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Three Arrows Capital (3AC), Celsius Going BANKRUPT?? Is Crypto in Serious DANGER?

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What’s going on with Three Arrows Capital (3AC)? Are they broke? Will they be liquidated? Ben summarises what’s happening with the potential collapses of 3AC and Celsius, another crypto lender rumoured to be insolvent. #ThreeArrowsCapital #Crypto #Bitcoin

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00:00 Intro
01:45 Three Arrows Capital (3AC) — are they headed for liquidation?
6:56 Takeaways
10:05 Outro


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  1. You have the right issue, irresponsible management in crypto. But you don’t understand blockchain technology. Every proof of work chain has an absolute hardwired death sentence. This thing is fantasy land. What is irresponsible in a market dominated by the greater fool theory?

    These guys know that the cliff is on the horizon. It’s a race to redeem without provoking a crash prematurely. You haven’t a clue why these Nuevo Ponzi’s exist.

    Get out of crypto before you destroy your future. It’s all tulips young man.

  2. The ones who start and run these "firms" did not lose anything!!! THEY CASHED OUT. Only the peon customers are left…. with nothing. Do Stupid Tricks, Win Stupid Prizes…. Suckers

  3. Mashinsky leaving the country is complete fud. Some of the articles about it have been taken down since, and even the articles themselves state that there is no hard evidence for this. It basically originated from random tweets that have also been deleted. Please do a bit of research before stating it as a fact. At the very least, clarify that news like this is not confirmed. Geez..

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