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Ocean Dune / Boss 9 Yıldız Pioneer Kraken (İkili / 2 Parti Üyesi) | Laplace M / Rüzgar Masalları

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This video will show you the new zodiac boss (but since it’s in the new ocean map, they call it as Ocean Boss or Ocean Dune or Ocean Guard). The most common in my guild is Ocean Dune (OD), though. It has 2 difficulty to pick, Normal and Pioneer.
This one is OD 9 stars, Kraken boss (once again, the most common in my guild is to call it Octopus/Tako. Lol). Hope this can help you to understand the mechanism.

Go here for the newest OD 9 in a full team party: or search “Ocean Dune / Boss 9 Stars Pioneer Kraken (Full / 5 Party Members) | Laplace M / Tales of Wind”

Device in use: PC
Server: SEA
🎈Song : 샛별 – 여우비 /

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Laplace M is a MMORPG based on magic in medieval settings published by ZlongGames. #laplacem #talesofwind #lpm #tow #zodiacboss #oceanboss #oceandune #oceanguard #kraken #pioneer #octopus #tako #takoyaki


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