Voyager Saved by FTX!? Crypto CEO's Step Down!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:08:19 Jerome Powell Speaks on CBDC
00:24:50 Market Watch (DXY, SPX, BTC charts)
00:49:46 FTX Buys Voyager Assets
00:54:44 California Issues Cease and Desist to Nexo
01:03:43 Mastercard + NFTs
01:08:30 Celsius CEO Steps Down…Kind of
01:12:20 Outro


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  1. Lmao @ Ibtrust our government. Are you fcking kidding me?? They watch everything see what they want.

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  3. Sorry Robin but I totally disagree with you, David is right we are Fd if they control the CBDC!! Amd we don’t have freedom of internet, look WTF has happened to Andrew Tate !!!??? He hasn’t done anything wrong!! So go ahead and trust the Govt all you want but I’ve been alive long enough to know I will never trust the Govt!! David I’m with you 💯 on these, and we’re all Fd if we’re under Govt control of our crypto

  4. Robin, no offense, but you have no idea how screwed we are if these things go through worldwide (CBDC's and other W-E-F agendas

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