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This Is New Meta Hero Can Counter Phoveus and Silvanna | No Anti Shield Item | Masha Mobile Legends

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Masha can fight against phoveus and silvanna easily due to her passive and inspire spell. The damage output and inspire spell increase masha ATK speed is totoally broken right now.

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  1. just tried inspire. god damn it's so strong. also need that yellow boots emblem to have more mobility against long ranged enemies

  2. Last time I found a combination of items masha was like Saitama slapping a mosquito scene but I forgot it cuz I don't play mlbb now my wifi broke

  3. Nice tips and video. i also masha user but still have issue against lapu lapu with dominance ice? Any solutions thanks in advance

  4. Btw 24strangers, in your control settings, did you use target the closest first or lowest hp first?

  5. Thank you for teaching,I have follow you since last week; and since then my Marsha really more fun to use and easier for me to get more kills, inspire really fun !!

  6. I used to play masha when my main character xborg was perma banned, but i still watch ur vids for rotation and hp bar immunity stuff. Keep up the vids! Theyre so good.

  7. Yup.. I'm using it since the inspire got buff.
    Ithis spell is good for a lot of heroes

  8. Inspire ia good but but when using inspire and enemi using flicker then their friends come it's so scary

  9. Thanks to your videos i finally able to use masha in her full capacity but my teammates just keep getting more and more canser

  10. Gw make masha selalu feed
    Jarang dapat medal gold
    Tapi sering menang
    Gak bisa war
    Yap benar saya pengepush

  11. Youre the reason why im using masha but damn 3 days straight i always team up with toxic and feeder team

  12. I really like this commentary style of gameplay. It teaches us your thought process while using masha so that I can implement it on my own games. I used to suck at masha (despite liking her a lot) but now I am pretty decent with her, and its all thanks to you mate. Keep giving us more guides and gameplay

  13. I used to use inspire but seeing dat masha has no dash makes her low mobility so i decided to tke flicker 🤞but now inspire is buff 🔥

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