VeVeVerse revealed! Best metaverse yet? VeVe / Ecomi news

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VeVe / Ecomi just revealed big news in Q4 2022!
#VeVe / #Ecomi finally released a sneak peak reveal of their #metaverse (aka the #VeVeVerse)!

0:00 VeVe / Ecomi big news!
7:36 Shortened VeVeVerse demo

Soon, we will be able to interact with our VeVe NFT digital collectibles in many new & engaging ways, in true web3 fashion.

I quickly share my thoughts on the good, bad, & ugly of the VeVeVerse. Then, I share a condensed version of the live demo that VeVe conducted this weekend at DCon Anaheim 2022.

Oh, by the way… ICYMI, VeVe / Ecomi confirmed a partnership with Banksy & Lamborghini during the live demo.

Quick Thoughts:
1) The VeVeVerse is real
* Many people have doubted the validity of VeVe creating their own metaverse, especially this quickly.

2) The VeVeVerse is legit
* Their metaverse looks very polished & the digital collectibles (NFTs) look fantastic!

3) The VeVeVerse is interactive
* Gives collectors a whole new way to use their NFT collectibles/comics.

4) The VeVeVerse is customizable
* There is a lot more flexibility than I expected. Our individual space in VeVe’s metaverse can be an expression of our personality in a way that has never been available in the internet age!

5) The VeVeVerse is interoperable
* NFTs from other platforms can be showcased in our own VeVe space in their metaverse.
* Other brands (like Disney) will have their own spaces and they will be like digital amusement parks. VeVe is the bridge to all these micro metaverses.

6) The VeVeVerse is social
* Finally, a way for VeVe users to socialize on the platform! There are so many ways to interact with one another displayed in this demo. This will only strengthen the VeVe community / fam.

7) The VeVeVerse is innovative
* The same way VeVe evolved the way we collect & transact NFTs, VeVe is evolving the way we use our NFTs. It will be a place people will want to come. It also will set many quality standards that will inspire other companies to step their game up.

8) The VeVeVerse is dangerous
* Especially when adding VR, I can see people spending most of their lives in this metaverse. I’ve already noticed I spend too much time in the VeVe market so I can only imagine what it’ll be like with all these immersive & engaging options.


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  1. Why is everyone saying you can use these with Oculus? I didn’t hear or see that during Veve presentation. Did I miss that?

  2. Thanks for the great video. what is your thought on "IP Branded World"? potentially having Disney land in veveverse?

  3. I don’t think the community understands what we just saw. Scripting language, ability to build games, ability to render 3D assets and sell them, hosted in the cloud, interoperable, etc etc etc. What they did is nuts. It’s going to take a few years before the market gets straightened out, but when it does VeVe is going to have all their ducks in a row and the project is going to go fucking bananas.

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