VeVe reveals first ever TRADING CARD NFTs! Disney's Mickey and Friends! $OMI migration going well!

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VeVe confirmed their first ever Disney trading cards, with more people working with VeVe and Ecomi in the background starting to come forward! The $OMI migration is confirmed for tomorrow so where will we go from here?
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  1. Little tip? Am i to late if i buy omi after the migration how much one token cost ?after it happens

  2. The keyword is they said it would be interactive….which might mean they include something more advanced than regular Lenticular

  3. I dk man. It is sad, hard to compete with those bots. I am paying for the highest wifi speed available in my area and not even with that, it is not enough. Hopefully VeVe hear people's concerns on Twitter and they do something about it. It is obvious they can do more. Someone even mentioned that those bots help them get more royalties on the secondary market. Cause otherwise people will not sell easily.

  4. "I actually know him in real life." – Software Engineer Kay

    Show off 😌

  5. Hey Kay I like how you use common sense lol, “David yu liked this so that pretty much confirms it”😂😂😂

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