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Good morning everyone um I know I say good morning everyone quite a bit because normally this at this time of day about you know three four three four o’clock in the morning is when I do my videos um this is one that’s nice and quiet in

The house and my dogs are nice and calm and not creating a Ruckus before the wife gets up that but uh anyway um I got a new video a new airdrop video for you today so won’t we get right into it okay first I just need to say that I am

Not a financial advisor and this is not Financial advice now this is a this project is called develop exchange it’s a Perpetual decentralized exchange now I’ll show you a little bit more about the exchange itself but they are they their exchange is in beta right now has been since

Uh since the 31st of February they are inviting everybody to come and test this their Exchange in this beta testing period and there will be an airdrop and there will be rewards for testing of the exchange itself the right here in the white paper if you uh look here they are

30 percent of their supply is reserved for LP reward emissions marketing making and platform liquidy Rewards Beta Testing rewards right here’s what I’m looking at right here and other incentives so you know it’s a good possibility that this airdrop depending on how much you use now I

Don’t know if it depends on how much you use it it probably does how much you use the The Exchange itself and uh just then just to interact with the with the in in the beta test the The Exchange in the beta testing period it is a bell exchange there’s a decentralized

Exchange with advanced perpetuals trading capabilities and those go right to the exchange itself they are on the arbitrum it is it is a on the arbitrary Network um which makes fee you know so that means that fees it’s the uh the transactions are super quick and the fees are super low and uh

Sorry guys for the interruption I just want to ask everybody to subscribe to my channel it really helps a lot thank you so to interact and do and do whatever you need to do on the on the exchange is is uh fantastic now I’m gonna tell you what I did in the uh

Tier to interact with it I have now that the exchange itself oh shoot let me get rid of that that’s one thing about it is if you want to use if you want to trade on this exchange you have to use a VPN let me just get that set up

Real quick I forgot about that all right there we go that’s better now they it’s it’s a Perpetual exchange you can use that you uh to use leverage um and all that you don’t have to use leverage I just made some trades with uh um just with one time or you know just

One time no leverage but you can use up to 30 30 times leverage if you’re if you’re doing just if you’re doing Market orders uh you can set take profit you can set uh stop loss they have now the unique thing about this about this exchange is right

Now they only have they only have three tokens they have uh ethereum Bitcoin and Dogecoin that you can trade on this on their exchange but this is the unique part they also you can trade Forex on this Exchange right now the only three they you can’t exchange is your own pound sterling and

Japanese Yen all against the USD and I just think that’s that’s crazy cool for a for a Fred X um this mainly has to do with cryptocurrency but you’re able to to trade some Forex on here um we’ll go back to the to the Bitcoin

Building well so what so what I did was I I just you can you know here they’ve got limit orders stock market orders stop limit orders um now if you’re doing a living order they don’t at this time have stop loss take profit uh setup that you can put on them

But the market orders you can you can jump right into some trades I I just uh I made some trades the other day I suggest you uh you know do a few trades today I had a I had a couple of winners a couple losers I I

Put a hundred dollars on the exchange now that’s you have to actually put uh have money in your yeah you have to have to actually have usdc in your metamask on the arbitrary Network and uh you deposit into the exchange itself I deposited a hundred dollars

Um after all these trades I’m not much of a Trader but I’m just I’m just in fact I’m not a Trader at all I you know I’ve tried that in the past and I never done too too well I’m not doing too good for just using this system I’ve got you

Know quite a few trades right here I’ve done I did the other day I’m gonna try to come in here once a week or something maybe on the weekends and and make some more trades I’m only down like 34 cents you know I put 100 bucks in here and

Whatever but here’s uh here’s what else I did I came into the staking or I I do like this I do like this project so I actually bought some Villa uh bought some Bella tokens and and staked them I think I put I put 50 bucks into it I

Think I put 50 bucks yeah I bought 50 bucks in Bella and uh staked him in here yeah see now I’m seeing already up I’m up five bucks on the on the on just the uh the amount that I staked I’m trying to see oh here’s the rewards rewards are down

Here and then you’re you know you this is this is how much I have staked and uh this is I just did this yesterday in fact I think yesterday or the day before but uh so I don’t have much you know much in real than the way of rewards but

I’m not really I’m not here for the rewards really I mean that’s a little bonus but this is just a way to you know I’m trying to get this trying to get this airdrop and trying to get as much as I can on this airdrop and and what

Have you but I also they also have another tokens called the vlp token this token you tell you a little show you a little bit about this this token the vlp is the liquidy provider token for the Villa Exchange program it’s based on the usdc staking and kind of redeemed for us to

See at any time anybody can take usdt to Mint Hill vlp and earn fees based on generating generated trading volume on the platform so this one earns you know you earn uh earned from the fees from the volume from trading volume on the platform so I

Also I put 60 bucks or I staked some USD DC in here as well uh and once you do that is you you stake usdc and it mints you’ve mint this V the vlp and then stake the vlp I put 50 bucks into that as well

And here’s my rule and then you can see your rewards down here too you know I don’t have a whole lot like I said I’m not really into it for the for the rewards just trying to use the platform um because that’s what they want you to do

As much of the platform that you can use would be uh or yeah would be beneficial to uh getting the airdrop you know uh so anyway that’s where I’m at with this guys and I just come in and check out this check out this platform um see what you think

And uh you know you it wouldn’t really I you know I don’t now one thing I I couldn’t find out what the minimums would be uh for for staking or for any of that you know I I so I didn’t really know but uh just come and use the

Platform uh if you want to get this if you want to get it get in on this this airdrop I think I think it might may be worth worth some money when it happens but uh you never know it’s just uh something I like to do you know these

Airdrops that are easier to don’t take much to get into and what have you so that’s about it for this one guys I hope you enjoyed it um let me know what you think in the comments and uh see you next time have a good day

The latest crypto airdrop in 2023 is on the Arbitrum network and its for the Vela exchange. Use the exchange during Beta testing to get airdrop.

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