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What you told me Yo hello and welcome back to the D5 Hub hope you guys are doing amazing today wherever you are in this D5 world you’re buying lows selling high and taking profits here on this channel I never tell you what to do with your money I never give you Financial advice I just

Share the hottest trending D5 gems and I have one today called Bella exchange this is on arbitrum very new era for Perpetual dexes if you guys are interested be sure to click the links down below do your research and check out Bella exchange guys so this token is

On arbitrum of course I love arbitrum the fees are great A lot of people are launching on arboretum’s uh chain now as well but we’re going to go over the price of Vela token what could possibly happen also how to get the latest news and updates for Bella exchange links are

Down below to their Twitter we’ll see what news is popping up but first be sure to throw a like subscribe to the channel and comment down below as well it really helps the channel grow guys I do this guys every day for free just sharing the hot D5 gems and if you come

Comment what project you want me to talk about in the comments section I’ll be sure to talk about it so let’s get started right here on you can find out everything about them claim Villa tokens if you are early read their white paper the documents and you could

Launch the application it’s the new era of Perpetual dexes of course this is on arbitrum be sure to check it out and beta is live guys beta opened January 31st uh the program is officially live on arbitrary includes access to trading staking and a range of exclusive beta incentives that are available throughout

The beta testing period so don’t miss out on the limited time opportunity and the official launch is coming very soon infinite potential launch the beta pushing the decks Frontier of course they have advanced automation up to 100x leverage on their application flexible assets real-time notifications multi-language support and Fiat on and

Off-boarding as well and if you scroll down some more you can see they’ve been audited by hacking and partners all right here display for you guys so don’t miss it guys links are down down below to their official website and be sure to read their white paper and go ahead and

Launch the application when you click launch the application it’s going to ask you to connect your metamask or whatever wallet you use on arbitrim of course and you could create account you could uh trade you could stake and of course you could see the leaderboard referral

Program as well be sure to click the links down below guy and it would really help grow as well uh the token of course we’re going to go over the price now for Villa token so right now it’s trading at 5.96 it’s up 5.4 percent not bad at all

If you look at 24 hours it was jumping around 550 touched about 531 then boom it has lifted off to 596 but don’t worry if you zoom out to the seven days you can see clearly it was trading about a all-time high about seven dollars and

Four cents uh in the 666 range so not bad at all 596. uh I’m definitely getting a little bag as well to get up to the six seven dollar range again not Financial advice always do your research guys I will never tell you what to do

With your money and if you want the latest news and updates for Bella exchange be sure to head over to their Twitter account link is down below and you can see they have multi-chain deposits coming a game changing feature powered by uh you know axle air AR core

And Squid router as well bringing assets from any chain to Value exchange with ease so this is really cool be sure to watch that video and uh tomorrow marks the end this was two hours ago of their trading competition they have ten thousand dollars in usdc and 2000 e Vela

Up for grab so if you join the contest congrats I mean they have one day left for the flash trading contest and they’re just growing the space and growing the community as well that’s why I like Bella token so be sure to follow them they have over 8 000 members in

Their telegram 300 online answering questions the team and devs are in there answering questions and I like the exchange you know I like the application and just wanted to share this with you guys here at the D5 Hub so without further Ado be sure to throw a like

Subscribe to the channel comment down below it really helps the channel grow guys and I do this for you guys of course thank you for the love the support and until the next video I’ll see you in the next one peace I’m about to talk

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