We Stole Treasure From A KRAKEN in Goat Simulator 3

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@InternDotGif and I are on a quest to get rich — even if that means we have to take on the MONSTER KRAKEN in Goat Simulator 3!

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Gather your herd and venture forth into Goat Simulator 3; an all-new, totally realistic, sandbox farmyard experience that puts you back in the hooves of no one’s favourite female protagonist.
That’s right – we’re doing this again. The baa has been raised, and Pilgor is joined by other goats too. You can invite up to three friends in local or online co-op, create carnage as a team, or compete in mini-games and then not be friends anymore.
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  1. I was surprised by Blitz and Intern's hate for furries, it kind of surprised and hurt me

  2. I got a crazy easter egg for you. In goat simulator 3, go to the cemetery and climb up the bell tower and play march of the imperial on the bells. You won't be disappointed.

  3. Hey Blitz ! I would love to see you play Starcraft ll, this game is so amazing, it's stategical and fun.
    You could do a few games or do the all game even if the game is long, i'm sure that the community will love it and you too (I hope) !!
    Have a nice week-end !(I am DestroBlitz)

  4. Goat Simulator tipp: there is a graveyard on the map and if you play the imperial march song from star wars on the bell on the church you get a lightsaber

  5. Only one comment about Blitz being a G.O.A.T can be the G.O.A.T comment, and it’s obviously this one! haha!

  6. maybe you guys should just turn off the comments for the next video an then see what you guys find

  7. blitz in cho cho chrwols 1 gun gos bo bo you what gun is that oh and the 2 whun name bob no joke

  8. Those jackhammer guys probably do something I remember they caused an earth quae in one of the goat sims

  9. i love his comment, “that’s why because it’s furry” i’m sorry to whoever it offended.

    i’m not

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