Axie Infinity - AXS

TOP RANK Sebastianpozzo build – Axie infinity

YouTube video

Sebastianpozzo build – Axie infinity Triple Bug signal axie
Cute bunny bug and Bug signal axie card

Meta Build Pincer and parasite card Axie infinity
NFT games
TOP 1 RANK Sebastianpozzo – Axie infinity

0:20 – intro
0:46 – Round 1
3:00 – Post analysis Round 1
3:36 – Round 2
5:58 – Post analysis Round 2
6:20 – Market place (how much axie cost)


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  1. I don't understand the apply fear "when chained", he clearly just played one single terror chomp, and still applied fear

  2. Yo bro! Just found your content interesting im currently building a not so so expensive bug signal team. Would you mind guiding me? You can contact me on my fb page at Nongni TV! I already have 2 bug signal axies that I want you to check if they gonna be effective. Shelemet 💚

  3. I like this build because its sustainble not like poison builds which is probably gonna get nerf

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