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TOP 5 CRYPTO GAMES OF 2022 (Best NFT Games to Play to Earn) | Top Blockchain Games

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Top crypto games is the topic of today! In this video we go over the top 5 crypto games of 2022 so far! These NFT games are blockchain games, taking over the verse and making their stance on the blockchain! We have many of the TOP blockchain games out there.

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00:00 Intro – Top 5 Crypto Games of 2022
01:25 – Gods Unchained
02:49 – Ninneko
04:11 – Splinterlands
05:01 Axie Infinity
07:01 Pegaxy
08:13 Outro – Like & Subscribe!

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✅About Me : I was initially dragged in by a game called “Axie Infinity” which was an NFT Play To Earn game that hyped the heck out of me since I was challenger in League of Legends before crypto. I have a hyper competitive drive & always strive to give the best content and look after my viewers in the same light as I would my friends.

In this channel you’ll find all things crypto-related that I feel is HOT and ready to do well. Of course, always DYOR before you get into a project as these are my opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt.



  1. Liked & Subbed! It's crazy how big these games got so quickly. That is what makes me bullish on new projects that are launching soon so I'm trying to do my DD on new games launching soon! – Brad

  2. The metaverse will always be here, spend your time where it really counts pray $MGOD bless you all🙏

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