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What is Enjin? | How does Enjin work? | What is Enjin coin (ENJ)?

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Enjin is a technology business with headquarters in Singapore that offers support for blockchain game creators as well as services for creating gaming communities. Enjin offers a set of tools built on a web interface that work with ERC-1155 tokens, which are a type of digital asset used by Ethereum. In addition, Enjin runs an Ethereum-based marketplace for virtual products.

00:00 Start
00:21 What is Enjin?
00:51 How does Enjin work?
02:16 Roadmap and development history
03:19 What is Enjin coin (ENJ)?
03:34 Tokenomics
04:37 Enjin coin (ENJ) price and price predictions
05:15 Should you buy Enjin coin (ENJ)?
05:38 How to buy Enjin coin (ENJ)?
06:33 Enjin could have a pivotal role in gaming
07:08 Conclusion

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