URGENT – TERRA LUNA Plan-2 New Coin Proposed by DO KWON⚠️Big News | Luna Crypto | Luna Coin

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  2. Luna recover agum aganum , definitely 100 to 500 dollar I will purchase luna 2.0 because I should support down company defenatly soon moon

  3. Yemathu payalunga, luna venumney ieakunaanga, ippa new coinu yenathuraanunga

  4. Have been Extremely saving for awhile now, so I can put my capital to work, came across some testimony of an investors that made up to $530K in few months from investing just $230K and I'd really appreciate it if I could get clues and pointers on how to make vigorous profit.

  5. Bro terra epo buy pannalam bro its right to buy in Trust wallet 2.0 vara apo crt ah irukuma

  6. Bro so intha month end la luna coin delisted panna exchange la ellam list panuvangala buy panni vacha old coin recover aaga chance irukka bro

  7. then what about luna holders who are bought after 07.05.2022 ? how they give airdrops to those holders.?

  8. ipa irukura listed luna coin and holders enna pannuvanga bro! i bought some in dip and holding it till now.
    should i sell that or i can keep it in binance ?
    airdrop ku kedaikuma? apdi kedaikanumna trust wallet move pannalama?
    ipa irukura luna coin delist panna chance iruka?

  9. Simple bro new version luna will be good last time those who miss the opportunity and also huge holder's get huge loss this time better invest the New Version Luna get back to some profits at future 2023

  10. Mind Voice :- இன்னும் என்ன நீ பைத்தியகரனாவே நெனச்சு கிட்டு இருக்கல😂😂😂

  11. Bro old luna coin holders coin ena agum bro .antha coin la convert pannuvangla ella avlothana coin

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