Top four DeFi projects to watch out for in Q4 of 2022

Ethereum brought smart contracts in 2017, and in less than five years, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space turned into a $40 billion industry with hundreds of protocols providing a wide range of services to users.

And the growth of these chains has, in return, motivated investors to deviate a portion of their investments from the spot market and into the DeFi market.

But before you do that as well, it is essential to know what the market looks like going forward and which DeFi token would be the best choice for your investment.

The King of Metaverse – Decentraland and MANA

This token needs no introduction as MANA is not only a considerable investment vehicle but also a huge utility token in the Metaverse. And given that Decentraland is the biggest Metaverse at the moment, it only becomes natural for investors to want a slice of the MANA pie.

During the broader market rally of October, the token managed to mark the most extensive and quickest rise of all coins, rallying by 375.51% in the span of merely 48 hours.

Although the bearishness in the crypto market since has taken a toll on the coin, it still holds a lot of potential in 2022, given the Metaverse is becoming the place to be for brands, companies, and celebrities, and with Decentraland leading it, MANA will also benefit off of it,

DeFi brought to Bitcoin by DeFiChain (DFI)

Now unlike other assets in this list, DFI is the only one to have brought a bunch of new things to the crypto space. Instead, its parent platform, DeFiChain, revolutionized the crypto space by bringing decentralized finance to Bitcoin. One of the biggest criticisms of Bitcoin has been the lack of Defi, which DeFiChain changed by bringing a host of unique features to the chain.

DeFiChain introduced the concept of dTokens which are assets tracking the price of stocks listed on the US stock market, which can be invested in by people from other countries who are restricted from doing so traditionally due to the geographical restrictions.

With community-voted dToken offerings like Disney, Tesla, MicroStrategy, etc., that can also be fractionalized to fit your wallet, DeFiChain is revolutionizing Bitcoin. Thus it is apparent why its token DFI should be on top of everyone’s portfolios.

You Have To Ankr This Down

The fastest growing Web3 infrastructure provider that serves over 50 proof-of-stake chains with an industry-leading global node delivery system and developer toolkit. Ankr serves more than six billion RPC relay requests a day across Web3 and is the RPC partner of choice for 17 blockchains. It is transitioning from a platform to protocol where its native token ANKR will play a central role. Node providers earn ANKR for serving traffic, and individual token holders can stake ANKR with node providers to help secure the protocol and share in the rewards for serving requests.

Known for having given the BNB Chain a massive upgrade in terms of performance and security, Ankr recently launched a set of plug-and-play tools called App Chains that allow dApp developers to build custom blockchains uniquely suited to their application.

Finally, get ready for an Avalanche!

Make no mistake in thinking AVAX is just some other token. Native to Avalanche, this chain should not be underestimated.

While most other assets take years to reach where they are, Avalanche took less than four months to become the fourth biggest DeFi chain in the world. With a TVL of $10.4 billion, it is merely $4 billion away from replacing BSC to grab the third spot.

And in the spot market, its token AVAX is already the tenth biggest asset in the world. Avalanche achieved all of this in less than four months, so the only way from here is up, and it is going to be happening soon.

Thus, these tokens should not be kept out of your portfolio, as they will go higher than expectations, just as the crypto adoption does in 2022.


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