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  1. I’ll never understand why people still listen to people making price predictions on all this bc it’s ALL speculation at best. These YouTube and social media Shills get paid to promote.

  2. Promoambitions> dont invest omi thinking you are going to get a million with every few thousand you put in
    Cavell low IQ boon> reeeeeeee you will have 10 million dollars for every few thousand you invest in omi its logic its research its reason, ecomi is going to be bigger than apple and amazon

    absolute idiot

  3. Cavell, seems a little tit for tat. You do you. You have your audience that supports you. I've watched all of you Youtubers along with doing my own research. I like to put it all together, like a community of educated "opinions". Do you ever harp on Randy Chavez when he's constantly talking about Storm and Aliigator Loki? Do you know how many people buy on those notions alone? This guy has some really good content along with yourself and others. The Gale and Non Fungible I really dig, definitely Taps and NFT Pirates too. Don't get so butt hurt. Keep on with the content tho. And I just don't get what his setup and what you're wearing in contrast means to anyone…like whatsoever.

  4. 😅🤣😅 the new veve president lmfao his whole video is off ain't he supposed to be talking about OMI price predictions. SMH one of the reasons why I really didn't get into YouTube mfs always trying to tear the next person down sad 😭 Af

  5. This guy is super cringe. Virtue-Signaling is a currency these days. The pot calling the kettle black with a straight face. If people make money moves based on YouTube alone without doing their own research, then they will learn a valuable lesson. This fella thinks very highly of himself LOL

  6. Cavell ive watched his videos, he’s very realistic and I actually like his content. The different between you two is your like us one of the people we dream and hope and we get excited and we talk about it but you also do your research. He speaks more as a investor and he doesn’t go crazy with his predictions. His videos are about stocks and alot of other stuff.

  7. Lol you think he is being unrealistic? You are the one who keeps saying OMI will reach $10 even though its almost 2 billion marketcap and is less than $0.0007! He literally acted like you in his video! LMAO! And Veve staffs literally said that OMI token wont vbe related to the veveverse and both are separate stuffs!

  8. This guy just wast my internet and laptop power for 7 minus. trust me he even doesnt know whats the actual OMIs circulation supply hahaha. I didnt understand what he was trying to say.

  9. You don’t keep it real dude, look at the video you posted today, you had a Cathy Wood article to explain 10 dollar OMI. We all believe in this project but people including yourself need to chill and stop click baiting people. He is just making fun people like you that make stuff up constantly….

  10. Mate I follow and enjoy your content. I also follow this guy. I like lots of perspectives but on both sides it saddens me that there is such anger flying around. Let’s enjoy the community and keep the peace man. ❤️✌️

  11. Beware of false profits in this space, ppl that think they are OGs cuz they been here since golden moments 1, Been listening to a lot of new guys and many people have no clue the history of VEVE, cavell is one to trust

  12. I hold and love OMI and have thousands in veve NFT's. But really $10 ? I know a ton of the coins are burned everyday.. Well yeah maybe that is possible actually. But I am cool with $1

  13. thank you M8 you and your community is saving me time in this bloody bizzy LIFE we got left so thank you again 👍🏽👌👍🏽🐨

  14. A $1 prediction in 5 years is 100% mathematically possible and not that far fetched.

    At the current OMI burn rate, the reserve wallet will be completely depleted in about 5-6 years. The team will be forced to refill it from the circulating supply.
    Reduction in supply + demand = increase in price.
    app growth rate + additional burn mechanisms >= the rise in the OMI price,
    Burn rate can stay constant or increase.

  15. To address what he said:
    If someone is in a miserable situation and doesn’t have a lot going on, I personally think putting their 15k into OMI right now would be a great decision.

    It would give them hope, an opportunity to make a lot of money, an awesome community that in itself could change their life, and they can always make the money back in the future.

    No risk, no reward…

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