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  1. If all exchanges do the off chain burns. The LUNC supply will be reduced to 10 billion in less than a year. So yes $1 is possible. Only onchain burns will reduce the supply to 10 billion in 20 years.
    In the latter utillity comes in play. Getting old chain users back with their projects. If that won't happen this chain is empty and useless. Dead.

  2. I hope something good happens soon, at least for my kiddos! We ALL had hard lives and just wish I could get them something secure such as a house they never have to worry about a place to live. I sacrifice for my kids rite now living in my mom's garage so I could buy them cars (turned out I got them junk), I buy and get there school things….the things I could not when I was homeless. I'm not now. My lady and could no problem get a average or less than average place for rent in this expensive county, Ventura county. Oxnard CA. Long story shirt, trying to spoil or if needed pay the rent if going to anyways …hoping,….. waiting for Voyager as well!

  3. What up Avi … it's your neighbor here in Lebanon. Come on over for some shy or ahwi and we'll talk crypto. Don't forget to bring the challah bread brother 🙂

  4. Tomorrow 340x? That would mean we are tomorrow at 0.10 cents!!!!! Love that guarantee! I'll be a millionair tomorrow!!

  5. I appreciate your caution. You’re the most ethical YouTuber in cryptotube. Any thoughts on the repeg?

  6. Since I started making money on crypto currency I invested $5,000 and my profits is $19,700 every 11 days and I never lost my money on crypto.

  7. WHY you peole like to troll BS and nonsense,..we will see,..no need to lie,..did you look back your videos what stupidity you are trolled all this time?

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