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The collapse of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) empire and second-largest crypto exchange, has a profound impact on the future of crypto. Peter Schiff warns about the risks of investing in highly leveraged, non-regulated, trending markets.

FTX what happened?
The collapse of FTX came as a surprise to many, but as more information pours in, it seems FTX’s liquidity crisis began sooner than many thought.
The world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, started the year with a $400 million Series C funding round, taking its valuation to over $32 billion. Ten months later, the crypto exchange is staring down the possibility of bankruptcy after its bid to be acquired by Binance failed. – Source: Cointelgraph

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  1. "Can I use Bitcoin to pay for 6hrs. with Stella, that 63yr. old street Walker I'm absolutely enamored with?"
    – Hunter Biden

  2. "IM BUYING BITCOIN…..as soon as I can use it to buy Beer, cheap wine, a Polaroid camera, box of condoms, and Duran Duran CD Rio*

  3. As long as the government pumps money into the system no crash as soon as the fed breaks something they printing money and the game will continue.
    Why aren't you screaming at the top of your lungs about the government shutting you down in Puerto Rico 🤔. everything is a Ponzi scheme stock, crypto, gold it's just you trying to sell your bags to someone else at a higher price MANIPULATION.

  4. Not too many people are like Peter, calling this stuff a scam, when its blantantly obvious its a ponzi, and a scam of scams. Its sad today all the corruption going on around us, where congress people are heavily bribed, involved themselves in deep levels of corruption, and corporations are getting away with major tax scams, avoiding all taxes, while the average citizen is getting crushed by high inflation, low wages, constantly facing job loss, constantly fighting to just put food on the table. And you have in every corner, these scams like FTX, or Celsius, and generally the entire crypto space, and regulators just scratching their crotches doing nothing. Everyone looks the other way. Its like Twitter who was so poorly managed, and allowed to censor the crap out of the entire right of center, and bully people to nothingness, gets away with it all, then people cry like babies when someone like Musk comes along to try to straighten it out, yet Musk is bullied too or mad out to be the bad guy bc he believes in free speech. Watch as all cryptos collapse by 50 to 90% over the next year. FTX is the crypto space Lehman, and the fall out and collapse of other crypto businesses and tokens will be far reaching.

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