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What Tel Aviv locals REALLY think about Bibi's return

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The election of Benjamin Netanyahu has created mixed feelings among everyday Israelis in the country’s most liberal city of Tel Aviv.

FULL REPORT by Avi Yemini:

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  1. Netanyahu is a great man and he would have my vote. Wish there would be more world leaders like him.

  2. I’m pretty sure stuff all people care about this rubbish and what this fake journalist has to say.

  3. Do you think the votes were tampered with? I'm beginning to think all elections are rigged nowadays.

  4. Those people sound like your typical brainwashed city dwellers from every Western country.
    "Women are scared because men are in charge"

    You should speak to real Israelis.

  5. Where the world is heading is a cyclical global cataclysm caused by our sun. #truestory

    They just want to call it man made global warming because they are greedy to the core.

  6. Landslide? The enablement of this extreme right wing government is due to the entitled emotions of the liberal class in front of the orthodox. There is absolutely no reason the right is associated with the orthodox other then personal affiliation.

  7. Yeah BB was the lockdown king, no wonder everyone hates him. The conservatives in every country went right along with this agenda. Let that sink in. The left and the right are on the exact same side. They're playing you all for fools.

  8. So how come Israel's borders aren't open? And America must defend Israel's borders, but we cannot defend our US borders? Say the same people… 👿

  9. The gross authoritarian green pass came from the far-leftist Minister of Health, thankfully his party got the boot this election.

  10. We're they pumped full of pfizer or moderna? If it was Moderna they may have 4 times shorter to not worry about the future. You know, looking on the bright side :p

  11. How elite stay in power: turn people against each other in every way possible. Sex, gender, religion, race, sports teams, politics, etc. don’t fall for it guys

  12. As a former Bibi voter I did not vote for him this time, exactly because of the hidden Pfizer contract he signed and sealed for 70!!! years. People saying he did the best according to the data he had are plain sheeple.

  13. Here in Israel the right/ conservative side were also authoritarian and had groupthink during the covid crisis. In the USA there is more awareness about freedom and citizen rights :there is a constitution (Israel does not have one). Here in Israel, unfortunately, the right was also fast asleep during the crisis. This is probably also due to the nationalistic, us-against-them mentality (constantly in defense- wars etc).

  14. Nice video. There are so few videos where one can hear and see ordinary Israelis. The baby at the end was epic.

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