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  1. Thank you for supporting our work and our channel. If you would like to help us continue creating these daily transmissions please make a pledge @ http://WhiteGoldEagle.com

    We truly appreciate you, Our Earth Angelic Ground Crew Team of 144. 🙏Namaste💜 🙏🕊🦅

  2. Blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the team who have the opportunity to be able to be in that same place as I am here to be able to do the things that I can get the info from the Source Creators of this universe as a part of what we need to do that will help us as we go forward with our Creator's plans for the things that they were wanting for me to be able to be in a place where I can not do anything for the changes they would not be able to do that for me but it is the same thing that is going on with the other people who are in the world that is going through the cycles of karma that they have to go through and the one that I am here to be in the present now with the things I need to do that which they will not be able to do.

  3. Allow the wonder of the unnameable to effortlessly appear from within. Only our heart truly knows. And the entry is gratitude.🥰

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