Whales Tease Big Investments Into Veve/OMI! OUP To Finalize!

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  1. I’m not sure market cap of a specific NFT is that big of a deal. Bored apes was mostly referenced by the floor price.

  2. Sorry randy totally agree with Don whan , whatever the name was lol. He makes a good point . 10k editions and the free D . We had to pay 5x on both . OGS simply need some guidance.. whales having fun with 1of1s . And new members being happy is needed but yes anyone had a chance to buy from store but over half was new users which is like draining from the OGs ? Since we couldn't buy from shop anyway sold out to them and obveously we got to complete golden moments tho . I dont know I think it's either intelligent or sneaky IMO… OGs are not happy according to my 100 ogs in our club they feel same it should of been mcp for loyals who's collecting GMs from the start!

  3. smash the thumbs up !!! 👍👍👍

    also ide say Walt first then R2 then C3 🙂

  4. Just bought my first feesh yesterday, i don't really know what it is but i trust you! Do you have a video u can link where u explain it or something? Great Vid/stream btw!!

  5. randy we need not care about the nay sayers or haters why convince them. They'll join when it's late and be sorry when masses and whole world is using web3 . Stuff getting them in and benefiting more than us when they dident have the vision just my op 🙂

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