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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. I like this channel but to talk about someone and then admit you won't be adding them to thumbnails etc. is crap. If you're going to talk about someone have the balls to say it to their face. I believe 100% you talk about him for clicks bc your channel is crap.


    What??? So what you're saying is that Bitcoin is undoubtedly going to $6,753. AND Ethereum is going down to $481 dollars.
    If that were the case, do you actually think that Safemoon would lose only 1 more zero??

    Please think before you speak.

  3. Just out of curiosity why are you deleting my comments! I’ve been nothing but respectful with everything I say.

  4. And I’m gonna keep watching the JWK show. It’s won’t get realer than this. He kinda the only one who don’t have clickbait videos and he straight to the point.

  5. I got behind your channel because it was the opposite of his cheerleading propaganda. If I want the Safemoon news for the day I come here, no fluff no bullshit. Hearing that review come out of Luis’ mouth is comical. He’s shown his true colors, he built his name entirely off the Safemoon community and when he’s no longer welcome he still can’t bother to change his name or remove the damn hat because he knows he’s nothing without the Safemoon name and community. Bye Felicia

  6. Jwk is off the leash!! Nice m8. Ask Joe how Safemoon pays it staff? , i think joe thinks everyone wrks for free.

  7. SFm won’t go up if they keep taking money from the liquidity pool!!! How can y’all not see that???

  8. Safemoon Joe is uncovering the fraud that is Safemoon and you people criticize him for saying the truth. Let me get this straight, you all are ok with the safemoon CEO looting the liquidity pool to start other companies that he alone profits from…..? If that's the case, I will create a crypto that you can put all your hard earned money into, only to lose it and never make a profit….. And please don't tell me safemoon will make you rich one day, because if you believe that I have some property on the moon I think you'll be interested in buying……. Safemoon Joe proved that John C the CEO has purchased shell companies and the like, and that he took the money from the liquidity pool to do so…… Believe what you want, you'll find out in the long run Joe was correct……

  9. Safemoon V2 will never get audit by Certik since they would find to many risks in it. That is the only reason why Safemoon haven't done anything in 6 months. Everyone would see the light just like Joe/Luis did.

  10. I did notice something strange in Joe’s livestream. He said something along the lines of “if Safemoon does release the exchange, it will be underwhelming and poor quality” but then later in the stream he said that he has proof the exchange and blockchain doesn’t exist and are not being worked on. It was a really big contradiction. Maybe he said it in error, I’m not sure. But if you had real proof, why speculate “if” and the quality of something that doesn’t exist?

  11. Joe Blows: “People will claim to be for SafeMoon…and then FUD SafeMoon….why would you do that?”

    3 days later….

    Joe Blows: “I’m here for the SafeMoon community…” (proceeds to spew FUD)

  12. That fool just showed how much class he has by speaking that way. Butthurt Joe is finished. This moment …. is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Watch this guy destroy himself….. slowly…. lol…

  13. I think your video cut off before you were done. Not sure why anyone listens to that Joe guy. He is just a hack and a has been. Why anyone would spend two and a half hours listening to him is beyond me.

  14. I dont agree with the Crypto Control being a fud. He just says what he sees. I can respect that. Never in retaliation.

  15. Joe is trash and the words of a criminal mean nothing. You have been doing great work here for a while and you have a good sized base that people will come too

  16. Oh my God.. Is he serious?!? He’s calling YOU a dick rider clout chaser, what the FUCK does he think HE has been doing this past year?!? He’d have NOTHING if it weren’t for glomming onto SafeMoon. Mind blowing indeed. Great job JWK ❤️

  17. Hey, Joe has lost 11k followers in a week. Good for you because you’ll gain some of them.

  18. Keep doing what your doing bro keep up the good work don’t let a fudder get to you let’s goooo SAFEMOON TO THE MOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!

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