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Rhys announced many new upcoming timelines for Veve/Omi on Taps Trades Youtube channel. Despite the down market for crypto, Omi token still presents an excellent value proposition of risk/reward. As a result, I will continue to buy Omi tokens until I have 20 million.

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Pillosophers NFT Airdrop
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0:00 Intro
1:55 Omi market analysis and price
7:09 NFT search interest
8:55 Why I bought a million Omi tokens and will continue to buy!
10:30 Conclusion

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2. 🌈Zach R🌈 $100+

DISCLAIMER- I am not a financial advisor, representative, or consultant. The views expressed in this video are my own. This video is solely for entertainment and educational purposes. Please do your own research and consult with a professional prior to taking any investment.

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  1. The catalysts are still present for a short term pump. Web app, major exchange and Pokémon would cause a run. To your point Ecomi is looking long term and not interested in short term, unsustainable pumps. Long term, imo, has to have a clear method for dealing with circulating supply.

  2. I agree it wont hit a penny anytime soon. Good long term, we need to destroy the vault supply. Even If buybacks aren't off the table I'd rather the team be forced to take action instead of kicking a solution down the road every time the topic comes up.

  3. 20m OMI at this price is 50 grand >.< I wish I had at the very least 10 grand to play with.

  4. I think the price increase really just depends on the burns in vault and how they plan on getting more in there to replace them. I'm curious to see how they are going to reach $1billion in revenue this year and the burns at this price level will be crazy!

  5. Although buying now is a great move in my opinion, the token is still considerably down for alot of us that got in early. Sure I could buy the dip of the dip, but I have my bag already.

    I hope OMI gets to 0.01 by the end of this year, 0.03 would be better. This is a long term Hold for me but I've already been holding for a year and the token hasn't done well.

    Sure, it'll go up with new utility etc, but it's still a fairly stressful token to have held.

  6. Nice – we share the same $OMI goal and I was able to hit it during this retrace. Very bullish long term (2-6yrs…. And my retirement plan is 6-9yrs so am fine waiting)

  7. Omi token fans hear this. Im gonna hold my Omi bag until we hit 1dollar regardless of how long it takes. i hate long term holds which is what Omi is, a 5-10 year hold (depressing i knw). One thing for sure though , I will NEVER buy a Veve collectable. I will not enrich this company until i see Omi utility. Period!

  8. What about the OMI burn ? will the price increase ? don't understand this mecanism

  9. Dan I am missing the relaxed music on the intro. Keep up the good work. I am targeting 50 mill OMI over the next 3-6 months. Hoping we stay at these levels

  10. I lost my life's savings to veve collectibles when I invested in January so I am borrowing from loan sharks now and following your advice to buy omi. Thanks!

  11. Good move Dan, I agree wholeheartedly. This is definitely the best time to double down on OMI and many other projects. I am just hoping we get this big possible capitulation event on bitcoin. That will bring some major altcoin buying opportunities!

  12. made way more gains with other nfts than veve. maybe it's just me but, diversifying and trying other nfts like eth and sol can produce more gains imho..then if you're still bullish on veve can just invest said gains into veve. just my 2 gwei

  13. Hi Daniel, do you know how to tie OMI token into a Business? I wish to tie OMI token into my business.

  14. I concur, I don't forsee us breaking .01 this year. A monumental jump would include exchanges, plain and simple. It's very telling that when BTC mooned 6,000+ OMI didn't move much at all. It's unfortunate but it's something I have to except

  15. Thanks for the video 👍 I will also be buying more – that’s the plan 😉

  16. When you say Omi being used for gaming, do you think it’s capable of comparing it to AXI?

  17. I don't think omi making any announcements can move the token price that much because of all the missed deadlines….we all expect things not to happen anywhere near the projected dates at this point

  18. This guy don’t know what he is talking about lol, OMI will do at least a 10-20x this year

  19. Still buying more, prices this low great for the project long term with all the burning. Have been selling HRO cards for OMI on IMX, most fun way to stack it!

  20. Why is this thing not moving? It’s looking very weak compared.. I hold OMi but am baffled that NFT space has come so far since I bought in and the token has done so poorly

  21. OMI will probably hit 0.01 3-4 years down the road after the whales have finished selling their massive amounts of tokens and they are evenly distributed… but yeah good long term potential

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