Alien Worlds - TLM Token

Tlm Coin – How to Buy Tlm coin (Alien Worlds token) on Pancakeswap

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How to buy tlm coin Alien Worlds token using Pancakeswap Register for Binance here and get 5% discount: …


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  1. you receive bnb but from usdt confirmation page at BNB lol.. and where your TLM guys?

  2. Thank you for the great video! Would you mind posting your BNB wallet here? I’d like to give you 10 USD worth of BNB for this great and helpful video.

  3. i have the same problem. i made the contract like 8 hours ago but and the BNB was taken but i can not see the TLM in my wallet..

  4. It's still showing smart contract call for the past 1hr and I haven't seen the TLM in my wallet. Is it normal?

  5. May i know what is the address of TLM? WE CANNOT COPY IT FROM THE COINMARKET APP. THANK YIU

  6. Hi there, where will the TLM go to our Binance account? How so if the platforms are not linked? How am I sure Coin Market address will send TLM to my Binance account?

  7. What do you think about smartbnbfi? Is this the new model moving forward?

  8. Why they send me this message always The transaction cannot succeed due to error: Pancake: K. This is probably an issue with one of the tokens you are swapping.

  9. Man if you really had bought this coin like 1k of it you should have thrippled your capital by now

  10. WTF i late to buy i just buy when the price 5.5 usd im so sad ,is it possible soar pump until 20usd when listing on binance???

  11. I just did the swap.. but where I'm I to expect the tlm…in my token wallet??


  13. Thanks, one piece of advice: when you say "click this" try to specify a bit more.

  14. hi, why do i see the number of my tlm in my trustwallet but no dollar price below it? the market in trustwallet at tlm is also deactivated? do I have the correct token or did I do something wrong? I see my safemoon normally with dollars but mot tlm

  15. Hi please when will the coin enter my Binance ? It is in trust wallet now… Please I am new and need details .. thanks

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