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In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta

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  1. SafeMoon seems to be the fastest growing and developing crypto the world has ever seen. What they've accomplished in only 1.5 years in astonishing. They're gonna make SafeMoon investors extremely wealthy.

  2. They are doing nothing like they have been since the beginning but good looks on the continued propaganda. I hope making .30 off the views you get on this video is worth hyping others into losing more money on SM because of you.

  3. You asked question that what is doing sfm? They are just bearish all previously did since v2. Really in losses. Whetger even it rise it take too much time recover the losses meams straight 1 dollar price needed to grow organically else it is waiting investors money and life time.

  4. Mrs Olivia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  5. John is still fumbling with the square and triangle pieces. Someone needs to step in and hand him a circle piece that goes into the round hole.

  6. What is safemoon doing now!??! Fk all as usual except for the continuing rapeing and piliging of the faithfull holders!!! INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE LOCKEM ALL UP!!! DECEPTIVE DECEIVING DISGUSTINGLY MANIPULATIVE DISHONEST SHAMELESS ROTTEN INSIDER TRADING DEVS!!!

  7. If Ignore now, regret later. Once SafemoonExchange comes price will skyrocket more than $1. I believe

  8. Safemoon is game over! Nothing is new and fake projects to recruit holders but there is nothing out there.

    The next 3 years Safemoon will be the same position as now or worst. Shiaj!!

  9. Despite the economic downturn, I'm happy ☺️. I have been earning $60,200 returns from my $10,000 investment every 13 days

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