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This CHEAP deck will take you to Valhalla! | Gods Unchained

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  1. I really hope you are a paid member of the GU team these days. I dont play as much now but you do more for the games appeal to the public with your YouTube and Twitch channels then the paid GU team does.

  2. Great deck. I wasn't going for vikings, but a similar style using regen as the Commander Pyros brings where you use your god power on them to buff their strength and they heal back next turn. I would use these with the 1 cost god power, sorry I forget the name. I am only 2 cards away from my first full meteorite deck from playing to earn. I will probably buy the rest based on your guides and playstyles other than war and the green elf lady god.

  3. At 10:56. You should let Axewomen break the protected first then use Blade of styx to kill Raid raveller to earn Favor point

  4. Playing a similar deck went from solar to almost mythic than straight to auric. When it works it works. the opening hand is the most important. plus you got lucky with magic if he had shaped blast 1 turn earlier and then ekrileth it would have been hard to win

  5. Oh no, what have you done! I was playing a similar deck and now it will be only mirror matches! 😆
    What did you do to have deck prices in USD in gudecks? I can't find that setting anywhere.

  6. Aggro War Vikings variations are actually doing really well. Plus they are fun to play. Last game with Magic was nice!

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