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What the Media Won't Tell You About Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX

YouTube video

Giving you a rundown on the whole FTX crypto exchange financial drama as well as covering the rather insidious and bigger story about FTX that mainstream media won’t touch.


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    ~also I just want to say that I compiled a lot of this information from major conversations happening on Twitter…lots of people doing their own research. I just fact-checked it and put it all in one place~

    Ukraine partners with FTX

    Barbara fried influence watch

    Aunt Linda Fried WEF

    Mind the Gap

    MIT Gary Gensler

    CEO of Alameda Research is a 28-year-old Harry Potter fan

    How the newest megadonor wants to change washington dc

    Binance sell off

    Between $1 billion and $2 billion of FTX customer funds have disappeared, SBF had a secret ‘back door’ to transfer billions: Report

    Oops. Sam Bankman-Fried’s implosion took down Democrats’ second-biggest donor with it as the party gears up to regulate crypto

    Skybridge 30%

    Amy wu clinton foundation


  2. If there is any teeth in The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 all of these crooks go to prison for long time.
    Which is more mercy than they deserve.

  3. Incredible. Clearly the cleanest presentation of these deceitful demons I’ve seen yet. So we’ll done. Thank a thousand times.

  4. Lots of real fact checking other places on like "Posts spin baseless theory about FTX, Ukraine and Democrats". The whole Ukraine take is misleading here

  5. I can only hope that there is an investigation in Congress and some of the people associated with FTX are locked up

  6. you don't have to be a genius to understand that SBF is a NWO operative [like daddy Musk] -you just have to be paying attention.

  7. Well Bet some people are going to be getting hurt ( literally physically taken out) on this one. Sure would not want to be those kids, or their college professor relatives.

  8. Bernie Madoff died in prison for his Ponzi scheme,the Democratic party will probably protect Sam…😡

  9. "Bankman-Fried has personally given more than $13 million to politicians and their campaigns on both sides of the aisle during this year’s election cycle. Ryan Salame, Bankman-Fried’s co-CEO, contributed almost $24 million to Republican campaigns…"

  10. The money has been given to the Billary campaign and the timy hats are chillaxing in Bahamas. Of course they are immune to communism and war with Russia, unlike us commoners. When the time is right they won't "kill themselves" and will instead sneak back off to the motherland where degeneracy and corruption are celebrated as assets.

  11. Everything reads like an operation these days with casts of long groomed/or handpicked players, double blind. This one is too perfect. Whether it's a dragnet or another m.o., time will tell. If it drag, it another swinging, shiny medallion. Very interesting. Nice work on laying it out. Thank you

  12. I think it does not matter what I think. And you must do videos. it is the only thing "they" want you to do. Act, please, do your videos. Be busy, I said!

  13. The DNC's A/V department(the MSM) is already sweeping this under the rug with damage control. Nothing will come of it.

  14. The democratic party is pure corruption. If the people of this country dont start removing the bidens, Pelosi and Clinton's this country will be destroyed. Wake up people

  15. As per usual… the corruption is enough to gag a maggot. "And no-body seems to notice. Nobody seems to care."

  16. He should be banged up for money laundering! Dirty Dems and their big insider club. Unreal!

  17. Sam has an I Q of 227. Going after him legally would be a terrible waste for humanity. He has the cognitive ability to create true nuclear fusion if he is giving the resources. He can save the world.

  18. Folks,don't even aspire to be rich. When you get rich, you end up in these web of grifters and vipers.
    Do work that you enjoy,Live within your means and be humble and happy.

  19. The bum was worth 26 billion and probably never did a day of hard work. Just think when you are working for a living a guy like this is sucking money right out of the system so he can give it to Dems.

  20. i took one look at the highest earning crypto CEO's then I saw they were all jews…and I kept my money…

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