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What You MUST Know About SushiSwap

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SushiSwap promises a crypto platform that can allow you to capitalize on some very high APY returns. But is SushiSwap legit? Is the SUSHI token headed to the moon? Or is it all one big scam?
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SushiSwap is one of the fastest-growing yield farming projects on the market at the moment. The platform allows you to use your crypto to earn rewards and capitalize on 200% APR or more.

By contributing your crypto into liquidity pools on SushiSwap, you are providing liquidity for other people to borrow the crypto. Thos borrowers pay an interest rate which you receive in exchange for putting your crypto in the pool.

However, there are some serious risks of using the SushiSwap platform. In this video, I’ll cover all of the major dangers that SushiSwap poses and whether it is a legit platform to be using.

Additionally, we’ll dive into the SUSHI token or SUSHI crypto that serves as the governance token for SushiSwap. This essentially means that if you own SUSHI crypto, you get to vote on upcoming decisions that effect SushiSwap.

This SUSHI token has been gaining some massive popularity recently and the price has been growing significantly. But will SUSHI continue to rise?

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0:00 – Intro
0:16 – What Is SushiSwap?
1:08 – How Does SushiSwap Work?
2:50 – Is SushiSwap Legit?
4:39 – How Does SushiSwap Make Money?
5:26 – How To Make Money With SushiSwap
6:09 – Outro


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