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Tus GT | New Growtoken Glitch on iOS | Get all Growtoken Items for FREE!

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This glitch is currently available only for iOS devices, because Growtopia made BIG mistake on new iOS update.

How to do Growtoken Glitch on iOS?
1. Download Surge5 App from the App Store
2. Press on the arrow near Default
3. Press on Download Profile from URL
4. Delete everything and replace with:
5. Press Done and Start
6. Login to Growtopia and do /token (amount)

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  1. Bought 100 megaphones with this glitch it took some time but I did it thank you so much for the glitch man!

  2. i used the surge 5 app to do the steps and it worked! i got so many gtokens and bought feye so fast lol

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