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Unboxing massive amounts of Jewelry from our 1st Las Vegas ASD Market Week Orders

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Hey everybody Heather from book done picking yes it’s our first order from the ASD Market week I can’t believe it’s already here we actually got it two days ago and decided you know what we’re just gonna unbox it right away so this is the jewelry remember we kind of walked by I

Think we did walk by the booth when we did the live ASD but this lady that we met was phenomenal she answered all of our questions she was not pushy she was memorable enough for us to actually see her on the first day and then come Circle back around and make an order

From her and the cool thing is is we can reorder these items easily we can see all the new Styles we did find out that they do carry Rings which is really cool as well so this is uh fashion jewelry um and so we’re really excited about

This and this is primarily going to be found on hooked so you can run over there and find all this jewelry we will have added that we also added a jewelry um auction jewelry items where you can buy mystery boxes of the auction jewelry

Too so check that out as well but we’re going to open all these things we’re going to see everything in here and the awesome part about this is it’s going to be multiples all right so let’s go ahead and unbox foreign so I wanted you to know that each and

Every item in this box was basically hand-picked by me um so we have varying Styles we’ve got some that are a little bit chunky some that are smaller we got some bracelets We got some necklaces uh we did not order rings in this batch but we did

Look on their site and they their wholesale site and they do carry rings so we’ll be definitely probably adding that but the bonus about this is we’re going to have more than one I know you guys hate it when we do the auctions and you miss out on that one beautiful piece

Well we have lots of beautiful pieces and these are all Heather hooks approved or I knew that you guys would love them because you bought ones this style before so let’s go ahead and I’m actually gonna just pull everything out and put it on the table so look at these

Bling yeah so this is really cool let me see I think it opens this way lag sometimes we had to order in packs of 12 sometimes we had to order in packs of six and it will come all just like that so this actually comes with a pair of

Earrings oh cool yeah I forgot that it does that so some we bought sets some we bought individual necklaces all the way from Paris let us know which Styles you like this one I particularly liked because it was a very long necklace oh yeah so you could do a lot with it and

It had these um these glass here so if you wanted to make it a shorter kind of just uh regular 16 to 18 inch you could just clip one of these blue blue is also Heather’s color it is my color definitely a color she’s wearing red today

She looks amazing in blue and in red and in red you look amazing the only color I am never ever allowed to wear again yellow yellow I want a vomit every time I see her in yellow I vomit terrible and yellow I really do all right we joke

About that it’s not that bad it’s pretty bad all right so this one was neat But it’s not necessarily 100 kids you can wear it as an adult but these are little emojis yep you get the smile oop I flipped the wrong wrong way you get the smiley face little pendant necklace with all the earrings the gold the Pearl and the little I’m sure those are

Absolute diamonds I’m we got a really good deal on this I think with what three dozen yeah you gotta buy a bunch yep yep that’s the thing like a lot of people are like how come I can’t buy from these well you can’t just buy one

Or two you have to buy a dozen to two dozen to three dozen at a time and you had to have a minimum purchase order of a certain dollars this is a dozen a dozen a dozen yeah okay so that’s from the kids line I thought that was a good pick though they

Had all kinds of different little symbols but the smiley face I thought was good so this one was cute and these have different color earrings so even when you flip it over there’s other colors so that was a neat one because yes we picked a dozen all the necklaces are the

Same but the earrings are different colors so we still have the variety nice Abby Abby must be their kid line must be all right here’s another one I think oh this is the same thing different different colors of uh of the Little Gems okay you got all that I

Can’t remember if they follow birthstone or not okay oh here was one of the Christian necklaces we got oh yeah there’s a better symbol out there beautiful little heart with the cross in there that would be great wouldn’t it very nice it’d be a pretty little Easter gift

I think our girls actually would like to wear that yeah this one was really neat um let me just pull one out yeah so you can see it better because it’s kind of crammed in that bag this one was a cool one because even though we bought a

Dozen I think it was different colors and so it was a dozen but it was assorted so you get so many of this and so many of that so this one is a really nice one Juliet that’s pretty I don’t remember even picking this one I don’t remember picking that one either

Well we picked so many I think we got excited because you it came in different colors yeah we picked a lot of the assorted ones for that reason uh like I said you can go to we’ll be able to find them on the jewelry page we’re gonna work really hard at getting

All this on there yeah it may take a little bit but we’re gonna go for it here oh cool I’ve sold things like this on the auction before yep you want to pull one of those out I’m getting kind of a shine if you look too you’ve got black

Brown and I think there’s a green letter nice and the nice thing about the fact that their packaged like this is when they ship they won’t get all tangled I know I’ve sold things like this on the auction some of you that watch the auction I’m pretty sure we sold

Something like this earlier fairly recently last couple weeks or something like that like the tan one yeah cool design nice wool design there to it I have a little bluish tent in that one yeah nice cool oh yeah they’ll go great so the nice thing is we don’t just have

One one that’s the bonus a lot of these things it was like this has got to be where like Coles is getting their jewelry or Target or Walmart or that’s just an earring pack that I missed because it had such a good variety look at that yeah that is nice Heather

I think that one’s coming off there yeah this one I think is broke right there is it or maybe it pops off and on we’ll look we’ll make sure yep [Applause] three dozen oh I love these earrings a lot these came in different colors too the gold oh yeah gold and silver

The the leaf there in the New York they did look pretty Heather bracelets that feels like it has weight to it can you open it this one you actually really liked because it had the extra weight yeah sometimes you would pick up an item at uh different jewelry places and it

Would be really really light um and I didn’t think it was supposed to be that light yeah this has got a little weight to it how I don’t know what it is I don’t like I don’t wear bracelets but this one is stretchy yeah what I think it’s better

If it has just a little bit of weight to it lead compliance you can even chew on it you can lick this bracelet and you’ll be fine mostly people might think a little weird but you know I bought these because I wear them oh the headbands and I’m gonna take it back

For myself but if you guys want them then I bought enough for you to have more on boom [Applause] I’ll keep jumping and see if you guys want them so let me know if you want them up I don’t think we’ll have to charge an arm and a leg for everything either we

Got really good prices on this stuff okay this one I thought was really cool oh yeah leather bracelet I love Jesus I think we got that one because we have some some things that if a guy wanted something uh these were also a little bit more masculine but they are they’re kind of

Unisex I would say I like this one if I was gonna wear one I don’t know if I’d wear this one although I do love Jesus but this one I think is cool here’s another one oh that’s nice too I think I’m still personable this one

Here okay I like that cross that’s a cool looking designs awesome this is a good idea yeah that way we had some stretcher kind of guys the I Love Jesus reminds me of like a vacation bible school yeah oh I love love the tree of life that’s cool foreign

Just a simple little leather leather string right there yeah that’ll work great we have two more packs for those of those black another set that came a sorted so they come in all the colors yeah so let me go ahead and pull one out here yeah got a little weight to it again

I like that I don’t think these are plastic beads they feel heavy enough to be like a glass I don’t think they’re real Stone probably glass if you hear me rushing around I’m just pulling out ones you’ve seen already not bad at all but I can’t remember what we paid for

Bracelet but we were probably able to sell them for five or more it’s probably what I’m guessing we’ll see this was another one from kind of the we thought maybe kind of a kid’s ones maybe spring kids although I know some adults would probably want to wear that too it’s not

In their uh their kid collection that Abby stuff little heart charms on that there flowers beneath some earrings like that man is brand new that’s nice too kiss you guys like the pins and brooches nice just uh all right leave it section some of your favorite pulling out because

We sure that we uh can list the things that you like the best in the quickest this one was neat because they have multiple different colors here that shows this is a necklace right it’s a bracelet oh this is a bracelet oh okay I see the law it’s a longer one that way

It just um they displayed it long ways we could fill up our jewelry section in the store too yes you need to do that okay these are some nice little braces four leather ones with charms that’s it for that I’m digging the red there it’s really cool okay so this one

These are like leather ones let me pull these out so they’re really hard to see they have them kind of stacked on here let me do like the white ones here so it’s got charms on it with turtles that’s really why I got it because I like the turtles oh the turtles these

All have Turtle charms and they’re different colors so you can get black blue green yellow pink and white and they all have Turtle charms that’s cool yep people love Turtles they do all right so that is it that’s in that actual those boxes so let us know what

You think we’re gonna open these other two I’m hoping we did buy some really fun um beautiful necklaces floral ones chunky ones uh some dainty necklaces because I’m more of a at least my girls and me are more of a simple chain one um but I do like the the big bling bling

Ones occasionally for certain occasions so hopefully those are a myth but I’m still shocked that we got this so quickly yes it showed up Wednesday yeah wait did it show up okay we got back uh no luck Wednesday like so so like a basically a week after this after

The after the show yeah so uh they were the first company to send us stuff we have a pallet on the way from a closeout company we have the bathtubs uh gift sets are showing up they said Friday that they should be here so this is tomorrow it was more of

A um it has the snake chain and this one I liked because it came with earrings but it’s like a leaf set but more of a lighter weight but with a big independent yeah yeah I like I’m digging the earrings there too boy that is pretty Heather it is pretty isn’t it

So we got a few things hello it’s kind of neat to see jewelry come all packaged like this still too you know so I bet you like when they get it at Target and Walmart and whatnot they take it out of this bag I’m guessing well it doesn’t get tangled and shipping you

Know that’s a good point I didn’t even think about that but yeah that’s pretty so most of this stuff you probably won’t see on the auction um uh just because I have a ton of it but it’s something we can put on hooked on so then you can combine

It with all the other things we haven’t hooked up again and maybe get that free shipping option yep and it would be easier for us to ship it’s a lighter weight Kaboom look at that pretty stuff Heather I like it very nice see I could see you in that

Yeah I would totally wear that see like Heather hooks approved jewelry there were a few things that Heather just like no I’m sure somebody would have liked them but uh oh look here’s the pink one oh boom are you getting a glare or do you want no it’s pretty good actually this way

That is pretty kind of reminds me of an Easter Easter style there okay this one was also one of those sorted this I remember this had some weight to it also yeah it’s a little bit of a heavier pendant here butterflies so those are the more simple ones very cool

This one says mom we I bought that specifically for Mother’s Day yeah or if you just love your mom you should just buy it for her just cause there you go mom you want one of these kaboom that’s pretty oh nice yeah like it [Applause] I like that they come with earrings too

Yeah ooh nice love that cross kaboom very pretty got silver tone gold tone and I wonder is that a gold toner is that a little bit different it’s a gold tone same thing with those more Tree of Life I like the stones on the drain that’s nice yeah beautiful Heather saw that too

We bought a ton of jewelry didn’t we just a ton everybody wants a cross on the auctions so this is a nice little cross got the gold tone got the silver tone very nice simple basic cross boom it’s got an eye they’re like I love you I think I love

You I don’t remember picking that one I think I kind of remember this one yeah I kind of did silver on that side no it’s cool might be silver on the inside of that oh these are all gold I thought oh gold [Applause] look at that

Now this might be under the same listing and you just pick your color right yes pink teal gray you just pick your style so you’ll pick um the yellow gold the the silver toned the gold tone the silver tone and the rose gold toned is how I’ll probably

List it so we’ll probably list everything with variants um but it’ll be like one necklace and then you choose a color and then look at this one this one I liked a lot [Applause] there you go nice pretty blue kind of looks turquoise I know it’s not

Real turquoise but it has that look to it pretty nice blue scent yeah they’re the same yep okay yep one of those so that is down nice one more box oh my goodness Heather we’ve got some jewelry folks holy buckets foreign I think I’m gonna pick one of each so

They’re probably not going to be a dozen they’ll be 11 available for every Style okay these I loved I’m gonna pull these out because you can’t really see them in the bag you said I love a lot I know those are earrings yeah it’s kind of funny look what she’s wearing

It’s very similar earrings you’re wearing right now to these this pink yep oh those are pretty though and if it you know all else fails you use them as spinner bait that’s true you know fishing catch a bass stick your head in the water to be survival gear

Yeah it’s called noodling with your ears or you could do that too I don’t know I don’t know I’m down for noodling I’m glad that we do this noodling that’s what how you catch catfish oh with your hand yes he wasn’t following oh wait I think we bought those earrings because we

Bought this necklace oh yeah so if you just want the earrings you can just get the earrings but we do have a matching necklace set so we’ll probably try to list these next to each other this one I’m gonna open all the way so you can see how it hangs

This one is a peacock a peacock it is with the earrings that’s why we bought those here kaboom that’s awesome is it a proud peacock it’s a proud one very proud not prideful not prideful just proud just a problem just okay excited about the glory of the Lord and I will put it

Back in it all right what is all this sometimes it’s hard to tell what it is that’s that double layer so it’s got the longer this this gold chain does go longer it goes to about here but it because of the bag it’s not hanging as long like this tiny little black beads

Tiny that one’s cool you and some of them come off there but tiny that is cool all right we got that one kaboom you wanna take one of those out yeah kind of like a green extra slack in it unfortunately every pair of earrings is pierced earrings they are not yes but

You can always go to Hobby Lobby or order online the little Clips if you want to switch them out can you really yeah you can I do not know that yeah there’s a little jewelry tool that’s got a little rounded um they’re like little round um almost like needle nose pliers that

You can get and they’re really easy just to bend the thing open and put clip-ons on and whatever James is working the front counter right now yep didn’t need his help on this one no all lightweight stuff oh these are butterflies let me pull one of these yeah definitely [Applause]

It’s got that snake chain that’s cool yeah those are really pretty oh and earrings yeah we tried to get ones that were set or buy the set of earrings that go with it just because we felt like yeah you know it’s hard to match a little bit more of

A value to it you know and there were ones that were single necklaces that we could have bought but we just liked getting the sets for you guys all right is this your favorite unboxing it’s mine it’s gold and black cool yep what size is this okay nice this is

Just a match anything necklace see I can wear it with this yeah you could kind of make sure I have them all separated out so that when we go to lists it’ll be a lot easier these are bracelets well got some bling there don’t you that’s pretty Heather

Feels like kind of got some weight to it also yeah that was a pretty bracelet it’s definitely this blue right there is how this color for sure [Applause] different lines this one particularly like we’ve got the Victoria line this one right here is the Elizabeth line and

So there’s some that are a little bit more um just a different The Stylist yeah you’ve got some that are like chunky some that are simple some that are multi-layered well I could see companies you know they make multiple lines where you could do differentiate in your store yep the

Different look at that boy that looks nice yeah it does I’ve sold so many similar things like this on the auction nice isn’t that pretty yeah Victoria line Elizabeth line Abby line yeah [Applause] some are more expensive than the others very cool [Applause] very very cool

And if you like that bracelet you want a necklace to match it oh look at that necklace the bracelets the Elizabeth line and that necklace is the Victoria line but the colors are the same so you very very similar yeah so we we did look and we were able to

Use the pictures from their actual website and so we’re gonna do are true to color yep so when you’re choosing your jewelry it will be that color all right you could just open up the jewelry store we could pull this one out I think this is a long one

So I’m gonna pull it totally out of its pacing even this this one’s really long I believe and it has multi-layers this one came unhooked like that I have a tool I’m just going to clip it right back on nice and it comes with it is pretty yeah so

Pretty isn’t it with the multi layers yep all right I’ll leave that one out all right one more thing I loved this oh two more things I lied okay this one it’s got little it’s a bracelet with a little cincher oh it’s the cross yep well that’s nice

Got a lot of nice Easter gifts then yeah it’s bracelet I loved look at all the little rings on yeah get all these little Rings yeah and I was like that’ll match anything because it’s got gold it’s got silver it’s got all the different colors in it nice and that is actually

It for the box that’s it but let’s just go ahead and display it do you like to pan down we got some jewelry folks and the bonus is we’ve got so many viewers that if you see your favorite you’re going to be able to buy it

Because we have that’s the Hope yep we have basically at least a dozen of everything yeah sometimes we have three dozen sometimes we have three dozen so we’re super excited you can run off to the jewelry section and hooked on we put we’ll probably put a

Few of these maybe in the store um but I think we’re gonna make the majority of them available online so thanks so much for joining us for our very first ASD Market week Las Vegas order unboxing and there’s going to be more to come and remember in the end Jesus wins You guys are true blessing in my life thank you so much for helping me put this content out there to everyone if you’d like to join these great people please consider supporting me through my patreon page check the link below hey thanks for watching I hope you

Learned something if you’d like to watch more of my videos just click on them here and if you’d like to learn more about the reseller World subscribe to my channel and check out my other videos thanks

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  1. Hello Heather and Paul. Let's see what's inside of these jewelry mystery boxes from ASD Market Week. Everything looks awesome. I know that you'll have everything greatly priced on Hooked On Pickin and in the store.

  2. I liked the leather bracelet with just across the one Paul packed and I like the tree a life and then you’re very last bracelet with the turtles. I love that too.

  3. I love all the jewelry and my favorites are the cross everything and the butterfly necklace and earring set.
    Paul, the bracelets are great, but when you say they have some weight to them, are they pretty heavy? The reason I ask is because I have arthritis in both wrist and also fibromyalgia and if they are light enough I can wear them. I really want a couple of the bead bracelets.

  4. Heather you did a great job selecting. I liked all the cross bracelets from the leather ones to the last blingy one you showed. I'm excited to see all the other things you picked out at market week.

  5. Now see the kind of earrings heather has on I make that kinda earring but I use real gold and silver chains plus the hooks she talks about and connect small stones and beads to them

  6. I loved the crosses, butterflies, mom necklaces plus many more. Great jewelry score. Can't wait to see what next pallet brings

  7. Hey Heather: I thought I looked bad in yellow to bu I did a color analysis and found out that it needs to be a clear, bright yellow. I tried it, and it looked good, and our horses loved it, too.😃❤

  8. Thank you very much. I really enjoy watching you guys unpack your freight. You have such a beautiful family.

  9. I can’t believe how fast folks ordered the jewelry! I’ll need to wait for another order to come in to buy the other bracelets I want. 😊😊❤

  10. Love the bracelets and all the different colors! ❤. I will be ordering tomorrow!

  11. I don’t really wear jewelry that much. The Mom jewelry is beautiful. Wish there was a way to send something to Heaven because I’d definitely buy it and send it to my Mom and my Grandmothers!!!!

    Love anything that says “I love Jesus!”

  12. I don't wear jewelry but I can see how others would really like the variety. I checked out the prices and I doubt anyone can match yours.

  13. Your skin is pink/peach tones, so yellow and mostly mustard shares would clash with your skin. 😊

  14. Heather do you still have the list of your suppliers on your channel. I am very interested in what you are doing..
    I enjoy your unboxings.
    The beads look like sworski beads.
    God bless you both.

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