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In this video I’m going to talk about velai exchange Vela is a new exchange on our bedroom that allows you to get up to 100x it’s a decentralized exchange that’s coming with an airdrop that was confirmed in a roadmap so I’m going to show you that in a moment as you can see

We’re already in beta phase number two on the roadmap the beta phase started in January 31st so just uh three weeks ago there was Early Access Lounge then and right now the access is for everyone so if you want to jump in you can right now

And start testing Vela I will show you in a moment how it looks like but basically the goal here might be to actually claim nft for participating in the beta as well as get better heard of they plan to have a bunch of activities like ground trading competition you will

You’ll be able to see the leaderboard right now for trading everything is in our bedroom you can deposit a usdc to start are trading and here we go into Vela app right away so as you can see the UI ux is a very simple a very efficient exchange you can deposit usdc

By clicking deposit and basically choosing just usdc for now but there will probably more things to choose from later on in the future again this is just beta so you can only have a bunch of choices so for the currencies you can trade you have a bunch of perps you have

Bitcoin perp ethereum purp and Dodge Coin perp as well as Euro pound and Japanese Yen so coming from Forex you have those to to test as well so here on the left you have either longing on shorting and basically you can go with Market or limit orders for example

Putting in some kind of a collateral choosing the leverage that we want to have and then for example you can choose the strategy for taking profit or stop loss and then put on Long same for short if you want to go short it’s going to be pretty much similar so again very simple

Very intuitive user interface that you can use very easy also and very efficient super fast because everything is running on arbitrum the cool stuff is that there’s a bunch of other options as well so for example there’s a stable coin coming from Bella called vlp which you can mint and then basically using

Sync usdc and then basically starts taking that the APR right now is 87 which is pretty high so you can stake that here to gain additional rewards and there’s also a leaderboard for the best Trader so you can see all the trades in the last 24 hours uh the last seven days

Or the last one month and to see what people are doing and the see the kind of profits that they’re getting so you can see the volume you can see that you don’t you don’t see the specific trade at least for now but I guess it’s very

Natural that you at some point you might get into social trading as well but you can see for example activity feed of what people are doing live which is also pretty pretty interesting so you can see the whole history of what people are putting or like someone is playing with

The if long at the same time someone is putting the same short of the same position so always very interesting of how people try to reason here on the market as you can see there’s a bunch of things going on right now so I guess it’s going it’s going to be very natural

To add some kind of a social trading later on following of of people so really very cool exchange very efficient everything is on our bedroom uh the link will be down below if you want to get uh to the to the app right now again beta tester live you can start trading you

Can deposit usdc up to 100 x leverage of course be responsible always do your research before jumping into any kind of position so this is definitely not a financial advice uh purely educational content and don’t forget about the airdrop and the competition coming up for trading so subscribe to the channel

For everything else for all the news on about arbitrim about the new nft collections new D5 protocols and much more see you in the next video

Start trading on Vela:

Vela Exchange is a new exchange on Arbitrum with up to 100x leverage and many assets in perps (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin in the beginning).

Vela Exchange has confirmed a crypto airdrop for beta users:

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None of this is financial advice. I record videos purely for educational purposes. Always do your own research.


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