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THIS IS BIG | Important Election News | $222 Million In Refunds | PPI Rose | Increase In Layoffs

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THIS IS BIG | Important Election News | $222 Million In Refunds | PPI Rose | Increase In Layoffs

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  1. It's sad as you say for the next two years it's going to be gridlock but it's not about Democrats or Republicans I thought it was about the American people that put these people's ass and office for the richest country in the world and we look like ass clowns

  2. Big lies 🤥 the government is lies to us we are not going to get a check from the government we need more money to get by with by time we pay our bills and rent we do not have any more money left to get by with we just get ssi every month to

  3. I love how JOhnny Bryson and Curtis Clarabell aka Jeremy Safford turn everyone's comment into their jealous rants and raves at me? Such funny little boys.

  4. Poor litttle Johnny and Jeremy and Yvonne…..So jealous it's eating them up!! I love watching them crawl!!!!

  5. Breaking news one of the Democratic supporters has been caught in money Laundering the company FTX now under investigation to see who all the top Political Elite's on the Democratic party took this money.

  6. Adam don’t understand Oui have the way for ar birthday for socurity for stimulus checks now fair Oui needs help now people my died now fair needs help now

  7. How cute!!! Little Jeremy Safford says his bullshit lies then hides his comment like a little Puss.

  8. Only thing that will happen in the DC grid lock is more Rhinos will flip for $$$ The globalist pockets are deep.

  9. Absolutely, gridlock is the only way we'll get bills passed that are good for America and not democrats or Republicans. Long overdue maybe the legislators will do what the people elected them to do.

  10. Good things come to those who wait, and now I'm sensing, the good is here, Adam I want to give a hats off to ya, you've done one hell of a job keeping the government and COVID news through this insane hell the country has been through, unadultered and sugar free, I am Robert"The Mockingman" Cabell, keep on Rollin baby!! 👍😎

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