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This CBS Reports documentary is an immersive look into the lives of early adopters of the metaverse — both real and virtual — on their quest to create a new path to wealth.

When most people think of the metaverse, they might think of office workers wearing VR goggles at home to attend meetings in a virtual conference room. But this new evolution of the Internet is so much more. Users can buy and sell virtual land with real money, create and trade NFTs, and explore a new frontier with opportunities yet to be imagined. But like all economic booms, the metaverse is not without risk. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and assessing value in this virtual Wild West is uncertain, so early adopters could win big or face crushing losses.

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  1. DeFi – the Metaverse – Crypto and Pink Hair are Like a Virus – Generally Embraced by Degenerates and Drop Outs Who Refuse to Just "Get a Job" – are a Threat to the Very Existence of "Normality and Reality" – and Amount to a Digital Bank Robbery or Smash and Grab.

  2. Why do you think we have so many young people with anxiety and mental health issues? We've given them tools to avoid living in reality. This doesn't fix the problem, it worsens it. I predict it's going to get bad before we as a society put reigns on this. A lot of people will find it almost painful to live in the real world once this takes off.

  3. “Check out some house music on the scene” 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 yes! All the best in all your ventures 🙏🏼

  4. Don't be disillusioned, there are tons of us in the space who are eating Ramen noodles every day.

  5. Wow so good project. If you still finding some metaverse project, i recomend Zombie World Z. Build your hereoes team with perk, pet, then they will automatic shot Zombie. really relax game. Also metaverse mode will release soon

  6. Revelation

    6; 2

    International Finance Capital

    Global corporations


    Chinese Communist Party

    6; 6

    Color revolution, anti-discrimination movement, information

    Seven colors when light is broken up into prisms

    If you mix seven colors of paint, is it black?

    Color Revolution, BLM, ANTIFA, SDGs, Neo-Nazis…

    The roots are the same?

    False Balance

    Who benefits from it?




  7. Metaverse is owned by a company that will have their own protocols and policies. If everyone joins it doesn’t that mean it’s still centralized? How is it a decentralized generation?

  8. These are all a bunch of sad sad people and it's clear that NFTs and virtual land are a total con.

  9. Hey, not related to the metaverse….BUT WILL CBS POST SOMETHING NEW??? THIS is 3 weeks old, and no new content.

    And the metaverse has been around for decades….second life. So welcome to a rehash.

  10. Old tech, twisted by schizoid millennials as bait for schizophrenics wanting to 'unite' & 'live their truth', whatever that mess means. Boomers & gen x's ought to be ashamed for their toleration, enabling, cowardice, & bastardly teachings. Millennials are so super innovative, but are the most hurting, lost, & misled gen.

  11. It’s called a video game/ Virtual Reality or VR. but i guess you can make up anything you want and it becomes a fact since it got posted it on YouTube 🤣

  12. Lmao this is a joke. Idiots that think they can change gender would think this is the future lmao. I agree with Putin on that for sure

  13. Interesting how so many people are acting like metaverse, NFTs and digital land are new. It's been around for almost 20 years in forms like SecondLife and others. The difference is how many resources are poured into pushing it out now versus back then. Now, anyone can make or lose a quick buck, back then you actually needed a skill like scripting etc. Just a new gimmick for the new generation. Too bad they couldn't improve the graphics after all these years lol

  14. We allowed a socially awkward person to show us how to be social and no we’re here. As much as I don’t want any parts of this I have to learn about it because it’s coming no matter what I want. People don’t want to live in reality that’s crazy to me you would rather be online pretending someone else

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