Veve and OMI for beginners! Ecomi up 24% in 24 hours! 7 figure purchase!

YouTube video

not financial advice. not a financial advisor

link to earth 2 game

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If you want to tip me in OMI. Layer 2 only!

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Link for free Pi and use my username (Chavycat5) as your invitation code.

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  1. They’ll go to the VeVeVerse for all the things they can do, they’ll stay in the VeVeVerse for all the things they can be. LFG! 🚀⭕️🚀

  2. Great vid Randy. It's exciting about Omi price movement but I was about to load up with 20k more Omi – Now it won't be as many Omis hahaha all good still cheap!

  3. Randy, wondering why people choose to hold Omi on the Veve platform, what are the upsides to doing that? And how would I transfer my Omi there? Thanks for the great content.

  4. It be cool if you got Voskcoin YouTuber on your podcast, Vosk is the man I've been shilling OMI to him lol

  5. Thanks for the update Randy. I’m gonna “get that bread” and add some leftover turkey to make a sandwich. 😋

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