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Hello YouTube in this video we’re going to look at the truth about VD nfts so stick around to the end because we’re going to tell you exactly what a VB nft is and exactly what any nft is and what you can expect and you may not like what

I’ve got to say and you can feel free to argue with me in the comments but I truly believe this and we’ll get to that in a few moments time you might have noticed I haven’t done any videos for a long while firstly I’ve had this really weird lung thing going

On so basically my voice has been really croaky and I’ve had all sorts of things going on so therefore I’ve been a bit ill and also there’s not really been huge amounts going on uh in the in the thing itself there’s been a few amas that kind of stuff which we were really

Excited about they were saying we’re saying we needed AMA sort of that way David and Dan or Reese or whatever can get out there and really start um you know dispelling the fad and all that kind of thing and what I found with the recent amas that they’ve had they can

Basically be summed up by one word which is soon because every single thing that people were asking was all it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming and that’s kind of how it has been for a little while now so uh reviews kind of sort of got a little a little Plateau for me and

There’s not really much to talk about um unless there’s something interesting to talk about and there’s a few things been happening a little bit more interesting so we’ll get to that in a bit and also I just wanted to give my general view on VV nfts I’m more in the

Only side of it um I’ve got my my bag around me which I’m holding on to because I believe that that’s a good investment um but the the VB sign I’ve always sort of been a little bit cautious with that um so therefore I’ll explain why in a

Few moments time okay so first up we’re talking about this now we have um probably missed the drop now because of this video is probably coming out after the drop but basically it’s the Platinum moments now a lot of people have been complaining and saying well you know now

They’re releasing the Platinum moments that means that the golden moments are gonna go downhill um I personally don’t agree with that the reason I don’t agree with that is because it’s first mover Advantage Disney uh golden moments were the first ever ones on the blockchain so even though these are platinum and

They look nice and all that kind of thing uh I don’t think they’re going to go as well I don’t think they’re going to go uh you know high up in the in the value when people come to collect them later on down the road more likely

People are going to want the golden moments because they were the first ones and that’s the whole point a bit like the Todd it was the first ever one for Vivi so therefore it’s more uh more sort of than most people realize so even though looking at the markets at the

Moment you wouldn’t think so but anyway the point is that uh what they have done though which is very clever and we’ll talk about this a little bit later as well because um of what I’m gonna say but basically they’ve given you a reason to buy the Platinum ones and you need a

Reason at the end of the day because a lot of the stuff they’re releasing lately like for instance uh the other day they released Cookie Monster not a lot of people bought Cookie Monster and there was a huge amount of backlash on Twitter you probably saw other people’s

Videos about it that kind of thing I’m not going to go into it massively but to say there was backlash would be an understatement essentially and that’s generally because the people don’t know what they’re talking about they haven’t looked into it and they’re just taking somebody’s word on something and

Deciding that that’s the case a lot the backlash was due to the fact that a Sesame Street is a non-profit organization which is absolutely stupid because they’re saying that um you know these are for why are they selling these things and why are they conning people blowout it’s a non-profit organization

Shouldn’t be promoting this kind of stuff well in actual fact they’ll be using those profits that they get to enhance their you know their whole their whole organization in general so it’s just like selling a toy in a you know Toys R Us or something like that of a of a Sesame Street

Um character you know so I don’t see the point in that I don’t really understand the point of what they’re saying like that but people need something to complain about and that’s what they decided to do but it did get us into quite a lot of newspapers for that

Reason so that was pretty cool um and all good public publicity is is good publicity as they so all publicity it’s good publicity as they say uh whether that’s the case or not not really sure on that one but uh you know it got it got VB on quite a few people’s

Literally it was a good thing or for bad thing um but then obviously now we’ve got the golden moments but not many people bought Sesame Street that’s a big big thing uh we’ve got the sorry Platinum moments even so they needed something to entire shoot essentially and that’s when

They’ve come up with this which is basically a potion now for those who don’t know the Platinum moments when you bought them today um once you get the the the thing um you’ve also got the option to buy a potion in next week next Wednesday and that potion you can then turn your

Platinum moment into a poster so basically you can burn that that Platinum moment and turn it into a platinum poster and then basically depending on how many people do it is how many of those posters are available now you’ve kind of got to think that how many people are actually going to do

This how many people are going to buy the potions there’s only a set amount of potions obviously so not everybody can do it and then how many people are actually going to burn their golden moment for a poster that they may or may not gain money on you you don’t know do

You at the end of the day and that’s the that’s the sort of the conundrum here it’s like playing a game isn’t it because do you get the Platinum moments so try and get as many of them as you can and then try and get as many potions

As you can and then try and burn them so that way you get the posters or do you keep the Platinum moment on its own because once some people have burnt them that means that that will go down so therefore there won’t be as many platinum moments because people will be

Burning them for the posters do you burn them for the poster because there won’t be that many people doing it or do you just keep the potion itself as a collectible because after a certain date that is no longer valid as a potion to transform but it is still a VB

Collectible and if there is only say I don’t know 40 or 60 people that actually keep the potion that means there’s only 40 or 60 of them available so therefore will people be more interested in that because it scares us so there’s a really weird conundrum here going on and it’s

Just very very clever it’s all just designed obviously to make you buy the product um which we’ll get back to in a little bit and people are saying oh this is great they’ve done this for us so no they haven’t they’ve done this because they want you to buy the product without

Doing this sort of stuff you wouldn’t buy the product because it’s just a normal thing unless you really really like this P because I’m seeing this a lot more lately a lot of people have been putting a lot of fear into these things are now starting to say hey I’m

Not putting any more in now I reached that point a long while ago other people are slowly starting to realize that now and they’re saying okay I can’t get this job I won’t get this drop I won’t get this drop and that seems to be the way

It’s going so we need more people coming in which is again what I’ll get to in a few moments time but so that’s the potions let me know what you think of the potions whether or not you’re going to buy a platinum whether you’re going

To use a potion to burn it or what you’re going to do next up is this mCP I am finally got the mCP um everybody or most people have got it now I believe well there’s still some that haven’t but quite a lot of people

Have got it if you were just one of the lucky ones um I got to add to my thing and now I am Platinum two whatever that means that’s my points that I’ve got I’ve got a lot of points to the next level I’m only level 20 but as you can

See I’ve only got 50 Collectibles I’ve only got three full sets because I’m not really a select a a set collector and only got 37 Comics so I haven’t really got that much so that kind of makes sense now I guess I might have some extra points because of the first move

Advantage because a lot of my collectibles although I haven’t got 50 of them only um I’ve got quite a lot of the OG Collectibles because of the fact I was here in the start so therefore uh every week when I was doing the drop and I was

Trying to win them or trying to get them on the drop that’s when I got most of my collectibles from those times so therefore I guess I have a crew points for that reason as well so bear that in mind but there is ways to you be able to

Update your mCP level very quickly and that’s simply by getting sets of stuff and by you know getting certain comics and that kind of thing and there’s there’s tons of videos all over the um all over the YouTube all about that so if you want to follow some of those

Videos then feel free to or maybe I’ll make a video one day and what’s the best things to buy but in general um you know if you want to you want to buy things that are single things with a set because then that way you get points

For the set and you also get points for um you know having the thing each day etc etc so now I’m not sure what this mCP Rank and all that kind of thing is I’ve seen some people with Master collector rank I’ve got Platinum two not

Sure where that is but I don’t think they’ve got a list of them anywhere at the moment so but um it did change from yesterday so yesterday was starter today’s platinum two so I guess it just depends on which points you get each day and as it goes the mCP rank changes and

Obviously your points balance changes and so yeah and of course sooner or later down the line you’ll be able to use these to be able to get Collectibles as well depending on so but the point is that mCP is rolling out and uh and it’s great at the moment it’s just numbers on

The screen so it doesn’t mean anything to me really but uh you know it’s still exciting we know it’s coming uh it’s just how long it’s going to take to bring the whole thing into fruition basically thing I wanted to talk about today maybe nft the truth well the truth is

Kind of a hard pill to swallow but basically the truth is that no matter what you say about VV nfts whether you say oh they should be doing this they should be doing that they should be going to this person they should be going to that person they should be

Um you know advertising here they should be doing this all of this matters nothing at all and the reason it matters nothing is because you are simply buying a product that’s it that is the truth about a really nft whether it’s an nft whether it’s a digital collectible whatever you

Want to call it it doesn’t matter any of those things because when you buy this thing you’re buying it because you like it or supposedly you’re not supposed to be buying it for an investment although obviously we know some people do buy it for an investment

Um I guess I could liken it to Beanie Babies it’s a perfect example because beanie babies and and again there’s certain things that people have done in the company like the whole thing with the Spider-Mans people said that they saved them back so therefore they actually bought them themselves and they

Shouldn’t do that because it’s like insider trading and all that well it’s not and the reason is not is because they’re doing that they’re just buying their own product that’s it that’s all they’re doing they’re not inside of trading because they’re not doing it for investment purposes so therefore

Um none of that makes a difference in fact all of this stuff that people are saying oh really should do this they should do airdrops they should do this they don’t have the need to do any of that because you are buying a product and nothing more

Um you know like with these uh Beanie Babies I remember it was a long time ago and they went crazy I think somebody sold one in a back shop alley or something or they found one in a back shop alley a bigger pardon and it was

Worth like 50 Grand or something it was in all the newspapers and then people went crazy for these things going here and buying them in my droves my sister went out um I told her about Beanie Babies I bought one uh I bought like a princess bear or something and I sold it

And then um because I sold it for a high amount she was like oh God do this and she went out and bought just a load of Beanie Babies and her idea was to put them up in the Loft put them in bags put them up

In the Loft and leave them and just you know as an investment and what happened absolutely nothing because it went and The Craze went and disappeared again and maybe in a few years time that phrase May pop back up again but the point that I’m getting at is that she bought them

As an investment but she also just bought a product so therefore she had no comeback whatsoever she didn’t contact Tai and say hey you said you were gonna do this and you didn’t do this and I’ve got all these Beanie Babies now and they’re worth nothing because you haven’t done your

Part is what I’m getting at so what are you gonna remember with nfts and with uh with with VB nft digital Collectibles and nfts in general it’s not class as an investment it’s classed as a product that you’re buying so therefore you are just a customer for them and nothing

Else so even though you may want to put your ideas across and tell them how to run their business at the end of the day it’s up to them what they do and you as the customer just have to lump it or you just have to not be a customer anymore

Simple as that but once you’ve bought your product and you have it you can’t complain about promises that they were supposed to fulfill or anything like that because at the end of the day you have that product they are selling you a product which in this case is a digital

Collectible that you have now whether or not you actually own that because of the fact that you can’t take it to a wallet but you still have it in your other wallet that’s debatable because obviously there’s this whole issue of do we actually own it well you own a

Receipt on the blockchain so therefore in theory that means you own that you see now uh do you own the asset that it’s attached to yes and no it’s kind of a you know a kind of a weird one as well but the point is that you have that

Product no matter what and that is what you paid for you paid for that product knowing what it was at the time so when you say something like oh Platinum moments have now got this they should bring it out for Golden moments otherwise it’s not fair well officially

You bought the golden moments at the time knowing full well that there was none of that stuff and even if there was even if they said it was coming there is no need for them to do that unless they really want to so when people are complaining and saying all this bad

About this that and the other all you got to remember in your mind when you’re thinking about buying a VB collectible is do I like it is this a product I want to buy because once you bought this product in this case it’s a digital product and you can’t return it okay so

Therefore it is a digital product that you’re buying but if you do not want the product as it is right now and you’re only buying it to speculate on it going up then it probably isn’t a good thing to buy simple as that because at the end

Of the day it is a product and you are the customer now the good thing is obviously that VV are not just treatments like customers they treat the community very well they listen to what the community says and they put them things into action based on what the

Community says but depending on how people say it at the end of the day and you know I’ve been listening to a lot of things on Twitter about people complaining about this that and the other and as I’ve put in my my comments on Twitter is that you are just a

Customer at the end of the day and nothing more so um always think about this before you’re about to buy a review product that you are a customer buying a product and that’s it so once you bought that product you don’t have a say in how the

Business is run what advertising they do how any of that sort of stuff is uh is done and then you’ll I guess you’ll have a bit of a happier life if you think about it that way but anyway I digress let me know what you think in the

Comments below do you think it is a product do you think that it should be if it’s not a product by the way then that means that it would become a security because essentially that means that you’re buying something based on the value of others of efforts of the

Value of of others even from the lower can’t even speak and therefore it becomes a security which isn’t a good thing uh same as I’m gonna becoming security that kind of thing all of that sort of stuff isn’t thing you’ve got to remember the very definition of this is

That you are buying something that is a product and you’re just buying that product where it goes up or down is based on the actual sentiment in the Market at the time and it’s not based on what movie does because otherwise it becomes a security but anyway thank you

Very much and I will see you on the next video bye bye for now

In today’s video, we look at the latest details for the Platinum moments with the magical potions dropping on Veve. we also break down exactly what is a Veve NFT and how you fit into the plan that Veve has.

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  1. I lost all my trust in veve we are waiting more then 7 months for the crypto payouts and the dev team just can't or even worse maybe won't fix this

  2. The other side of the Coin is while there are only a certain amount of Beanie Babies that are very valuable- Beanie Babies are still sold in stores today- in fact I still see them everywhere- grocery stores, truck stops, airports, gift shops. So for them to still be selling them since 1993- they are still a successful company even to this day. The joke part is the people who bought them like stocks and as a retirement plan.

  3. the customer is more important than the shareholder. you really aren't that stupid aren't you?

  4. I have to disagree with what you said about not having the right to complain about broken promises. I agree with what you said about this just being a product but when a product is missing elements of what was advertised to persuade you to buy it in the first place then you better believe I'm gonna complain about that, no matter what the product is

  5. I think the fact that they're 100th anniverssary and the fact that they're far scarcer than the golden moments will hold a lot of weight, also, with the burn mechanism it's not the platinum moment that gets burnt, it's the potion

  6. Glad to see you're back and doing better! With you on the mindset about VeVe being a proeduct. VeVe and other NFTs, they're Digital Merchandise.

  7. I get what your acting but remember it's Disney 100th anniversary drops which makes it already a unique collectible. GMs are the great drops too for disneys first

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