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This is moved up Jeffrey your recession timeline it sounds like I think it has to because this is one of the things that these indicators that are again maybe maybe I think I know something that I don’t know because I’m using the past again but I do think that

One of the indicators that had not been signaling recession was that yield curve was getting steeper and steeper and in all the past recessions going back for decades the yield curve starts de-inverting a few months before the recession comes and so since we were at P conversion last week it was unlikely

That we were going to go into recession even in the next four to six months but at this point with the de-inversion happening the four to six month time window is starting to see much more Applause I just think to save kind of the program and their credibility they’ll probably

Raise rates 25 basis points I I would think that that would be the last really the last increase yes I’m surprised to hear you you say that um I would think that you know this has caused such an earthquake or certainly some pretty serious tremors that they might not do anything in in

March but you actually think they still would go in the name of their own credibility I do I do think so um we’ll see what the inflation numbers come out this week I mean who knows if they’re really that relevant uh in the context of of this banking crisis but I

Do think I I think the FED will will raise rates 25. I I do I I wouldn’t do it myself but what what do you do in the context of all this messaging that has happened over the past six months and then something happens that you think you

Solved or I I think the administration thinks they’ve solved it and although it’s a sleight of hand it’s not sort of a magic trick to accept funds at par that are worth 70 cents on the dollar but it I I think I think it has uh

Clearly calmed Waters but uh but the FED I think will raise rates 25 basis points it’s just I think in in the market pricing I think it’s kind of a coin flip right now wow because I mean you you know when you see what’s happened with let’s say the

Two-year yield which is gosh it was down a hundred basis points over three or four sessions you’ve always maintained the case that the FED follows the two-year the suggestion that Jeffrey that the Fed chair left us with last week was higher faster for longer that seems to be on the precipice right now

No right I mean I’ll liquid this way it’ll be proof positive that the FED follows the two-year if they don’t raise interest rates proof positive because as you just said correctly judge one week ago one short week ago it was higher longer you know more than before and all

This other stuff and then a few days later but they’re gonna go to they’re going to go to no no hype then they’re simply absolutely positively if they fight doesn’t If the Fed doesn’t raise rates next week we should absolutely shutter the fed and just use the two-year Group which I’ve been saying

Facetiously for quite some time but at this point uh it would just be blatantly obvious that they’re following the two-year if they don’t raise rates in the Dodd-Frank Financial Protection Bill former Congressman it’s because of this Wall Street Journal article this evening which alleges that Barney Frank has

Spent the past couple of years earning more than 2 million on the board of the now seized Signature Bank pushing to weaken some of the very laws that he put into place joining us now in this developing story is the Wall Street journal’s Andrew Ackerman who contributed to this piece I mean Andrew

Everybody’s kind of going back on Twitter because that’s when people do it’s his fault it’s there it’s Trump it’s my district whatever team you’re on that is automatically blamed the other side this is the congressman whose name is on the legislation retires works for a bank makes a couple million bucks what

Exactly was he trying to change here I think he I think he did testify in support of the regulatory rollback but I think the argument he made was that the 50 billion figure there’s a threshold they had for heightened what’s called heightened Prudential standards so uh doc Frank

Says hey if you’re above 50 billion you’re going to be subject to all these new uh tougher rules he just said hey that 50 billion up it’s totally arbitrary it could be higher yeah fair enough and this is kind of where people are going back they’re going out back to the former president

But you got to admit Andrew it’s a bad look I mean when it’s it’s it’s not like he was a random Congressman it’s the Dodd-Frank Consumer Financial Protection bill yeah I mean you know I think I think this whole episode has showed that the revolving door is is very much on

Display you’ve got Barney Frank on the board of one of the failed Banks Mary Miller who was the treasury uh senior treasury official also at Baltimore mayor World candidate she’s on the board of SBB that you know obviously the the head of um sbv Greg Becker he was on the board

Of the San Francisco which looks totally asleep um we’re not really sure what their examiners were doing um so you you know you have people kind of in government going in a private sector kind of like or or the opposite um like the whole thing kind of looks a little rough

Yeah and and by the way you wonder what the San Francisco Fed was doing I know what they weren’t doing which is talking to the chief risk officer and I only know that for certain because they didn’t have a chief risk officer from April or May of last year to January of

This year Silicon Valley Bank did not have a cro a chief risk officer I mean that alone do you think and not like we knew there’s thousands of public companies we can’t track them all but shouldn’t that have been kind of a little bit of a flag to

Somebody and welcome to the crypto teacher and you know I come back with that video just to make you think don’t forget the like And subscribe to the channel and guys a fan has so many moving pieces I can’t go over them I’m gonna put a lot of the articles in the

Patreon and a lot of the patreon members are sending me information but there are a lot of moving pieces going on of course the banking is what they want us to see but behind the scenes they’re moving towards their agenda now we had gun luck speak about the FED raising

Rates and it’s funny guys remember we have CPI numbers tomorrow so we’ll know where they’re gonna raise rates anyway tomorrow but gun life speaks about the fed and their magic tricks and guys I go over yields with you on a daily basis and like he stated if you’re looking at

The two and the ten you know exactly what the FED is going to do and we’re not headed for a recession guys we’re headed for a Great Depression this is going to be some of the worst times in economic history and I told you a long

Time time ago that this was going to happen and you have less than 24 months to decide whether you want to be on the right side of history and remember the crypto teacher told you does more of the lending business in America go to the shadow banking system some of which

Might be described by the way as the firm that you’re the chairman of which is Apollo well let’s let’s let’s I I let’s term Shadow banking is is very is very funny it’s a pejorative term the question is non non-bank lending and there are very they’re very different types of non-bank

Lending one type of non-bank lending that um is not as susceptible to duration risk is match funding the issue here is that these were demand deposits you’re funding your lending with with with short-term obligations that can be called at any time um one of the things that is happening

In what you call the non-bank lending Market is that you have matched funding which in instances like this is much safer Shadow banking just means unregulated and and that’s the concern that it can create problems that are systemic that we weren’t watching and that seems to be

The case to a certain extent with what kicked off this time around that it the svb that the Silicon Valley Bank was not held to the same regulatory standards as bigger banks that are thought to be systemic unregulated Banks unregulated Shadow banking institutions have even less regulation and that’s the

Concern to not be able to have oversight into things that could be eventually putting U.S taxpayers money on the line look that yeah Becky you’re right to raise the issue this is going to be debated as we do the post-mortem on this what what I will note is that this this failure

Um at Silicon Valley Bank um was in an institution that was highly regulated had um uh examiners and the like um and still the issue of duration risk uh came to the fore here uh we should all we we should be looking across all of the financials argument around the uh

The Federal Reserve and Jay Powell I’ve seen people this weekend uh say this is his fault uh that he raised interest rates did it too fast and did it without regard for understanding the implications on these smaller Banks do you think of it as his

Job to deal with this or do you think and by the way I think that it isn’t his job to deal with it in that regard but actually the truth is that the banks are supposed to know that yep it could rain it’s raining today and that they have to

Build a bank that can withstand the rain I I think I think chair Powell uh has been one of the most transparent um fed chairs in history he has clearly signaled where they’ve been going um this has been no surprise to anyone um and I I think criticisms of this

Being the result of a very transparent interest rate policy um well that they they have no measure with me are the comparisons apt and do you look at this and say it’s over it’s finished or there’s more to come look I think like always there are there are valid

Comparisons and and there are differences I I think the difference um that we should talk about is that in 2008 we were talking about individual institutions as systemically important I think what we’re talking about here is the regional banking system writ large as systemically important and what

Happened was you had what I would say is an isolated incident at a fairly idiosyncratic Bank bring to the foreign issue which was what do we do about excess deposits right because it’s above 250 000 in the event of a failure and that cost that caused people to question whether their

Excess deposits at very solvent institutions were something that they should adjust causing a classic run right Java let me ask you this you know uh you were a republican member of the Trump Administration um I assume you are uh against broadly speaking big government this is big

Government in fact I could argue to you that today all of the banking business has just been uh de facto nationalized if in fact we are going to be guaranteeing deposits across the board what do you think of that look Andrew big government small government government is is an immense

Part of all of our Lives okay so like it really is about smart government I mean what has got is government 18 20 of the economy um our financial system is one of the most highly regulated um businesses Industries in the world government is in the financial business

Every day now on the post look what was done this weekend was what needed to be done in the moment and when you’re acting in the moment you need to act broadly and powerfully is there a time as as both Rogers that you’ve had on uh said so well is there a

Time now where we have to recalibrate um do we raise the FDIC Insurance limit but not make it unlimited um things like that definitely ask questions um but it’s really about government calibration right and look post 2008 let me make this point post 2008 we were really worried about asset quality

Stress tests around asset quality let’s all let’s all recognize that duration risk was something that was on the back burner until we had this rapid rise in rates um and now we’re all going to deal with it and again what the what the FED has done here with with the guarantee

Facility is given the market an opportunity I think that’s their aim deal with this duration risk okay so and guys we know what svb did was all caused by the FED but when it came to the bank run it was 100 orchestrated you were watching nothing but a movie and we know

How the NWO moves as puppets in and out of politics and then Plus in and out of these different corporations we’ve seen it time and time again but guys when you’re looking at this banking situation always remember to go it’s the fourth Industrial Revolution they want to destroy this Legacy market so therefore

The machines can take over the economy and the Sheep go inside the metaverse so when you hear about guaranteeing all deposits guys think about the fourth Industrial Revolution you have to break this old system in order to bring in a new one remember all people have to lose

Trust in order to accept there’s no privacy system that they want to bring on tell telling you what when when and how to bond you have three to six months to spend it or a proof is gone and now we see the FED bringing in Michael Barn where’s Michael Barr from that’s the

Right Rebel and think about what xrp xlm and others are going to be able to do that are going to affect cross-border payments they’re going to be freeing up trillions and trillions of dollars of liquidity there’s a new Financial system is not even going to be real guys it’s

All going to be tokenized and I’m not even going to talk about the super computers the AI the algorithms the robots and blockchain that’s going to run this new Financial system like a well or machine remember guys the NWO are the master magicians what we’re going through guys is biblical and you

Know I give you the truth nothing but the truth yes the truth hurts but it sets you free get in the lab and prepare because remember my people perish from the last lack of knowledge not because it’s not there is because they rejected and we know the most high is going to

Reject them and remember the crypto teacher told you because he knows when it comes to the New World Order it’s all planned out you have a wonderful day look look uh basis of the bank and not resort to essentially providing unlimited Deposit Insurance uh the predicate of Deposit Insurance has always been about

Protecting a little guy and having sophisticated uh counterparties of banks bear some risk and have some Market risk so I was hoping for different news this morning so what would you what do you think should have been done I mean in terms of protecting the little guy

People would argue well what about small businesses who have accounts over that cap look we’re talking about a bank that had 97 uninsured deposits we’re talking whose biggest creditor seems to have been a three billion dollar account with a cryptocurrency and we’re talking about a bank where very all the insured

Depositors had already been taken care of and so I think what we’re doing here is risking a fundamental structural change to our regulatory system in a situation where you had a bank completely under the nose of the San Francisco fed where was the supervision of this bank people talk a lot about

Regulation and the rules I’m asking the question about where were the supervisors has this been quadrupled in size over a couple of years and blew up a giant unhedged uh interest rate risk tied to uh Fannie Freddie and U.S treasuries how is this allowed to happen right under the nose of the San

Francisco fed what do you have any theories on that and and what about the piece of Regulation Dodd-Frank that kind of enshrined the current Financial system look Dodd-Frank regulates laws and rules you can’t regulate judgment and I am completely bewildered and betwixt as to where the lack of regulatory judgment was and allowing

This bank to pursue such an unusual funding model entirely Reliant uninsured investing all of that money in low-yield mortgage-backed Securities uh a year ago it’s like the FED had no idea that interest rates were going to rise over the next year and allowing that to go on

Unhedge there’s only so much you can legislate and regulate it comes down to Regulators doing their job and in this case I think the Federal Reserve failed to do its job at the end of the day when you create a run on a bank that’s illegal in Most

States there are laws against it let’s see some DA’s come out and do something about it let’s see the SEC deal with social media social media did not exist in 2007-8 the way it does today and the way they’re creating these runs this is illegal to create a run and by the way

You know we can solve this by guaranteeing all of the deposits um of all the banks for some period of time we did the same thing during the financial crisis and we came out of it just fine and and look at the end of the day it’s not the taxpayers taking losses

It’s the FDIC which is funded going to a different economy and we’re going to be learning more about that as we go but clearly we’re we’re learning that things can be done from remote locations ology can replace people even more than we thought we’re not going back to the same economy

We’re going we’re recovering but to a different economy and it’ll be one that is more leveraged to technology and I worry that that is going to make it even more difficult than it was for for many workers it’s in Silicon Valley and my friends who work in technology know that

What we did to the manufacturing workers we are now going to do to the retail workers the call center workers the fast food workers the truck drivers and then even bookkeepers accountants insurance agents lawyers and on and on through the economy so what happened to the manufacturing workers a very clear sign

And so we’ll import chinese-based cbdc technology so it’s going to be cbdc in a box uh provided to You by The People’s Bank of China That’s crypto teacher and the new world order book plus the three kids books it’s time to re-educate also nanocryptos coinbase bet you bonus do

Not forget book links and crypto links are in the description the stock Channel guys don’t forget to go like subscribe spread everywhere you have your Kobo your chips on your banking your gaming Well everybody’s sitting at home get on socks and see where the biotech stocks and while everybody buys it on wishing

They were still getting that free money what are they doing drinking and smoking weed don’t forget about those stocks and you have a wonderful day most powerful person in the world this is the Storyteller the Storyteller says division values and agenda of an entire generation to come Steve Jobs and guys

You know I truly believe in this when you look at the new world order they’re the Storyteller and that’s the reason why I wrote my new road order book but guys now it’s time to change the current generation and I wrote three kids books you know love the Trinity because I

Understand the power of that Senate so I have three books we have an opportunity to change the generation to educate not just me but I want to show you that I take action on a daily basis and I want you to take action on a daily basis

Whether it’s your job whether it’s in your community we have an opportunity right now to educate the masses I posted this on my Twitter account please share but this is a short clip of the three books there’s going to be a clothing line and action figure please get these

Books for your kids nephews cousins friends so therefore we can start the re-education now because as we see the fourth Industrial Revolution found Foundation is definitely here robots algorithms drones taking Humanity out the picture we have to re-educate but let’s get into the video part one king Joshua and Grandma team

Take the village part two teams say New York Long clothing stores it’s mandatory to get part one part two and part three of this series it’s time to re-educate Generation Z

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