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  1. The gameplay is similar to DeFi Warrior. They will bring it to the Metaverse

  2. It's all about the fun? In what aspect do you find Axie being fun? Screw that! The devs have already destroyed it's status and will have a very very hard time gaining the trust they lost from investors.

  3. Axie Origin and v2 are both PAY TO WIN. You cant build a good team without spending thousands of pesos.

  4. Let's hope they can make a comeback. How far down are you from your ATH value on Axie Infinity assets? or did you manage to cash out?

  5. Amazing as allways your here for the rigth reason ill suport you and your team ty

  6. What's next is they'll transition to play for free once origins fails which is more than likely. Even your third world slave labor have mostly stopped playing😂. It's not worth it anymore. The only ones sticking around are those after the leaderboards.

  7. You are saying the right things, but your consequences are wrong. It will never come back to the status we were. The mavis team destroyed the game with their hybris. Game over!

  8. Im handling cvs around… Would love to be paying my bills playing axie but it is not possible anymore.

  9. Better invest on slp if the rewards on V3 is axs. They are just baiting you to convert your slp to axs and they'll do the opposite.

  10. $0.05 would be the perfect price for SLP. But if you want to make money, it’s about accumulating AXS.

  11. Hi. Can anyone tell me when can I claim season 21 reward? Is 0,711 axs so I dont like to miss that.

  12. After they stop paying you money to still be keen ? On the project ? 🤣 dead …. Scholars have left the game

  13. This a great video, I learn a lot watching your videos and it has been helpful to me. building a steady income is quite difficult for newbies. Thanks to Christi Lily for improving my portfolio,

    keep up with good videos.

  14. This is the first piece of news that I've seen from axie for a month.. i just lost all interest 😕 the only way to get me back into the game is when the earning is worth it again

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