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Market Update:

Wassup everybody! In this video, we will be talking about this week’s most excited mints and latest nft updates. and let’s go!

now if you watch the crypto market, it all pumped! green here, green there, literally it’s all green except mine. why does everytime it pumps, my crypto stays stable?

anyway, lets go to the nft topic that i prepared.

lets talk about a billion dollar brand, I’ll be talking about the hello kitty nft.

They are launching it in few days and coming out on the same people on the hey arnold nikelodeon nft. As you can see here ‘powered by recur’ and seems like recur is going out to launch every big brands in nft. further ado, based on their website I can see that they are going to launch 10,000 PFPs but lacking with utilities. so basically, you’re just minting an expensive picture. Right now, it seems like there are not much things that hello kitty nft can offer, but we don’t know in near future since it’s a big brand IP that they might give access to more newly launching nfts. So, if you’re buying this, keep it your mind with entering and exit, and the hype of this project. Well, if you just want to flip it like a flipping bird then go! flip it hard, earn stacks. lets get it.

now let’s go to the next news

Opensea has just posted a new tweet that “ by popular demand multiple creators can now receive earnings from a single OpenSea listing. Now projects that want to donate, or that have more than one creator, can split their fees.” well, this can be a really good news in technological perspective since before, the royalties have went to the one wallet and that one person has the only access to the fund but as with this update in the opensea, automatically you can split the fees on multiple wallets. how cool is it. and this can lessen the trust factor issue. praise the technology and thank you to opensea for listening to the community. well, I won’t call you broken sea anymore. may be only this time but ehem ehem

Have you seen this image in twitter lately? the luxury brand tiffany and co is teasing N F Tiff this is an exclusive NFT drop for normally known as Cryptopunk NFTholders are eligible to redeem the pass for a physical pendant 250 NFTs are going to be minted and each costing ethereum. yeah, you heard it correctly. 30 ethereum that’s about 50 thousand dollars in fiat currency L O L come on! will you buy it? how about a no?


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