Veve listens to the masses! BIGGEST VEVE/OMI GIVEAWAY EVER!!! Major Feesh and Star Wars news!

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not financial advice. not a financial advisor

link to earth 2 game

referral code UEMTQRK5IZ


If you want to tip me in OMI. Layer 2 only!

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Link for free Pi and use my username (Chavycat5) as your invitation code.

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  1. Your Omi Giveaway is going to be epic! Your gonna be like Ellen and Oprah… “Omi for you and Omi for you and Omi for you!” 🤓

  2. epic randy, on the quiet pretty close to qualify for entering your Omi utility comp. either way love your support to the community ☺️

  3. You are such a legend for the giveaway ideas! Such a kind heart. Thanks again for all of your videos, much love from put it in reverse TERRRYYYY!

  4. 20,000 is a big milestone tbh. Make it into smaller milestone would seem achievable to the normal ppl and keep them engaged along the way. If you and the whales are planning on doing this big. Do a very small giveaway at 1K, the another small 1 at 5K, the a mid 1 at 10K, and then big one at 20K, and a massive 1 for 1 year lock or something. Numbers mentioned here can be changed around, just that smaller achievable milestone on ppl eyes to keep them engaged througout the process.

  5. That’s really an awesome way to lock up OMI and see the value going up steadily. You’re awesome as always, Randy! Hats off to you 🫡

  6. Will the founders and the business account be able to stake omi?that is over 100 billion omi

  7. I have omi on my veve wallet now but i cant convert it to gems. Does anybody know how to do this? Thnx

  8. Wait! You’re going to give away a Loki set and 5K worth of OMI? You’re awesome. Good for you Randy!

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