know it’s like 0.1 each or even one ethereum is often considered quite cheap for an nft but

One ethereum at its at East Peak was what around 4K USD I mean who can afford that and that obviously just Narrows the market down to you know a smaller amount of Traders and I guess like perhaps manipulation is a bit easier then and it’s just it’s definitely a lot less

Inclusive than what it should be so I think you know by creating that opportunity through that sort of uh intense fractionalization I suppose that’s great because I suppose people can just come in and maybe they can just invest a few hundred dollars into maybe an nft that’s worth I don’t know a

Million dollars or something like that you know um so it’s definitely for a place for it I mean I think the fractionalized nft idea is getting thrown around a lot more now but in terms of their actual actually being you know like systems products or platforms where you can

Actually you know exercise that I personally haven’t really experienced it myself you know and I’m not sure maybe they do exist but I haven’t I haven’t really seen it you know but it’s definitely it’s just that next it just feels like that next logical step forward you know so it’s good that you

Can you can be a part of creating that and so did you mention that it would be as in so I suppose so the main sort of Revenue in that sense would be would you charge I guess kind of like a a subscription on top of you know that’s

That that kind of percentage of of trading fees and things like that or is it just you know is there any other extra bits on I guess how you would generate Revenue in that second part uh well the only way it will generate revenue is through the um two percent

Marketplace transaction fee okay and the 0.15 again this is this is not settled on the 0.15 might be lower might be a bit higher I’m not sure uh but um that will be for Marketplace exchange so for the fractional tokens uh there will be that fee uh for for when trading those

And that’s where the revenue comes and just to give you an idea I’ve I’ve kind of Forgotten but I think openc has a 2.5 Marketplace transaction fee and that’s how they make their money and in 2021 they made 14 billion dollars in Revenue okay through that market obviously

Openc is the market leader they’ve got the the you know pretty much the whole Market 90 something percent of the market is theirs but that being said uh that doesn’t mean there’s not room for other players on the market and what we do is a bit different than what what is being

Offered at the moment and I think this this crossover nature of it and the fact that we offer artists the possibility of tapping into a 300 million strong Market of which we are already part of as a crypto project and we already have a a very large uh following in the crypto

World uh I think that will that will entice a lot of potential artists into the platform simply because we give them the possibility of earning a lot more because they would be getting uh funds from the uh percentage that we charge the the percent the marketplace transaction fee as well as the exchange

Transaction fee so they would be getting paid from those and they they are able to capitalize on their work a lot better than what they do uh via normal nft sales in that sense where they can only charge royalties and that’s it they get a lot more from from their work in this

Uh circumstance and we are able to give them the tools necessary to make it big if they want to of course yeah I mean it makes perfect sense you know in a nutshell you know it just is better for the Creator and the user as well and you know I guess we

Spoke a little bit I mean it’s pretty obvious yeah at least one of the ways in how you’re going to gain exposure against the masses I mean I think it’s very it’s very smart what you’ve done in terms of the the you know the first element of vmate you know sort of

Creating that free experience no strings attached just simply Come download the app the easy to download app from a place where you just download any regular app you don’t need to know about crypto you know and I suppose that’s why you know that’s at least one of the

Major reasons why we became popular obviously they had kind of a lot of these iconic sort of um licenses and things one of the major reasons but it wasn’t just that was it it was just you know it made it so you know it wasn’t a metamask wallet you just had to download

An app and just buy and sell it’s just you know it’s as simple as kind of just buying something online with your your credit card or your debit card something that people are familiar with you know they don’t need to think too much because you can say oh people should try

And use said Brian a little bit more interesting but not not necessarily like you you want to just can Whoever has the easiest experience on their application their project that is going to attract you know most of the users you want a seamless experience from start to finish

And uh if you should see in minimal stress so I think that’s great and the fact that you’ve also you know managed to you know I guess you are kind of leveraging these you know in a pretty smart way but you’re not you’re not you’re not you’re not taking advantage

Like you’re offering a genuine free service you’re getting people on board and um you know I think you’re you’re you’re obviously gonna get you’ve been you would have been getting a lot of eyes from the Vive Community as well who have looked at you and thought this is a

Project that you know is genuine and you know just literally just trying to help us out so I would think naturally that a lot of these users are naturally going to migrate to kind of like your second stage now with your exchange so you’ll probably theoretically get all of those

Users and then continue to get the new users into um you know your exchange and everything like that as well so uh you know yeah that’s really exciting so I guess you know what what one thing I kind of wanted to ask you about obviously we’re in you know a bit of a

Bear Market at the moment when it comes to crypto and nfts and just yeah just the traditional markets as well and you know as you would know we are early as we’ve mentioned a few times already but you know what would you say to a lot of

Those people that you know their view on nfts a lot of them are in crypto a lot of them aren’t right they just say nft it’s a scam right nfts are a scam they get you know it’s going to be a thing of the past in the next one to two years I

Guess what you know or you know what what would be something that you would kind of say to these people to try and I guess convince them otherwise really just to make them understand oh well um I mean it’s it’s quite plain and simple um we’re all moving towards

Digitalization and the best way to digitalize you know you can have contracts you can have people working out tickets you can have all sorts of things under the form of nfts simply because one they’re secure extremely secure and two um uh like you said we’re early here and this digitalization takes

Time uh the regulatory process needs to catch up with nfts as well the reason why people say it’s a scam is because uh it’s still the Wild West in that sense um with what’s happening in um in in crypto and nft at the moment uh simply because uh it’s unregulated there isn’t

A lot of professionalism there isn’t a lot of trust there are a lot of opportunistic people who don’t have a lot of business experience uh and um there are a lot of people who don’t have who have business experience in in crypto and nfts who do this as well but

It all depends on how you do it and that is that is why we have also focused on uh transparency and professionalism and uh reliability and trustworthiness that these are actually pretty big for me personally as well not just professionally uh it’s important for me to you know be forthcoming with

Everything that we do that is why everything is full disclosure so sometimes we we withhold some information not for the disclosure value simply for the marketing value that it may have you know I also work in marketing and I know that you you also have you know strategic points where you

Need to actually release a certain information in a certain way that’s the only reason why I would you know not release something at a certain time but in terms of adoption of nfts and uh people who believe they are a scam uh well if you know what you’re doing and

You know how to check the blockchain how to if you know a little bit of of code I mean you don’t even need to know code that that much you can actually determine whether a certain project is uh safe uh you know the contract has to

Be verified they have to have an audit uh generally as a rule of thumb I don’t even take a look at a project unless the the people who created it are doxed and kyc’d and things like that so if you don’t have anything to hide then you

Know show your face show your identity if you’re looking to do something that’s that’s legitimate um so so yeah you know it’s a great point you make and I spoke about this uh I think in one of my last video maybe my only video I’ve actually done since I’ve been in

Thailand I’ve been I think I was talking about it an nft project that was doxed I can’t remember what it was off the top of my head but you know I just said it plain and simple like you just said like it’s especially with anything I mean

Nfts I mean if you’re serious you know you know if you’re serious about getting serious investment you’ve got to be doxed and you can’t you can’t hide what you’re doing and I mean I guess you know we didn’t really speak too much about that but I guess you know maybe

Elaborate a little bit for me if you will sort of a little bit about your team and maybe a bit of the experience your team has and I guess why that may lead to you know future success and why why that has led to you know to your

Point that you’re right now over the last year you know as well and I know you kind of May touch a little bit on your background as well but maybe you can elaborate just a little bit more on that for me as well because you know I

Think that is that’s huge isn’t it it’s like you know there are just so many random people out there creating hundreds and hundreds of projects but you know it’s rare to come across somebody who or a team of people that you know have had uh sort of Prior

Success and you know I talk a lot about blockchain gaming on my channel and one of the biggest things I always mention is you know and it’s one of the reasons why I’m so focused on Gala games not to sort of Trail off too much but it’s because a lot of the uh

Game developers behind Gala games games they’re not from the gala Games Team they’re from sort of uh web 2 developers from games sort of like likes of Halo or Blizzard or um you know Call of Duty and things like that and that doesn’t even necessarily mean they’re going to create

A successful blockchain game but it’s certainly a good foundation and starting point right that you’ve got to look to in what is a very risky Investments base I guess already within crypto so you know I think the elaboration on that point is is quite important to understand

I completely agree with that and I think it’s it’s imperative in my view that people do have prior experience and like you said about Gala games and people who have actually built actual games that have been extremely successful they they uh they have a very very good chance of actually developing something really

Good in web3 and um when it comes to this it’s important to know that it’s all very new we’re learning new stuff every day I mean all of my uh all of my colleagues and staff and subcontractors they’re all learning new things as as they go along uh we no matter how well

Versed you are and how well you know web3 there’s still something new coming up or there’s something that you haven’t explored that hasn’t been developed there will be vulnerabilities and things like that so we’re always exploring various different things and uh in terms of what we’re doing um

We um like I said our background is in automating highly complex processes like you said Simplicity is very important so even though what I said sounds complicated it will actually be really simple and that is the point of it we want it to be as simple and as straightforward as possible because

That’s exactly what will get people on board for example if an artist comes on board they want to have a an easy life as possible they want to be able to create the smart contract token um in in a few clicks and that’s exactly what our platform will allow them to do

They want to make it as straightforward as possible and the experience that we’ve gathered from automating all of these highly complex processes will help us in creating this platform and making it uh as easy as possible for users because we’ve created products before that have been extremely successful for

Example just before we started working on vmate we had finished work on a platform that allowed uh property evaluator is for legal purposes to to reduce the time that it takes to evaluate the property from uh five hours plus another two of actual physical inspection down to 45 minutes in total

So from seven hours down to 45 minutes incredible wow yeah so we we’ve had we’ve actually built real-life products that have changed Industries and the the lives of people and not not to mention profitability in terms of for these industries so if we have disability and we’ve actually had proof of concept

Before I think we have the Acumen necessary to build something that is really good in this space as well and I thought that the stage one app the vmate app um would be a very good point eventually to actually demonstrate what we can do and how fast we can do it because we’ve

Built at one point we were getting putting out new features every every two weeks just like that you know we had a new feature launched and another two weeks would go by another feature and so on and so forth hey that’s uh you know plain and simple

You’ve developed a project in well the real world you know that seven what was it seven hours to 45 minutes in you know an extremely lucrative and intense Dynamic industry such as property um also you know that’s that’s really good that’s that’s uh that you know

That’s better than 99 of the project you know you’re in that one percent you know give or take right I think so I think that’s a huge huge imperative point that uh people do need to be aware of and you know even just for that reason alone that’s why people should be following

Along with what with what you’re doing so no that’s awesome thank you for sharing that um so I mentioned like the bear Market with crypto and nfts and I guess you know I guess I wanted to kind of you know where do you see I mean not necessarily timeline predictions or

Anything like that but where do you see um I suppose nfts going generally and I guess how I mean I guess it’s kind of obvious because of that being said that you know it should be successful but I guess how how do you see that affecting your progress with your own project I

Mean I would only imagine that obviously you’re going to continue to build whether it’s a a bear Market or a bull market okay but I mean how do you kind of see I guess you know the nft summer or the nft bull market when it does come

Around really having kind of an effect on you guys does that change much for you guys in terms of I guess maybe motivation or seeing things come through and sort of I mean how are you how are you sort of handling things at the moment with fluctuations in prices and

You know how does that how do you kind of manage all that because I know a lot of people tend to say you know yeah we just work through it we build but I guess it kind of uh it’s got to have some kind of effect right you’ve got to

Kind of you’ve got to kind of might think things over every now and again right uh so yeah the light at the end of the tunnel uh yeah well uh we I we’ve kind of already prepared our community in that sense we have an amazing support Community we have amazing Community Support

Um the way I do that is I I tell people look at the liquidity pool uh that is our that is the support and that’s exactly what the rationale is even with the vmate app and the way we we have thought it through was uh as follows

Right now um on Friday we’ve just put up the paywall if you will but it’s not actual payroll because you don’t have to pay anything you just have to hold tokens to be able to get gain access to the premium bits of the vmeter um and you can do that by either holding

200 in Omi tokens or 100 VMA tokens now a lot of people will probably be holding on me tokens what I would suggest is if you like the app try to get some VMA tokens as well um because it does support the project okay interesting so so elaborate a bit

For me uh if you will about these vmate tokens you know maybe explaining their utility just in basic terms for my audience to understand because we’ve touched on that before but yeah it’ll be interesting to hear that in a bit more detail and also the way you can purchase it and

All that stuff yeah yeah well we’re listed on um we it was actually um the main centralized exchange that we were listed on uh and uh obviously pancake swap you know any any uh automated marketing maker would do uh in that sense uh so um that that’s where you can get them

Utility wise the utility of the VMA token is given fruit for now is given through the vmate app but in our second stage if you recall I said that artists will have access to Services they will be able to acquire those Services through the remade token not only that

There will be a five tiers taking system wherein if artists and users are like stake a certain amount of VMA tokens they’ll be able to gain access to various uh benefits like discounts on the marketplace transaction fee for artists from it can go down from two

Percent to one percent if they stay if they stake the highest level which is the fifth one uh they will also be able to gain access to certain um you know privileged spaces or events using the VMA token either through staking or by acquiring a ticket you

Know for it using the VMA token so all in all we will have so many tools and functionalities in this second stage app that we have for now I think at least half a dozen uh utilities already planned and we’re planning another six uh at least so all in all about a dozen

Utilities within the platform itself but we are also working on Partnerships so we can expand utility beyond our platform if that makes sense absolutely so a nice clear concise you know you’re going to have a better experience in the second stage app basically if you can acquire some tokens

And if you’re a believer that you know people are going to come along and use the app it’s going to get that exposure and it probably makes sense to potentially get your hands on on a few for sure and you know is actually I love it’s probably my

Most used exchange if I’m honest I think they’re a good simple exchange good customer support so yeah it’s cool that you decided to to list on there as a centralized exchange to start as well so no that’s really awesome I mean are you kind of are you are you kind of focused

Much on you know price of your token or anything like that or it’s kind of like long-term Vision utilities there and we are kind of where we are and you know not thinking about price too much does that have a big I guess does the price

Of your token whether it’s up or down or you know consolidating have much of an effect on you guys or it’s just yeah what will be what will be not at all I mean the token price has not affected us until now it probably won’t we’ve actually ever since we put

The paywall up we’ve actually experienced a little boost and I did speak to our community and I said uh this is going to be a slow trickle it’s not going to be something overnight because we’re in the bear Market one uh people need a bit of time to cross over

Do their research about the project before they actually jump in even if we’ve given people enough time because we’ve we’ve had it for for absolutely free up until now right now I guess you could say it’s still free because you you don’t even have to stake the tokens

You just have to hold them in your wallet and you just sign what your wallet to demonstrate that you own it so to prevent abuse but you’ll keep it in your wallet you can you can get rid of it whenever you want whether it’s the VMA token or you

Know the Omi token and um uh what’s interesting is that we have a very solid support at this uh Point uh because we have a lot of people who actually believe in the project and they’re in it long term and um another very interesting aspect is that I am also

Personally invested in the project uh in in the sense that I have invested uh large amounts of my own funds and I am supporting it myself uh which is why we can go you know if if the bull market comes in four years then um it’s not

Going to going to affect us in any way simply because the project is going to be supported uh by uh by me up until that point and in fact I would see it as an advantage because the project will be and the product will be so Polished by

Then that it’s it’s impossible for it not to actually you know gain traction once it gets lodged but the rationale that we have is that right now we hunker down we don’t really pay much attention to the price we only did initially upon launch uh in order to satisfy our

Community if that makes sense uh we wanted to obviously reward their confidence and their trust and we did because we um we were about um right now we’re we’re at nine I think zero point just under one cent and we we were up to 9.5 cents I think

Per token uh at uh at launch that was the all-time high and I was very happy about that not because you know x’s and things like that but because we were able to reward our community the people who wanted to come in and we had

A lot of people who actually uh got out and then got in at a lower uh stage and they kept going in and a lot of a lot of people who actually believe in the project we have a very very solid base and my strategy is to build now polish

It as best as it can um diversify our user base and then when the bull market comes we deploy a lot of marketing we we say look at us we’ve launched in full-on Bear Market we did really well because we um simply because we did so well when we launched

At the time that we launched a lot of people who are quite influential in the crypto industry reached out and asked us how we did it so I had a lot of um pretty big long pass to me whether I could offer marketing services to any other projects

In that sense um crypto marketing services and consultancy to help them Excel the way we did in in the book in the bear market and um my strategy is hyper redundancy and obviously no common sense I guess all of that helps I I had about five or six

Backup plans and I deployed every single one of them to ensure that everything that we get where we were supposed to get and that is exactly what I have planned for the bull market when the bull market comes uh I will have marketing ready but not just one line it

Will be several several lines of marketing and I will deploy them you know strategically to ensure that the word gets out about what we did when we did it and how well we’ve resisted the bear Market in that sense and how reliable we are that’s great mate and you know with your

Background you know in marketing as well that that’s massive because you know as you’re obviously aware and probably a lot of people are as well you can have a fantastic idea uh you know but if you if you don’t know how to execute Marketing in in today’s day and age through

Socials and things then you know you’re just not going to get there in the end I uh you know whether you employ someone or whether you know it yourself so that’s a huge Factor you know the fact that you’re able to deploy that experience

Um when you when you do hit that when we do hit that bull market um yeah that definitely sets a lot of Promise uh for things to come all right Andre so I know I know that you guys you know are big on really not just listening to your

Community but actively asking them for feedback you know ways to improve the project things to implement you know and I think that’s really important because you know at the end of the day they’re the ones that you are serving and a lot of projects just they just don’t do this

Everyone talks a lot of people it’s always on the roadmap isn’t a community this community that Community First but I mean how many out of all these projects actually do or are active about implementing sort of those new processes or things that make sense you know so

Long as it’s constructive and not too negative or you know constructive feedback or whatever so maybe talk to me a little bit about you know perhaps how that you know how you’ve implemented some things that the community have given you feedback on maybe in you know

The first stages of being mate or you know or anything like that maybe elaborate on a bit of that for me of course I mean um pretty much 90 of what vmate is is a community feedback built our community feedback build features uh in that sense so we’ve built the auction

Comic overview was actually requested by a member of the community they gave us idea we acknowledged that track we do normally is when people give us an idea we uh acknowledge the fact on Twitter and we say you know thank you to uh this user for uh giving us the idea and

Telling us this wasn’t working properly or this they would like to see this their credit for the fact that we’ve developed this ghost to this user and that user if that makes sense so um we um we have a process in place where you can actually go on to our Discord

Server or telegram server or even email us if you will a lot of people send us messages on Twitter but those are were a lot slower to respond on Twitter because we have people actively uh on Discord we have a development uh members of our development team who are there to

Troubleshoot any issues that may come up and we have a ticketing system there so that’s that’s Discord is pretty much the best place for for us to get feedback about the app and we have a section there where you can actually suggest any new features that would be implemented

We actually take a look at it discuss it we have daily meetings with our development team discuss the viability and then we start implementing if it’s possible uh and um this is our process of how we do things we speak to the community or we come up with ideas

Ourselves and we test it with it with the influential members of the community we ask them if they remember their you know members of their Community as well or members of the VZ community at large and that is kind of the creative process in as to how we develop new features and

We have loads of interesting ones I can mention a few now for vmate actually lined up uh so um we’ve got a a user requested a whale tracking alarm for example uh in insert a wallet that you want to track the wallet of a whale you know had in the

App and get alarms every time they uh carry out a transaction whether whether they’re buying or selling obviously we won’t have we we won’t be able to display um financial data because that’s not available and it would probably infringe a few laws but it will be able to notify

People when they uh when that certain wallet sells or buys a certain thing so that tracking that that wallet tracking feature is something that we’re looking at doing and we’re assessing the viability right now another really interesting one would be a sort of a Marketplace I’ve noticed that IMX the

Muta scan has introduced this function on their block Explorer on a muted scan where you can make an offer directly via the blockchain for people’s uh nfts and we’re currently checking whether VV allows this to take place or not I don’t think they might but we were if they do

Allow it and if we you know manage to convince them to to allow it it would be possible to have a tertiary Marketplace within the vmate app wherein you would be able to make offers that interact with p people via vmate to buy certain mints that you want you want or like or

Certain uh Comics or Collectibles that you want so we’ve got we’ve got all sorts of new things coming up and and we’re working on them constantly and coming up with ideas and testing them that’s fantastic right I mean pure and simple you’re listening to the community you know you’re implementing what makes

Sense and at the end of the day yeah that’s going to keep you moving forward you know so it’s fantastic I love that whale alert one that’s quite unique you know because that that’s a huge Factor isn’t it there are you know people may not like the idea of Wales but you can’t

Do anything about it there are going to be whales in the industry in collections and all coins and projects so you know instead of complaining about it right why not just you know get over and just see see how you can work around it you know in a whale alert like this it’s

Going to help the smaller fishes isn’t it to get in early to maybe prepare for these moves you know what what’s it going to mean for your Holdings of that particular collection whether it’s pushes the price up or down you know these are these are big things you need

To be aware of you know especially if you’re you know maybe invested a little bit more you can afford to lose because the idea is not to but you know maybe there are a lot of people that don’t necessarily always abide by that that sort of rule so you know that’s really

Fantastic Maybe yeah really awesome to see it awesome to sort of um you know excited to see where I guess the future of it it is all going so I guess for 2023 just to kind of summarize mate you know we spoke a bit more about sort of

Phase two and everything I mean in terms of timelines you know what can we expect for phase two the rollout and um I mean elaborate you know what can we expect for the rest of 2023 in terms of what you expect to achieve you and your

Team and you know feel free to elaborate beyond that or just you know however you would like to say it yeah be interesting to hear yeah as you can see I like talking so I don’t have any problem with elaborating as much as possible so uh yeah um 2023

Is a very busy year for us because um I don’t like to waste time in that sense I like to get things done yesterday if possible so I I the the development team sometimes hates me because of this we have a great relationship though but uh

I always push and push and push to get things done faster it’s just that I I’ve worked in the industry for a while and I know how to press the right buttons to get things over the line faster or or sooner and um sometimes we compromise as

In we we remove all the major bugs but we live leave a few small ones in just so I can get get the product launched and the reason I do that is because I can get people to be more efficient that way it’s a bit I probably shouldn’t say

This because if they take a look they’ll know what I’m doing next time I do it so but um they they they’re a bit faster at uh troubleshooting a bug albeit small that’s already been launched of a feature that’s already been launched and they are if we are in

The testing phase they tend to take their time so I kind of like have these small strategies to try to get things over the line faster and I hope people will excuse me for that it’s just that it is it is a method that allows us to

Churn things out so quickly uh even if it’s a bit buggy it won’t be something that you know breaks the whole thing and you won’t be able to use it um and but it allows us to to be fast on our feet if that makes sense and um

Another thing uh the second stage app I was hoping to get that finished not not finished completely but launched in May by the end of May so it’s a fairly ambitious ambitious timeline we spent a bit too much on the stage one app on vmate simply because we were so

Passionate about getting it right and doing it properly and I was hoping I could divert resources from VMA right to buy Frost to the second stage platform sooner but I haven’t been able to until recently and I didn’t really divert what I did is I expanded the team and I

Assigned new staff to vmate and got some of the older staff over to to the to the nft platform simply because we need to get going on it I don’t want to have delays and if we do have delays I don’t want them to be too too great but I I I

Just cannot stand delays and I want to get everything done ahead of time like I said over promise uh sorry under promise and over deliver and that is exactly what we’ve done so far because uh We’ve we’ve under promised pretty much everything we never promised that we

Will have a top 10 Exchange upon launch we never promised that we would have a partnership with ikomi you know vv’s parent company and we managed to get that even before launch um there were loads of things about the app as well we never promised that the

App would be so diverse and so um you know functional this at this stage and you know we managed to get a lot more out than we had hoped a lot earlier and um this is exactly the way we like to do things so I don’t want to over promise

Too much but I want to surprise people when time comes and um if we the way I like to do it is like you said simple cells I want to make the the stage two initially the stage 2 product will have to be as simple as possible so we can

Gain traction and then we come up with the more complicated the more complex tools and utilities that I was telling you about simply because we have to have that simple product that people can understand easily and they can just jump in and start using it rather than having a very complicated convoluted system

That is difficult to understand and use initially we’ll get we’ll make it complicated as we go along but it will it will be simple and easy to to use I promise it will only be complicated once you try to wrap your head around the whole thing but initially it will be

Simple and straightforward in that sense mate you did a great job of really summarizing that up you know yeah I’m going to be definitely anticipating you know that in may not to hold you to it but you know that’s good because uh you know it’s exciting I’m very very excited

To see you know the first stages of bifrost and I do love the name as well just hearing you say there again it’s uh it just works it doesn’t even have to have you know without even thinking about the you know the meaning behind it

It’s just a kind of like a little word that pair of words that kind of works well for me so I think it’s gonna I think it’s gonna work well so look I’m really excited to see where you guys are going mate and it’s good to see just

Yeah it’s good to see some really good authentic work going on in the crypto space because uh you know we are getting a lot more well we’re getting a lot more but seems like we’re getting more authentic sort of project developers and builders in the space but you know it’s

Not always easy for myself it’s like you know part of my days are often just you know scrolling through my emails which are just full of just garbage or people that are trying to promote scam projects or things like this and you know you know how it goes and it’s quite uh you

Know whether pioneers and it can get quite exhausting but you know we do it because we’re passionate about it and you know it’s very obvious that your passion’s coming through you’ve got a lot of experience your team you know you’ve got a great partnership with extremely successful and you know

Well-known parent company in in sort of you know Viva ecomi which you know which is again I said already but it’s it’s undoubtedly going to bring you a lot of a lot of traction and I think you know if you guys are doing some good things

Now when we’re arguably deep in bear or maybe coming out of a bear Market it’s kind of not easy to say exactly where we’re at but you know you know how it goes you know the bull market will come eventually it’s not a case of um if it

Really is a case of when you know in my opinion that anyway and um you know when that time comes users are just going to flood in and you know whoever’s attached to the big names or surrounding themselves with the big names I believe are going to get get those users on

Board and if they have a good easy simple experience which is what you know you guys are delivering on it’s it’s all about that client retention isn’t it at the end of the day and I think you know theoretically based on what you guys have got and the experience you’ve got I

Think you should be able to hold a good amount of amount of retention and uh yeah it’s exciting you know the bottleneck’s not even broken and as we said already nfts were just so early on and uh there’s still a lot of lack of understanding but I think um yeah nfts

Is the Technologies they’re not going it’s not going anywhere no way and uh yeah it’s just you can’t really put a it’s hard to really put a limit on where a project like this could potentially go I think that’s what’s so I guess exciting about it you know

Um so look thank you so much Andre for coming onto the podcast and I’ve been trying to get you on for a little while really we’re definitely going to be doing this again uh sometime this year for sure sooner rather than later to just see you know maybe sometime around

May we can get on maybe a bit after May if we you know manage to get by Frost launch to a standard that you’re happy with and we can maybe kind of dissect that a bit more or something like that I think that would be really really

Exciting to do as well um I mean is there anything you just want to leave us with before we you know tune out for the for the day um I I definitely like to to come back on the podcast because it’s been great you know you’ve you’ve let me ramble on

Which I love because like I said I like the ramble I’m sorry about that no it’s great uh the only thing I wanted to mention is and I’ve completely forgot and it’s extremely important uh we have thousands of users in the vmate app already uh I

Mean uh last I checked uh we had I think about 8 000 users in the VMA Tab and the plan is to um hopefully have a large number of visitors also use the vmate token to get access to the premium bits of vmate and we’ve already seen uh some results since

We’ve been we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of people acquiring VMA tokens the rationale behind it is that it will stabilize the project in the sense that these are people who are not looking to trade the token these are people who are looking

To acquire it for the utility it has so what what happens is they will acquire the token and they’ll stay with the token indefinitely as long as the app remains relevant and considering how fast we turn out the updates it will will always ensure it stays

Relevant and how big the team that deals with it is that’s great I mean 8 000 users in such a short amount of time that’s very very impressive definitely um especially again I said a million times but people need to remember you know to see that kind of growth we are

In a bear Market you know we’re somewhere on along the lines of this bear market and to see that growth in a bear Market I mean yes I think even a year ago was kind of we’re still in this bear Market weren’t we so you know it’s

Really impressive and when we do hit that bull market you know those numbers are going to grow because people they just lose interest don’t they you know and for not me you know I mean obviously yeah a lot of people are just as soon as soon as we hit bear Market I

Just turn off completely don’t they and there’s not a lot of people left here but you know it always comes around again and yeah yeah so long as so long as you’re still here you know it’s um it’s going to be very good so uh no

That’s really cool and I guess yeah as you say locking up that that utility you know people are just going to behold it not even for the idea of I want to hold it for the token price to go off and maybe sell no there is there is just

Genuinely something I just want to do in the app it makes sense I need the token for that and that’s you know theoretically going to be good for you know naturally going to be good for the I suppose the token price potentially um the supply and everything like that and

Yeah it’s um it’s promising you know it’s promising in my opinion so no thank you again Andre you know I really appreciate you coming on again mate um it was fantastic you know chatting to you and uh yeah we really look forward to chatting to you at a later stage of

The Year mate um guys I will leave all of the links yeah I’ll leave all the links in the description guys to you know get connected with this project all the instructions of how to you know get the app and everything like that and uh yeah

Guys make sure you do connect yes mate take it away yeah I think it was a pleasure um being here I enjoyed our chat about the whole thing and it’s good to go through it again because I get better ideas you know and the feedback and things like

That it just it makes me think about what else we could do next so thank you very much for having us 100 100 awesome guys thanks for watching and uh yeah we’ll catch you next time thank you foreign thank you

Vemate is the most versatile and dynamic application on the market which currently supplies trading analysis tools and market information for VeVe users, and will soon offer fractional and tokenized NFT trading as well as the only fully integrated Crypto-NFT crossover marketplace.

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