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What happens if Celsius Network Capitulates

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If #Celsius capitulates, the consequences are far reaching. The implications are dire.

#celshortsqueeze is about more than just money, or even punishing those who shorted the $CEL token.

NFA. But can you afford to sit this one out?



  1. It’s not about the money.

    It’s about Big players playing sabotage where they know they wouldn’t face legal ramifications in a regulated industry while screwing over competition.

    I’m not a fan of Celsius’ risk mitigation, but it was the perfect smear campaign by larger players in the arena as they shorted #CEL.

    I’m more than happy to get even with them through guerrilla warfare.

  2. One way or the other Celsius is finished, they capitulate it's all over and users will likely lose big time, they open up withdrawals and everyone is leaving that platform, I doubt there will be many users who would leave funds with them after this fiasco. I hope for their customers they can get funds back, it won't stop current or future Crypto users finding a way into the market but it might help people understand that there is no such thing as free money.

  3. mt gox, bitconnect, cryptopia, quadriga-fs, voyager, so many ci-fi structure went under and btc and crypto recover.

    Not your key, not you coins…

  4. The irony is, Celsius is neither decentralized nor have anybody’s best interest in mind. How does short squeeze benefit anybody whose money got stuck in Celsius. The only person who benefited was the founder since he owns the 90% of the CEL tokens and he has an ability to sell, not the people with frozen accounts. Stop pretending like funneling all this money to him is for the good of community.

  5. SO CELIUS is a super big scam and you want to preserve it by scamming short sellers

  6. People will not come back if capitulation happens. Even yesterday we had Solana trying to gain control over Whale account. Height of centralization in a so called evolving decentralized world.

  7. Yes, this is exactly what i've been saying. This has far greater consequences than people realize.

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