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Hello everyone. you are on the Willy channel. I haven’t shot videos for a very long time and it will be difficult for me a little bit, probably, in this video to form my thoughts and convey them to you.

Today, the video will be a little bit of a new format than the videos on our channel usually come out. today we will hunt with you for a shot from Vella. why did I decide to shoot such a video format?

Firstly, I caught Thomas from the fact that I missed aptos, but fortunately we at least caught aptos from the mines of the telegram channel. the fact that I didn’t do a fraction out of optimism, there were very good numbers that they wavered, I didn’t get into the screenshot, I missed some other project.

And the biggest foms are from bluer. it was enough to buy and sell an oil bottle for fifteen dollars, for this drop or tokens for several thousand dollars. and today, in order not to catch Thomas, I’m shooting this kind of video. let’s talk about the project.

Basically, it is an exchange for futures trading. I think nothing needs to be explained here, this is an ordinary exchange like didix.

Let’s talk a little bit about the vitter project itself, soon it’s pretty nice here for signed all sorts of interesting and venture capital and projects, and in fact I don’t know what these projects are except for this and various kinds of influencer. and Twitter is fine with them.

Now let’s move on to the fact that the project has raised how much money.

Firstly, the project does not disclose information about fees, maybe there is information somewhere, of course, but I could not find any information about fees, that is, I conclude that it is natural for me that there is no information about fees for the project, this is bad.

Twitter is fast, yes, some projects are subscribed to them, but I don’t see any top venture capital here. but it must be said that the project already has a token and it is being traded. the token shaft a is traded at six dollars. what else can we look at here?

This is firstly for the capitalization of the token – it’s thirty-seven million dollars, it’s pretty, it’s pretty weak in fact, because it’s not even the top hundred coins, if I’m not mistaken, to get into the top hundred coins, it needs four hundred million dollars to have there.

In principle, this is enough for a corpse. I don’t think there will be some kind of huge trail here, as there is the same optimism, you can’t count on that here. but the same hundred or two hundred dollars in principle, I think you can count on it here.

So let me also say now that thirty-two percent of the project has been allocated to the airfield in tokinomics. yes, there is an airfield. the project itself also confirms on its Twitter that yes, it will be for the volume.

We realized that there would be a fraction, the fraction would not be huge, but there would be the same hundred, two hundred, maybe three hundred dollars. naturally, there is no need to take these figures as some kind of guarantor, because I do not know what the project will do.

So let’s now, after all these stories in the project about removing responsibility from me, we will move on to how to start trading. naturally, the link in the description there will be my referral link. if you don’t want to follow my referral link, then remove the last five or six digits there.

Well, I think you’ll understand. what are we doing? firstly, we need a metamask wallet, of course we all have it and we need a metamask wallet so that it is connected to the arbiter network.

Naturally, if you are in our telegram channel, we are often actively active on the arbitrum and on other networks, so naturally you already have an arbitrator here. next, we need to top up our wallet. how do I top up the referee’s wallet? naturally, it’s all very simple.

We take the address of our metamask and either through the binance or through different bridges we transfer funds to the arbiter. I will not show you the example of the binance, but I will show you, I will leave links in the description to the bridges. This is the official bridge from the referee.

Here, when you translate, well, let me show you an example of how to translate here. here we connect a wallet, choose a minet here, here we choose an arbiter van. why do I advise you to drive the token through the arbiter bridge, the official bridge.

Because this is still an official bridge and for a possible future drop, the arbiter will take into account the activity on the bridge as well.

Also, if, again, we touch a little on the topic of the drop by the arbitrator, if you are on the arbitrators, we wrote about the arbitrator in our telegram channel, there is a guide there as a full activity, then you need to be more active except on the arbitrators and on the arbitrator, but now let’s get back to how to transfer money from the usual Ethereum network to the arbitrator.

All of us here just insert the amount we want to transfer and here we transfer.

The only disadvantage of the arbitram bridge is that here the transaction is engaged with the Ethereum network and sometimes once on the air, especially recently it is very large and in order to transfer here, then to transfer the same five dollars, I need to pay five dollars for a commission.

This is naturally not very high, and in general, if your budget does not allow you to spend five dollars on gas, then I advise you to use the next bridge, also on the arbiter, this bridge is also supported by the arbiter, and here the transaction is much cheaper, from nine cents to one and a half dollars.

Basically there are the same thirty cents, there is a commission here. I will leave a link to this bridge. after we transfer the tokens, it is advisable to transfer twenty dollars here, this is a straight minimum to the arbiter. I’ll tell you why.

After we have transferred about twenty dollars to the arbiter, we need to go to this exchange at all and then you will be asked to register.

To be honest, I have found this project for a very long time, I have been registering for a long time, so I don’t really remember what to do there. if I’m not mistaken, it was necessary to enter the mail, phone number, but it seems like you can skip everything.

Just go in, confirm the transactions, that’s all, that’s enough. next, we enter the trade and then we will need to pay for it. you will click the deposit button here, and I will show it on the example of the account.

We click the deposit button here, we need to log in to the deposit. where to get it if you don’t have it on your wallet? we take just exchange our ether for this we use the gnis exchanger or use any other exchanger.

Here we choose the ethers with you, write down how many ethers we want to change and choose here. all this is changing, all this will be displayed on your arbitrage wallet. everything you have here will display everything.

You change literally ten dollars here, leave ten dollars for the commission, change ten dollars on the air, change to the USC. next, we return to the site, here deposit those ten dollars of ours, you can naturally do it with a larger amount in order to wind up a larger amount in the deposit.

We confirm the transactions and our deposit will be displayed here. after we are depositors, we begin to twist the volume with you.

We go back to the trade tab and choose, well, let’s say you have ten dollars, you will spin eight or nine dollars there, because in order to enter a position, we need to also choose the amount, put a shoulder and go long or short. What do I advise you to do?

Here we have a five-minute chart displayed. if we go, for example, to a binance or any other exchange, where we can set ourselves a graph of a smaller timeframe, timeframe, then we can, as it were, predict, guess, and just go more correctly to enter a position.

Here it is updated in five minutes, here it is updated in one minute. as for choosing where we will go, let’s say, well, I just don’t really care where to go, because I will instantly exit the position, thereby making a turn.

So, and I go into the short for five dollars x thirty shoulder, short, I go in, confirm the transaction. yes, we’ll have to wait, it’s not all done instantly here. That’s it, I entered the position. I see my profit here right away.

Further, of course, due to the fact that we entered the position even for five dollars with x thirty shoulder, we need. I paid about for it, that is, there was a commission of about thirty cents. so here we can see the price at which we entered, here we can see the current price.

Here we can see our profit. next, how to exit the position? click clo- close the position, here we choose one hundred percent, close with a profit of twelve cents. twelve cents profit is small, because I even have a commission of sixteen cents. I still lose even with a profit.

That is, in order to go into profit from the entry amount, I need to get at least thirty cents of profit there so that I don’t go into negative.

To be honest, it’s not so important to me, because I decided to just erase this money here for a commission and then just drop it all off. I also want to tell you that the minimum amount of entry into a position is five dollars.

It used to be two dollars, but after a lot of obusers appeared, they decided to raise it to five dollars. further, after we have entered and exited, the volume should be updated here. let’s update the site. well, I made literally one transaction and I already have a volume of five to five thousand.

It is also possible what the fraction will depend on – it naturally depends on the volume, it is also possible that it may also depend on the number of transactions. they usually look at transactions as well.

Also, if you have already logged into your account, then you can see here such as your inputs, outputs, all sorts of percentages, how much you received, and if you have.

Well, this is me, if you look at me, then I don’t really have any cool entrances and exits, this is all because I go to the market. guys, if you don’t want to lose your money left and right like this, then you will want to limit.

It will be much more profitable this way. so, about how to twist the volume, I think it’s clear. now it is also possible that one of the stages they will look at to allocate a fraction to you is for another asset on this site – this is staking.

How to throw in a steak here? it’s very simple, you need to go into the staking, just go here and here you choose the cryptocurrency of the user.

I have zero yuz on my wallet, I’m already a steak here, but you will need to literally a dollar for a steak here, a dollar for a steak, click here and then click here again, that’s it, and you’ll get a crypt there.

Again, this dollar, I do not know why I cannot take it off. maybe I’ll just get some interest or something for this dollar, I don’t know. besides how that steak duz you can steak violo tokens.

As I said, the project has its own token, this is a shaft token to buy it there you can buy it in my opinion on. well, let’s see where the quotes of the project are. in general, the token is traded on her not with you mex and trey joey.

I think it won’t have too much of a direct priority when they look at it.

Well, just in case, you can get stuck, but to be honest, I didn’t, because I think that after they distribute this token, it will sink somewhere by the same thirty-two percent, if not stronger, then well, in the area that is, it will be four dollars there.

That is, I don’t want to just lose money on the difference now. we can also go to the leader board and see how many people have already earned here. in twenty-four hours, someone has spent seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars in volume and earned this much money.

In one month someone earned, well, you can see for yourself how much they earn here. at the same time, what volumes they have, what percentages they catch.

Naturally, it is most likely that some professionals will trade, I am far from a professional in trading, so for me I just came, twisted, gave for a commission, spent the same five to ten dollars, but then received the same two or three hundred dollars.

At the end of the video, I would like to advise you to subscribe to our telegram channel. we’ve already given you some cool cokes this month so that you can earn money. naturally, the link to our telegram channel will be in the description.

Again, about these two or three hundred dollars, which I think will be a fraction- it may not be so at all. they can drop ten dollars, or they can drop ten times higher than two hundred dollars.

We understand yes, but there will still be a clickbait inscription on the preview, like come in and earn three hundred dollars in five minutes. yes, Willie was with you, thank you all for watching, bye to everyone.

Guaranteed drop from Vela Exchange – Project Overview – Testnet
In today’s video, we took a look at the Vela Exchange project – a decentralized exchange with advanced options for trading perpetual futures powered by arbitrum. We looked at how to get an airdrop from Vela Exchange.
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