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I live inside my own world let’s go what’s up guys welcome back to my channel once again this is Panda Allen and tonight is another night day wherever you are of blocks fruits last was it Sunday was it Sunday or yeah last Sunday was really a crazy day in the live stream in

The channel because we gave out 10 permanent fruits to celebrate to celebrate 7K subscribers thank you so much everyone much love thank you so so much for the support I love you guys oh yeah let’s go and today I just um we just had a premiere of the latest upload um PVP tournament

We just we actually finished the upper bracket we are still about to finish the lower brackets but we are underway to finishing the lower bracket as well so probably this weekend we’re gonna start another tournament but I’m I’m still about to uh settle that pole because I’m I’m trying to hear

Everyone’s um suggestions about what to do next what kind of tournament we’re doing next so that’s that should be very exciting right let’s go so for those who watch the premiere of the recent upload as usual I’m gonna add extra names on the wheel for Saturday and Sunday

Permanent fruit giveaways if you’re new to this channel don’t forget to like this video alright like it right now unless you don’t like it I mean who doesn’t like permanent fruit giveaways every week let’s go let me get the wheel this is our first day for this week we are collecting uh

The names because again guys if you’re new to my channel we are spinning two wheels for for us to give out the permanent fruits or the Game Pass items first is the wheel of fruits which includes all the fruits and Game Pass items of block screws show you that what it looks like

So this is the wheel for that one the Mochi wheel includes all the fruits that we’re giving out including the Game Pass items every week last Sunday we had our was it 16 can’t really um let’s go now last Sunday last Saturday and Sunday those we had our fifth sorry

14th and 15th permanent fruit giveaways every Saturday and Sunday we’re giving out three permanent fruits to Winners right so just you do the math guys 15 times three permanent fruits at least so that’s I don’t know 45 at least 45 permanent fruits and Game Pass items were given away during the

Weekends and then we gave out 10 more permanent fruits last Sunday because we celebrated we just hit our 7K 7K was it Sunday or Monday I really forgot guys Saturday and Sunday and then yeah at least 50 permanent fits are given out already and this Saturday and Sunday

We’re giving out three permanent fruits and Game Pass items once again that will be our 16th and 17th permanent fruits giveaways let’s go how is everyone doing guys okay let me just get that wheel guys so this one we’re spinning this one the first wheel so whatever this wheel selects that is

The permanent fruit or the Game Pass item that we are giving out in this uh permanent fruit giveaways and then after that we spin the wheel of names for us to know who are who is getting that permanent fruit or Game Pass item so this is the wheel of names let me

Just copy all the names who are in the premiere of the video the latest upload so I took note of it that uh those were Joshua the dream Cyrus book GDs for real wheel it Aki Savio oink oink Goat Bot Jonas Mexico you’re the Nightingale Empire is Jared let’s go

I’m in La Cage private server right now all right you were in the tournament Premiere yo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah let’s go let’s add more names in here let’s play some kids is there any new update about box Roots guys I haven’t checked um the Twitter of

Bloxfords yet I cannot join the Discord channel of boxers it’s already full guys oh my goodness look at it let’s get to let’s get a look at yeah let’s play blue cat for you to get more entries get more names on the wheel for Saturday and Sunday time flies so fast

It’s been two months since I first um play this game two months right oh my God let’s go let me just get the blocks for it set for blue cat shout out to everyone who’s here Daisuke Jonas wheel it Joshua um the dark clone a lot of people in here

Let’s go we got 7028 subscribers let’s get that 8 000 next guys and I’m gonna give another 10 permanent fruits not eight not nine but ten permanent fruits to be given away yo that was a hell of a giveaway last Sunday was that Sunday or Monday oh my

God I’m not really sure oh Monday it was a Monday okay it was a Monday Monday my time so there was a hell of a kill it took me like forever to give out the the per the the fruits because uh I have to add them

I have to get inside the game and hand them over their permanent fruits but that was real really good so if you and if you want to catch everything all the updates of the giveaways and whatnot uh if you’re not on our Discord Channel yet

Be on our Discord if you need help with V4 whatsoever Mirage Island we have a lot of active players on our Discord channel that you can uh ask help with and then um yeah just enjoy just have fun Chit Chat chit chatting about block screens whatever we got lots of channels

In there you can ask help from everyone anyone who is available let’s go let’s get that look at for you to get more names on the Wheel why what’s wrong nothing’s wrong with the Stream I’m all good I’m watching myself on my other laptop let’s go let’s do that hack once again guys

So if you’re new to this channel we are adding more extra we are giving more extra names for you guys for Saturday and Sunday so you can have more names on the Wheel okay you can hear the blue kid now right let’s go let’s play this blue kit guys I

Just pinned the link for blue kit it’s all about um it’s a gaming trivia website asking questions about blocks fruits all you have to do is answer questions and whoever is a top three gets two extra names on the giveaway wheel top two gets three extra names on the giveaway wheel

And top one gets five extra names on the wheel for Saturday and Sunday let’s go so all the names that we collect from Monday if we from Monday to Friday even Saturday we use them for both Saturday and Sunday so it’s you are very lucky if

You get more names from any days of from Monday to to Saturday or Friday because we will add them for both Saturday and Sunday that is if you believe that having extra names or more names on the wheel will give you a chance of getting selected by that wheel but again

Historically most of our winners only had few names on the wheel they some of them only had one name on the wheel and they still want a permanent fruit giveaway so it doesn’t really matter but of course statistically you have higher chances when you have more names let’s go

Let’s play this blue kit and let’s add more names on the Wheel let’s go is someone on The Voice Channel I joined another Discord channel it’s a big it’s a huge Discord channel it’s called fijiiverse where I can also promote or post my videos my live stream for us to

Get more people in the channel guys so we hit that 8 000 and I start giving out 10 permanent fruits again so it’s called Fiji verse a Discord channel it’s uh actually about many many blocks Roblox games and yeah we’re getting more people let’s go podcast

I’m nine I mean you are though the five and you’re okay I know who pack on it is that’s that is the voice channel of that um Discord Channel Fiji verse so I’m not sure if someone’s here no one’s here in my no one’s hearing my voice Channel okay I’m just gonna

Um wait for people to come in maybe Iman is here let’s go let’s go let’s play Blue kid in five four three wait do you want me to start now we only have seven people in the game come on you don’t want you don’t want perm you don’t

Want more names on the wheel anymore like you don’t believe that anymore come on come on come on let’s go We got book in here we got oink oink Shaolin hello Ray take talk tomato liquor bajaras Jerry Christian the dark clone let’s go when someone’s trying to kill me whoa someone’s killing me here bro why are you killing me bro ah book is trying to kill me bro

He’s trying to sneak on me he’s gonna take that free Bounty you’re gonna take you’re gonna get this free Bounty huh you’re a very sneaky bastard what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing he’s trying to kill me guys book is trying to kill me

Book is trying to kill me while I’m doing the live stream all right so if you want to join us in the game guys join our Discord Channel we have our servers a lot of VIP servers or private servers in there you can play anytime you want just make

Sure you follow the rules you don’t kill anyone randomly like what what book was trying to do then you’re good you can join us in the game all right yeah I think you have to reach level five for you to start uh for you to get in the server

Anyway let’s start in five four three two one let’s go choose a password answer questions about blocks fruits mine crypto hack other players by guessing their passwords and the names of their moms most crypto after 10 minutes wins good luck let’s go so if you just tuned in to this

Live stream you can join the blue kit anytime you want we just started it just click the pinned link play this gameplay click that link and be in this game it’s all about uh the questions are all about block fruits even if you don’t know much about Luxe

Fruits you can still uh win that because all it’s all about hacking other players points all right or passwords let’s go get more names on the Wii tomato liquor is there 2 40. let’s go anything on stock update Oh kilo Spin and Flame all right Let’s go basic oh book is right there 15 000 Bitcoin answer questions about blocks fruits get in the top three and you’ll get extra names on the Wheel for Saturday and Sunday giveaways now Do it now what do you up to Joshua Castile is in there I think it got disconnected hey put my name on the wheel oh my camera froze bro what happened let’s go Mr ninja man Mr ninja man was so mad last Monday like you were uh ugly

Because he didn’t win the the pr bro just chill bro you’ll get your time what is this game nerds only the Nerds can understand this game yo you can call me Alex what’s up bro it’s been a while I think you were not here last Monday Joshua Castillo just answered questions

About box roots and try to hack their their points so you get on top of the rankings let’s go baby oh yeah More like l can someone like uh tame Mr ninja man like Mr ninja man needs a life bro let’s give him a permanent life let’s go we got five minutes and 30 seconds left book is just chilling with 96k oh shaolang just took over 177k what’s up alaka alaka just joined the

Game go Alaska you can take that first spot there are only seven players in there that means you can get in like it’s you can possibly get to top three Mr ninja man is feeling of uh feeling the the fear the fear to the unknown foreign how much money we have yeah they’re

They’re that rich shaoling is the richest oh no yeah he’s the richest now 1.3 million Bitcoin let’s go 2.6 no double that was a double right there oh I like could you see that alaka just joined the game he was like the Seventh Place sir earlier now he just got into

The top three that was so fast well I think they need a life uh they’re doing their lives bro they’re they’re doing it oh that’s you Alaska you can call me Alex oh yeah Alex good job Alexa keep answering questions about blocks fruits bro don’t make Alex do it what’s up

Win ball a lot of like when I joined elekane server they wanted me to help them uh with their V4 with the trials but I always remember what you told me that when I do trials it gets harder The Mink trial or the main yeah the main trial

Gets harder so I cannot help them I have to finish my trials first before I start helping others because I feel so bad I want to help them too but that mink trial is really hard I would I just I will just try my luck later

I have to go fast I I cannot I don’t have time to remember everything because that means it’s so tricky and there’s only one minute to do it right two minutes left for blue Kid book is on top three wait okay check that top four basic announce top three we lit is their

Top two Xiaolin is back on top one foreign let’s go oh we lit 24.7 oh it’s a close one it’s a close one 24 22 and 20 million will it book and basic who is getting extra names on the Wheel let’s go and I think I’m gonna do seek and kill

Today and if you hit me I will turn into a V4 so I get a little faster than anyone maybe you’ll get your V4 too so that’s fine it’s a V4 race seek and kill version today for tonight let’s go we are almost done 30 seconds in the clock let’s go Well you can either change your race to help them or finish your last three trials to change race that’s the point bro I mean if I change my race I will lose my mink and I’m not even sure when I can get it back right so I have to like settle it first

For like doing anything else oh here we go Shaolin gets two extra names book gets three extra names and basic gets five extra names on the wheel well done let’s go let me add the names now So that was wait that was Shaolin oink oink Mr oink oink got two extra names and then that was book book three extra names for book and our top one is basic basic gets five extra names on the Wheel if you can see it but let me just move this one

Here we go five extra names for a book uh sorry for basic There we go xiaoling gets two extra names book gets three extra names and five for basic let’s go xiaolin’s password was cat lover you can’t go to C3 yet okay let’s go let’s do seek and kill so if you can join I’m gonna go to C2 right now

So most of you guys can join me okay let’s add more names on the wheel let’s do seek and kill again all you have to do is find me and kill me wait I have to go to Port let’s go to C2 guys let’s play seek and killed there if you

Find and kill me you get five extra oh oh sorry oh I forgot I forgot this one restricts me I forgot to click number one for the melee or whatever let’s go let’s see if we can still catch me now once you hit me my bar increases and I will I might

Transform my to my V4 let’s go join us Maxi okay let me guess let me get the if you’re not on this server yet you can join the server this is our Discord server that is our Discord join that if you’re not on our Discord yet and go to VIP

Servers but I’m not sure if you can get them because you have to be level five I guess well just try guys let’s go your bar increases you won’t even get a chance it depends bro because I’m using uh I’m using portal all I have to do is

Avoid get hit a little avoid get hit a little until I get my bar full but if I cannot transform then all I have to do is just run okay I only have a book in here let’s wait for the others look at that guys I

Only have 50 000 belly or whatever that is I can’t even spin the last fruit I had was like Buddha no money boy get out you don’t have enough money yes whoa yeah book one is two times money now he’s enjoying six million I have two times money but I only have

Fifty three thousand I don’t know why what maybe I kept spending it for I don’t know why I lost my eyes is it was it because I was doing the trials did I need money for that I don’t know you I don’t really know oh what is your name in Roblox oh wait

Oh you’re not seeing it okay wait sorry oh that’s not the one there guys see if you want to oh yeah I have to unfriend someone because I think I already have 200 friends there guys so every time someone adds me I have to unfriend others so if in case I unfriend

You guys just make sure just add me back because I will replace again other people for you that’s how it works we only have 200 limit I mean spin spinning a fruit is just 300 plus right I was doing um what was that I was doing I was doing the Sea Beast

Where is everyone I only have book here so book and me only you want to do that book you want to catch me only you here bro Let’s go is anyone getting in getting in the server right now or maybe only both okay you want to do it book okay catch me point s how about it’s because they’re not 13 plus and can’t join how about if book catches me Jonas Mexican I’m not sure if Ella King

Is here because he’s sick okay I think I might move to my server or maybe book server they need to be friends with penguin okay guys let’s let’s try this one if book catches me within let’s say five minutes everyone gets a uh three names on the Wii

Okay and book will not get anything [Laughter] but if book of course catches me he gets five extra names on the wheel how about that so you have to cheer for me not not to get caught by book so again if book cannot catch me everyone gets three names

But if he catches me he gets five extra names all right wait I need to get a timer then hold on hold on guys let me get a timer for you if you take them down let me sit let me set it to five Instead of just five minutes oh there let’s go so all he has to do is catch me in five minutes if he cannot catch me in five minutes everyone gets five sorry three extra names on the wheel okay but I have to get everyone’s names on the um Oh oh Bow is here wait we got two people in here we got Bao and uh book what do you want what do you want book do you want do you want me do you want me to have Bao protect me or he has to join you

Or either of you can get five extra names what do you want if someone’s here who’s that show yourself oink oh this is uh you want to join book okay no no you cannot you don’t get well you don’t get five names for both of you mm-hmm okay

Only one of you can get it okay if both of us get you we got names okay no the last person who hits me or who kills me will get five names so it’s either bow it’s either you join me or you protect me and then you get three extra names if he

Cannot catch me or you uh catch me and fight not really fight but go against book and whoever catches me first gets five extra names and make him low you get him okay okay okay so they decided to catch me both of them will catch me

So whoever catches me and kills me gets five extra names in after five minutes or it should be before five minutes in let’s go let me run first because I can I think you can TP with me again in the rules of the game you cannot use portal fruit

You may use your pale scarf but not a portal fruit let me just wear my pale scarf okay let’s go let me run first guys okay this is a little bit easier maybe because there’s only two of them because usually I have five to six people or ten people run after me wait

Let me see where are they okay wait let me just start the timer the time let’s go in five four three two one let’s go find me and kill me let’s go Are they moving now oh sorry they’re moving now okay let me just get some chests here they cannot get in because they have to uh like do the code first the caller codes right yeah I’m fine I’m fine I’m good here you have to finish the code first

This is a safe Zone as well oh my God this is so safe I’m sorry sorry kill me here all right there we go four minutes guys oh my God they’re getting three extra names on the wheel oh my God oh my God where is this book oh my God oh my God

Wait why was he there oh oh shoot oh shoot oh shoot it’s okay we’re good we’re good I know he’s fast I know he’s fast okay oh shoot this is the wrong place to to tell teleport wait did he follow me oh you did no oh they’re trying to like sandwich me

Now sandwich baby oh snap oh no wait what am I doing my bar isn’t my bar has increased guys my bar is increased all I have to do is take a rest all I have to do is take a rest four minutes guys wait the time is not

Moving because I’m not oh I have to wait oh snap I’m dying guys I will die here the time is not showing but because I have to open that that tab guys but oh I’m almost dead I’m almost dead I think he will win I think he will win

I will hear the timer anyway if it rings already then five minutes is over oh I died I died oh snap wait what time only one minute left okay he did it oh my God he did it oh did it was one minute and 40 seconds left

Day one guys okay so I’m giving book five extra names and he took my bounty for free thank you so much book you got five extra names and bounty because I was like I was waiting for him wait how did we get to that what is it docs to did he teleport there

Or was that his home Point home what is that uh give the names to Bao okay So he said I should give it to about why were you at my back bro Winbao gets five extra names on the wheel for Saturday and Sunday he teleported in your portal oh really oh yeah he caught me there okay so let me just add the names in the live chats guys so everyone can uh if you’re busy you have to do or forget to go somewhere

And you don’t have to stay here for longer okay so to join the giveaway my add me oops all right let’s go because I have to finish I also have to finish the PVP tournament I hope the two players are here tonight to finish the dude my ones

Okay so to join the giveaway type add me Panda Allen in this live chat write only once please and I’m gonna add everyone’s names on the wheel for Saturday and Sunday let’s go I just can’t let you go Lord knows that I’ve tried to I hope his would let me ping both of

Them And I might do the trials after the stream so yeah so if ever you want to help me in the trials I always appreciate I the only way I appreciate the efforts guys is to give extra names for the wheel okay as a way of appreciating their effort and

Time of course right so I’m giving five extra names for anyone who can help me in the trials after the stream okay so we can just talk in the live in the under our Discord Channel and then five extra names for those different races who can help me do the

Trials and I hope I finish it so fast okay so I can start helping others too all right okay let me just uh start writing the names guys it’s uh Wednesday and you still have school tomorrow so you don’t have to stay longer if you’re if you don’t

Really want to stay longer I just need to write your names so you have more names for Saturday and Sunday let me start writing let me give a space right there oh wait let me get another wheel guys just to make sure that we don’t get duplicates and I will just add those

Names to this main wheel okay Let’s go I’m gonna start fighting now we got game master I only include those who who highlighted my name guys so please make sure you highlight my name in the live chat so I can easily see it all right that’s not hard right we got the game master It’s good all right game master Jonas maxico brobox is getting more expensive right now bro I just bought 30k Roblox That’s why it’s very you’re very lucky guys because if you win anything permanent first or whatever is when when if the if the Roblox is getting more expensive that means the demand is getting high and of course everything will be expensive if you buy it on your own right so yeah

Yeah but I don’t care let’s just give permanent fruits every week Nothing is Stopping me no one wait I have to write now Goat Bot you’re in there book Mr ninja man I will add you bro even if you are so negative bro I’ll I don’t care bro

Just don’t just don’t you know overlap just don’t overdo it okay that’s fine you’re good you may be like three years old I’m a teacher bro I understand like childish personalities wait dtp hero robot King whoa coins Surfer the dark clone all right dark clone wait Goat Bot

I’m checking the names guys okay game master right game master wealth M Mass J anero Roblox excuse me Surfer goatbot you’re done you don’t have to ride again guys what’s this giveaway for uh it’s for our Saturday and Sunday giveaway all right we are collecting names any day from

Monday to Friday and then all of the names that we collect we are using it for Saturday that will be our 16th and 17th permanent fruit giveaways Saturday and Sunday did I miss anyone Jonas magsico don’t worry guys I will sort it later to make sure we don’t have duplicates Joshua Castillo

Let’s go yo Panda 2 game Masters okay no problem I will delete the duplicate it’s easy to find guys I just need to click this uh sort and it will show me the duplicates you see that I see two Jonas musiko in there two game Masters

So all I have to do is just delete the other one no problemo and Jonas Mexico also and then what else that’s all good all good so we got we only have 13 names 13 names we lit 100 you’re done anyone else any anyone else who is in

The live chat who wants to be on the Wii is that it no way no more anyone else I think that’s it let’s go okay this dragon what are they talking about here three friends in the server I think that’s it guys I’m gonna copy all the names in here

For Saturday and Sunday wait let me just move this names on the other main wheel oh we got Ryan where’s an Angelo let me just add all the names in here there so I just added everyone from the live chat book De Niro Roblox dtp hero robot King game master Goat Bot Jonas

Mugsico Joshua Castillo Master Jay Mr ninja man oink oink the dark clone we lit 100 zurfa and we have one more person here who just came in risen Angelo thank you that’s it if someone win what purple you give a good question Jonas Joshua Castillo

Um in this in this giveaway uh in this permanent fruit giveaways that we’re doing every week we are spinning two wheels the first wheel that we’re spinning is the fruit wheel which is this one it includes all the fruits and Game Pass items on blocks first let me

Just show you an example let me spin it right away right now look at that look at that look at that look at that [Laughter] so we spin the fruit the fruit will first and then right after this we spin the wheel of name so this will

Show us the fruit or the game pass the item that we are giving away everything is there from kilo to leopard everything Game Pass items dark Blade yoru the kilo part the leopard kilo in one everything is there but you can win and a lot of ogs

Here a lot of members has been here since the beginning actually won multiple times yeah yeah yeah look at that look at that almost a leopard oh the younger brother of leopard fruit is a fruit Notifier look at that it was almost it was almost a um a leopard fruit

Leopard fruit it was is our prize for the champion of the PDP tournament upper bracket this one fruit Notifier is also our grand prize for the lower bracket in our PVP tournament so of course if you get fruit Notifier it gives you more fruits in the game right so this is a

Really a good catch it’s still good because I think this is the second most expensive item on blocks fruit so if you win this that’s really really a good catch Fruit noted fire do you want me to do you want me to give it right now this fruit Notifier who wants it who wants it who wants it do you want it you you do you want it that is that that is why we have to get more names and if you’re

Always active in the live streams you get more names for Saturday and Sunday and of course possibly win this kind of fruit or a Game Pass item right what we do is if you don’t like fruit Notifier because maybe you already have it or maybe you just want uh something

Else like a fruit the actual permanent fruit then I can give you anything but not leopard because I think fruit Notifier is like the second most expensive so you can change it with something cheaper or equal to the value of fruit Notifier so for this one like

This example you can change it with anything but not permanent leopard you can change it with dark blade Buddha um dough Dragon anything else but not leopard that’s how we do it we uh we have done it before multiple times they didn’t want this fruit and they wanted

Something else one person was supposed to receive a dragon but he changed it to Buddha so I give away I give you what you want I give you what you need that’s it easy and if you win if the if the wheel selects permanent kilo you can change it

With your uh uh with your crush’s phone number nothing can change it with anything because it’s the most the cheapest yeah baby that’s it all good any other questions you can ask me now because I have to do the PVB tournament I have to finish the

PVD tournament right now and I also have to do the trials for me to have start helping other other players on Discord so if you’re if you need help getting your V4 we have people on Discord who’s willing to help available just stay positive be friendly guys

So you will be entertained most of the time all right let’s go I think that’s it I will see you then again probably on Thursday that’s tomorrow or maybe Friday I don’t know just stay tuned to the channels follow us on on Facebook page join the Discord and uh yeah that’s it

If you don’t have any other questions oh we got one person in here rayneal I don’t okay rain meal thank you so much for for joining ringneil I will add everyone in the live chat rainio and of course guys if you are here on

The wheel I mean if your name is on the wheel and you’re not on you’re not available on Saturday and Sunday it will be useless guys because once you win you have to claim the permanent fruit right away I mean after the um before the stream ends because if you don’t if

You’re not able to claim it we will have to re-spin and re-roll and give it to someone else with that already happened multiple times they lost the chance of claiming the permanent fruit so if you’re available on Saturday and Sunday then good for you because your your names from Monday

Through Friday will be will be useful all right but if you’re not available because maybe you have classes you can catch the live stream then it will be useless just to be honest okay I have to tell you in advance because you might be expecting like where’s the live stream I

Mean my name was there like did I win okay bajaras is here let’s go add more names let’s hit that 8K once again guys the channel is growing there is something going on here that is really true that is really legit guys so the channel is growing there’s no other way but up

So when we hit that 8K subscribers I am giving again 10 permanent fruits or Game Pass items that is aside from the Saturday and Sunday giveaway and of course I might give a surprise giveaways during this the weekday so just stay tuned and uh yeah that’s it

And of course book book actually won what was that book what did you win and then he he decided to give it to someone else you see that game master don’t be mad at me but I hate dry so why why do you hate Jai guys

She’s not even here or he’s not even here I book one permanent love and gave it to Jonas and I think Jonas chose something else yeah yeah yeah see that guys we are um making not really making but we are showcasing good or kindness from people here

I know jaika but she’s not here or he’s not here I guess all right I think that’s it guys I have I only have 45 names in here whoa 45 names only okay not 45 name 45 entries so I need to save this so I can uh and

We will use these names for Saturday and Sunday giveaway all right I just did I just copy it okay I’m done I just copied it guys so I don’t lose it any other questions I will accept you Joshua castillio right after this uh stream because I have to unfriend someone

For me to uh let you in my life after Panda gift the dark place issue left Ah that’s fine no problem I he she actually came back right he she just she told us that he got disconnected something that’s fine no problem I don’t take Grudges on anything

Let’s go guys I think that’s it guys I’m gonna see you again probably on tomorrow Friday whatever just stay tuned to my channel to the Discord server and I’ll see you again bye bye peace take care bye

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