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Top Terra NFT Projects April 2022! New Terra Luna NFT Drops!

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Terra NFT Projects are booming and many new Terra Luna NFTs will be minting soon in April 2022! In this video Connor from Crypto Empire will share info on the most prominent upcoming Terra NFT projects! Many Terra Luna Bluechip NFTs have exciting upcoming updates, so also get the run down on all of the time sensitive facts about established projects such as LunaBulls, Hellcats, and Derby Stars! If you are looking to get started in Terra NFTs or just looking to enjoy a quality Terra NFT market update video, this is the exact resource you need! Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Hell Hounds NFT Mint
3:30 How To Mint Hell Hounds
5:49 Gravi Cats NFT
6:23 What Is A NFT Mint?
9:36 Luna Wardens NFT
11:28 Tradooors NFT
12:24 Derby Stars
14:03 Department 77
16:29 Luna Bulls & Toxic Tesseracts
18:53 Levana Dragons
20:26 Levana Protocol DeFi Update
21:36 Rekt Wolf NFT
23:24 Goochi Goochi NFT
25:14 Closing Summary

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  1. Those projects sounds so good. Looking forward to become a better investor with your help.

  2. Does anyone care about how bad the art looks or is this simply just a way to move money?

  3. Crypto Empire video is on 🔥 I'm a newcomer to NFT and your tutorials have definitely helped me learn more Are there any new projects that you could recommend?

  4. Cool Video Crypto Empire!!! I'm a newbie NFT canvasser, and your videos definitely help me know more before I put my money down! I'm eyeing Starlight NFT, Are there any new NFT projects that you could recommend?

  5. Thanks for your content. I minted some 777s going off your feedback of the terra space. I've done very well and growing. I'm looking forward to Hell Hounds.

  6. Derby Stars , Horses look beautiful, looking forward to breeding and racing

  7. Luniland and Luniland Landlords , would like to hear some information on property, Casino already open, Great team.

  8. Thanks for the video! Have you checked Lunar Boots on Random Earth? It was sold out in 10 minutes!

  9. Mate. I couldn’t quite catch the name of the site that you go to to mint the NFT’s. Could you please tell me what it is in print. Thank you for your time.

  10. Awesome stuff 👌 Connor as always, you forget to talk about skeleton punks though 😅

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