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What did Google’s AI recently say about Shiba Inu getting to one dollar hello beautiful people Shalom money makers I got the latest and greatest news plus what did the AI say about Shiba Inu all I ask did you give me a beautiful smile smushy smash that like button because remember smashing the

Like button helps the price of cryptocurrency it’s just basic science if you read in any encyclopedia it will tell you is anybody really encyclopedia anymore I don’t think so you remember that remember those days you had to go to the library and check out an encyclopedia and to do a homework some

People had it home but I was like uh very very expensive uh so it tells you how old I am smeshity smash that like button and let’s do the shiba Shake please So currently the price of Shiba Inu is at 0.500872 up a little bit about half a

Percent here I just noticed that my graph is very very uh messy let’s let’s remove some of the shenanigans here we go you can see that the price of Shiba Inu has been in this downtrend for the past a few months um but Shiba Inu has seen these kind of

Movements before these up and down movements right we went down came back up went down came back up went down another question is can we come back up right this week has been it’s been rough it’s been a lot of sideways movement the stochastic fall is really really low I

Haven’t seen Shiba Inu be in this lower level uh since we started tracking the price of Shiba Inu so this is an outlier this is a very interesting scenario uh we’ll see what will happen here we’ll see uh can the crypto markets going into next week’s very very critical uh week

With the potential debt ceiling conclusion in um the White House recently said that if they do not find a solution for the debt ceiling at the US defaults the stock market could crash over 45 percent the star the crypto Market sorry Gesundheit the crypto Market could uh crash even more if that happens

Um there’s going to be a lot of fear there’s going to be a lot of uh selling the Algos are going to have a field day with it and cryptocurrency is a lot more volatile than the stock market we’ve seen uh you know for example Bitcoin uh

Go up 100 from its low or it’s local low and the stock market went up about 20 so one went 20 the other one went 100 so when it crashes it will crash uh a lot more volatile as well if it does right this is something that we don’t know if

It’s gonna happen yet it’s still up in the air uh in my opinion from my uh 36 years of experience and seeing a few times this debt ceiling uh Shenanigans um they they get it done like a few days before and all the fear goes away uh but

Maybe this time is different we don’t know that’s uh they’re edging us they’re taking us all the way to the edge and maybe they’ll drop us off a cliff and maybe they won’t uh for for President Biden that’s it’s going to be really really terrible and he probably won’t

Get a re-elective if that happened if it happens um so so we’ll see we’ll see what how that plays out interesting on you know the flip note of that uh Robert F Kennedy Jr uh is becoming the first presidential candidate to accept Bitcoin for campaign donations uh so he’s been

One of the very very Pro uh cryptocurrency candidates that we’ve seen in a while and he’s going to be accepting uh Bitcoin as a donation to his campaign and this just tells you that even though he’s not you know the you’ll say the younger generation is uh

It looks I don’t know how old he is but it looks about 50 60 right uh the fact that he’s accepting cryptocurrency is the payment this tells you that you know there is people I know there’s a lot of them right but there are there are some

Of the older generation that are heavy into cryptocurrency as well uh and it will be interesting to see if he does win the presidential uh candidacy uh what what kind of uh questions will be asked there and what kind of policy if he does win uh the presidential election

What could happen there but that’s you know far away from us still um so it will be very very interesting to see how all of that plays out guys before we continue we want to remind you guys about our partners here so Mumu is giving out an amazing opportunity here

They’re giving you out not one not two not three but 20 restocks once you sign up using my link in the description down below this is potentially if you uh transfer some money because this is because of earnings season so you want to check it out um link is in description down below

Again 20 20 stocks free stocks um using my link there’s a special promotion it says 15 here but it’s 20. um and this could end very very soon so don’t waste that opportunity it’s just loading and I forgot to open the page but if I push your promotion it’s still

Loading here uh it will will send this to the page Shiba Inu to reach one dollar see what Google’s Brad AI says so we all know about chat GPT but Google has a competitor Brad AI or sorry not Brad this is Shiba Inu Brad uh it’s

Barred that’s a kind of weird name but okay it should have been Brad Google’s bra barred AI has responded to a question about will Shiba Inu reach the one dollar Mark someday openai’s chat GPT a a bot has said that Shiba Inu reaching the one dollar Milestone shortly is questionable however Google’s

Bard has different opinions on provided users with an answer which most everyone can agree upon Shiba Inu reaching to one cent and one dollar is the dream of millions of holders reaching both Milestones could make investors turn into Millionaires and billionaires alike with a life-changing gains so what does

Google’s barred AI think about Shiba Inu reaching one dollar let’s see so in the article they asked him hey Google bard for Shiba Inu to reached one dollar its market cap needs to climb above 589 trillion dollars the AI bot answered this is more than the combined market

Capitalization of all the world stocks and bonds um so that would not be possible therefore should reaching one dollar is not is not just a long pipe dream but is closely impossible to become rally anytime soon but right this is a big but Bart AI doesn’t know the fact that we are

Burning Shiba Inu right um so according to the part AI um this could never happen but again Bard AI doesn’t know that Shiba Inu is burning a significant amount of Shiba Inu tokens currently right not as significant but a nice amount and in the future it could burn a lot more

Now we’ve made many videos along the year the last year and a half two years or so about Shiba Inu to one cent Shiba Inu to one dollar and I want to say this it’s okay to have this potential dream we don’t know currently if technically

It’s going to be possible but I’ve said this many times that my goal is not one cent or one dollar it’s a lot before that right and I allocated a significant amount of money uh to Shiba Inu and I said to myself hey this is money that I

Can afford to lose this is not all my eggs in one basket I have a lot of diversification in my portfolio and if Shiba Inu gets to one cent I’ll be very very happy but that’s not my price target for Shiba Inu and so if it ever

Gets to that area I’ll be very very happy but if it gets to a place where it’s lower than that I’ll still be in in a good mood because that will still mean I’m up thousands and thousands of percentages here right uh again to turn ten dollars into 10 million dollar for

Example like we saw recently with uh Pepe is is a very very low probability because the people that invest in Pepe were either in pre-sale or right at the beginning when the value of the token was very very low market cap now Shiba Inu has a high market cap of

Almost uh 5 billion right so you’re not on the ground floor if you’re investing now in Shiba Inu yes the price of Shiba Inu has gone down and could it get back to all-time highs that would be about a 10x that means if you get 100 in times 10

So that’s uh 10 uh um a thousand dollars right 100 times 10 would give you a thousand dollars so would that make you a millionaire no right um but if you would take you know a hundred thousand dollars and you time it by uh 10 right so then you’d already

Have a significant amount of money but for some people a hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money and you know they can’t uh afford that to happen right so you have to take everything into consideration here that Shiba Inu can give us amazing returns but to get

To one cent or one dollar is still very very very very low probability and it’s very important that you know my followers understand that some people might not like it some people might uh you know be angry at me and write mean comments in the comment sections but I’m

Not here to sell hopium um where we talk about the cryptocurrency market and we have a plan we diversify we take advantage we use you know leverage we swing trade we do all kinds of things to make money on the way up on the way down we don’t get

Stuck in dreams right dreams are good but we need to be realistic uh our in most of our portfolio and a small percentage of our portfolio can be dream dream catchers right and go into you know these small micro cap cryptos it’s okay right uh but like I said before I

Showed an example uh two nights ago the night before of someone that made two million dollars on Pepe and then lost everything because they uh it kept going up and they would have had about 15 million I think was the number and he got you know he got anxious and he

Started throwing money at all these meme coins that were very very low market caps so he could duplicate the same thing that happened to him and all of them basically were rug pulls and he lost all his money so you need to be very very careful uh what you’re doing

Out there guys and be safe don’t forget to smash the like button thank you for watching I hope to see you next time and like I always say let’s make a lot of money


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