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What is up investors, welcome back to the Everything Crypto show! As always, I hope you all enjoy :).

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14:28 -QNT NEWS


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  1. they even lied that they didn't have any exposure to ftx when they clearly had some. and now they're also lying about not having any exposure to genesis when they clearly have some lmao

  2. Sold all of USDC months ago since I noticed that their market cap is so high yet their trading volume is so low. It looks like they're artificially inflating their market cap

  3. Good thing nobody trusts USDC anymore. And wasn't USDC taken out and delisted from Binance recently? Even CZ doesn't trust USDC anymore lol

  4. Good thing I haven't trusted USDC since that time when it was rumored that Mashinsky stole funds from Celsius, converted them into USDC, and cashed them out on Coinbase. And Circle and Coinbase made no mention of it. They appear to be encouraging criminal activity…

  5. Sadly they've been in trouble from the start. Circle has been having a lot of problems recently. They paid a lot of money with all the marketing they did to encourage people on holding USDC and in this bear market they have already spent so much that they can't afford any incentives or the huge interests that USDC used to have! And the thing is, if Circle will go bankrupt, USDC will surely go down too.

  6. Someone should really ask Circle why the wording on their website has changed from "backed by US dollars" to "backed by fully reserved assets." Does this imply that USDC isn't fully backed by US dollars? That's quite risky for a stablecoin.

  7. Despite claiming that they have no exposure to the Genesis issue, Circle has slashed their short-term lending rate from 0.25 to 0%! Imagine if Genesis went bankrupt ! USDC would surely depeg!

  8. It's a good thing I sold all of my USDC a few months ago, when the Tornado Cash incident occurred. I wouldn't want to use a stablecoin that might simply ban my funds. 😏

  9. Yeah, got out of USDC already months ago, after I learned that their reserves are still unaccounted for

  10. USDC was in trouble even before the FTX collapse. Especially when they decided not to get any audits lol

  11. Wow I didn't think about all the funds they made during all the withdrawals lol. Good call. Nice point to make there. Thanks for your insight.

  12. Okay we need to hear about executive order 14067. Brother that shit is scary and it goes into law December 13. It's ugly crypto fam. It does state it will be illegal for citizens to hold anything but programmable money. That's fucked if I'm reading right. Please information for your viewers

  13. Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy 😊. I have been earning £60,200 returns from my £7,000 investment every 13days.

  14. Remember there were people saying that USDC will flip other cryptos and where are they now? Their stable coin is gradually falling apart and becoming useless. After all this time no one has seen their audit…

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  16. Known as a fully-reserved stablecoin, every digital dollar of USDC on the internet is 100% backed by cash and short-dated U.S. treasuries,

  17. .. everything thats going on is necessary to get rid of all the shit players in the system…the useful projects will shine through

  18. If you see a 665 ETH and possibly a 12k bitcoin what do you see CRO and QNT at those levels?

  19. Crushing times. Thanks for keeping us informed, EverythingCrypto 💛✨⚡️⚡️⚡️👊🏼✨ i’m not sure, I can see the feds wanting to create their own coin, but hopefully (imho) they can see value in relationships and not reinventing the wheel. Though some relationships are sticky not in a good way. How do you hold your Cronos Chain NFTs? I work with a Ledger Nano S+ and can’t hold my Cronos NFTs there. 🌕✨☀️🤙🏼🚀

  20. Banks are offering 2-3% for short term CD. Whats the point of holding USDC.

    Seems better/safer to just transfer usd from bank, buy coins on exchange then transfer to wallet

  21. Happy Saturday EC. Do you think there will be any flak or blowback from the shitshow going on at Qatar World Cup? Just seeing nothing but bad stories about the going's on over there. And now I shall go convert my USDC back to USD, just came out of my stake period so might as well change it back to FDIC covered fiat.

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