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WazirX turns 4 Years Tomorrow | INR 68,97,000 Giveaway Daily | WazirX News Today ✅

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WazirX will complete 4 years tomorrow. Celebrating the same, WazirX is organising a Highest-Trader Kaun marathon on WRX/INR Trading pair with daily reward pool of INR 68,97,000 worth of WRX. A 50% Discount on Redwolf Merchandise is also available for the first 500 people today using Coupon Code ‘WAZIRXBDAY’.

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Apart from these 2 news updates, Visa & Mastercard have also stopped their services in Russia amid the ongoing events there.

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📹 Timestamps
00:00 – Topics for Today’s Video
00:16 – Timestamps in Description
00:31 – WazirX Turns 4 Tomorrow
03:05 – 50% Discount on WazirX Merch
03:43 – Mastercard & Visa Stopped Working in Russia
04:40 – Ending Thoughts
05:06 – Outro

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    Should my trading volume for the whole day be minimum 5000inr or do i have to buy and sell with minimum 5000inr

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