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Vela Exchange Airdrop: How to Participate and Get Free Cryptocurrencies

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And welcome back to my channel uh today we’re gonna talk about well exchange which is still in the better version uh will exchange it’s working on arbitrom uh blockchain and uh for us who are waiting for the airdrop for the arbit room it’s very important to try and

Check out this exchange so first we’re gonna go for Arbitron connector wallet you see how good the arbitrome is supervised okay and I will show you now what we’re gonna do okay so basically we need usdt or sorry a usdc and our wallet so let’s go ahead and check how much we have

Usdc we have nine dollars so it’s enough for this video and it’s up to you guys if you’re gonna increase the amount after finishing the video and after understanding everything it’s up to you for me now I’m gonna use the nine dollars just says Administration for you

And so let’s start so basically here this is the uh well exchange okay they have their uh coin let me close this Telegram all right okay so basically there is trade okay so you need to deposit here and you do the trading and it depends on the

Volume okay uh and the trade activity you will be in the leaderboard and leaderboard actually it’s one way to get tokens or their drop for Bella so basically this is the leaderboard and you get that with the trading and staking or all the function that if you do all this stuff

So as you can see here uh this is the training this is what’s going on right now let’s go back and this is regarding the trading and here we’re gonna have the stick so I’m gonna explain the stake since the trade it’s leverage trade and I don’t recommend it unless you are

A pro and you know what to do guys because trading would Leverage if you don’t know how to do it you will lose all your money and it’s addiction so I don’t recommend it so let’s go for staking okay first we’re gonna deposit so basically we have nine so I’m gonna

Go for four dollars to deposit that’s usdc from Arbitron wallet okay so 1.7 that’s the gas fees we’ll go for the slowest which is 0.11 dollars always guys check your guys fees submitted it’s done deal it’s super fast so no need to pay this 1.7 dollars all right and we’re gonna go for

Uh here let me refresh it all right so that’s the five dollars we have here uh let’s say we need to First meant the vlp token and we need to stake it so we’re gonna go for 50 from the five dollars all right mint again we need to fix the gas fees

Point eleven Cent it’s not super fast now because I need to save this amount of money but it’s still very good to be honest okay so here we go we’re gonna do steak and we’re gonna put Max all right taking okay this kind of extensions I will

Explain to you later this is for the safety of your wallet okay so in case of connecting to any scammers website notification for you and it will show you all the details if they will draw all your amount of money or whatever since you’re given access again 10 cents

So far 30 cents they took for the guest for you always guys when you do transactions or any kind of stuff you need to be careful and you need to save as much as you can so basically now blp tokens I have around 5.6 uh I already did it

Before when I was like trying to do and trying and testing the functions on the uh exchange so now I have total of five dollars all right and you can see there is some rewards already it’s been two days already I did it and you can claim and then we go to

Villa and evil so we need to stick Villa all right well I don’t have now so I need to buy so let’s go for this website okay it’s same like uni swap we need to exchange usdc cool okay let’s connect first metamask AR all right let’s do refresh again okay it’s here

So max which is 2.53 dollars all right and minimum received 0.4 so approving it’s another checker for the website that we connect our wallet to confirmation from metamask so we’re gonna go for 2.53 that’s the Max and and we got in the fees again fixing it 0.9 super cheap

So as you can see here on face Second Face third phase and fourth phase and then no swap swap with the mask confirmation here money just ignore it okay you see here that guy’s fees seven points F7 I’m gonna remove it and it’s 0.44 it’s a bit higher but it’s something

That’s half volume so still super cheap okay so let’s go here sorry okay so still Max so I have 0.4 Bella guys already I’ll go back to staking to refresh all right so you have well already so we’re gonna go for taking 0.4 just taking it same if you forget one time only

Will cost you some money so always be careful okay it’s okay so it’s all done okay as you can see here total stick to this two point 3 million pieces it’s around 14 million dollars and yup request okay so far let’s see where is our account

Okay so we need to throw this four dollars that we put first okay control we don’t need this because we’re not gonna do the trading I’ll just take it back 12 cents super fast I’m all right it’s done deal uh Wallet balance that’s on my wallet so

Forget about it I need to check uh okay this for the trading deposit so basically this is what they have here the deposit and the withdrawal all right cash in cash out and there is one thing here there is Guys these nfts which is very important as well for the

Uh airdrop for albatron This One released I have this one and this one you can find it on metamask let’s see the price just double checking solve Ama so that’s the price let’s see at the same time now I’ll get cap just go back here so 59.3 dollars okay

So whoever want to buy it you can buy it at this price uh I don’t recommend to buy anything just follow up and grab some stuff from the Fremont okay it is pretty cheap or it will be free okay so let’s go back here all right so out of this sticking

You’ll be talking and here totally claimed okay so that’s what I got the reward now I don’t mind total state so I’m sticking this is the vrp okay and the villa you can see here where is it the one I have on stake trying to find it or I don’t know what’s

Going on I can’t find it let’s check again what’s the price normal okay so here the last text already I have 1.2 7.5 dollars okay that’s the total already staked so feel free if you wanna put more it’s up to you because it’s kind of investment guys take it as

It is and we are in the bear Market already uh unless you’re expecting to have uh the cryptocurrency prices to drop more so you can buy you can store it here’s take it and until the bull run and then you can unstick while you will be getting some uh Rewards

All right so that’s all guys make sure always not to forget when you do just like stake first time you will get the confirmation from metamask and after you do this taking so there is two steps all the time redeeming how much I have here for to redeem

You can can you can redeem your vlp in one day 23 hours so at least to be staked that’s the APR 86 .48 percent it’s very good paper to be honest anyway so I will keep it as it is and later on I will share with you guys how much

Uh I gained and regarding the website here you can click on the link in the description and it will guide you here as well thank you so much and if you have any questions regarding PLP or Villa exchange please let me know in the description thank you

Vela Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to trade a variety of digital assets. The exchange was launched in 2018 and is headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

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Some of the features of Vela Exchange include a user-friendly interface, low fees, advanced trading tools, and a high level of security. The platform supports trading in a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Vela Exchange also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, making it easy for users to trade cryptocurrencies on the go. The exchange is regulated by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission, which provides an additional layer of security and ensures that the platform is compliant with local regulations.

Overall, Vela Exchange is a reputable and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform that is suitable for both novice and experienced traders. However, as with any cryptocurrency exchange, it is important to do your own research and exercise caution when trading on the platform.


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